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Lacan Seminars Online


Jan 13 1954
Confusion in analysis
History is not the past
Theories of the Ego

Jan 20 1954
Analysis the first time
Materiality of discourse
Analysis of analysis
Freud’s megalomania?

Jan 27 1954
Margaret Little’s testimony
From Ego to Ego
Reality and fantasy of the trauma
History, the lived and the relived

Feb 3 1954
Resistance and transference
Gregory Crewdson
The feeling of presence
Verwerfung  VerdrÄngung
The inflections of speech

Feb 10 1954
The linguistic criss-crossing
The philosophical disciplines
The structure of hallucination
In every relation to the other, negation

Feb 17 1954
Anna Freud or Melanie Klein

Feb 24 1954
Meditations on optics
Introduction of the inverted bouquet
Reality: the original chaos
Imaginary: birth of the Ego
Symbolic: the position of the subject
Function of the myth of Oedipus in psychoanalysis

Mar 10 1954
The case of Robert
Theory of the super-ego
The core of speech

Mar 17 1954
Concerning performatives
Sexuality and libido
Freud or Jung
The imaginary in neurosis
The symbolic in psychosis

Mar 24 1954
The notion of drive
The imaginary in animals and in man
Sexual behavior is particularly prone to the lure
The Urich

Mar 31 1954
Freud line by line
The lures of sexuality
The symbolic relation defines the position of
the subject in the imaginary

Apr 7 1954
The image of death
The sleeper’s real self
The name, the law
From the future to the past

May 5 1954
Confusion of tongues in analysis
Birth of the I
Misrecognition [mÉconnaisance] is not ignorance
The mystique of introjections
On primary masochism

May 12 1954
Agressivity  aggression
The word elephant
The moorings of speech
Transference and suggestion
Freud and Dora

May 19 1954
Naming desire
The prÄgung of the trauma
The forgetting of forgetting
The subject in science
The super-ego, a discordant statement

May 26 1954
Theory of love
Definition of character

June 2 1954
Balint and Ferenczi
The satisfaction of need
The map of tenderness
Intersubjectivity in the perversions
Sartrian analysis

June 9 1954
Perverse desire
Master and slave
Numerical structuration of the intersubjective field
The holophrase
Speech in the transference
Angelus silesius

June 16 1954
Every signification refers back to another signification
The companions of Odysseus
Transference and reality
The concept is the time of the thing

June 30 1954
Failed [ManquÉ] = successful
Speech from beyond discourse
The word escapes me [Le mot me manque]
The dream of the botanical mongraph

July 7 1954
The intellectual and the affective
Love and hate in the imaginary and in the symbolic
Ignorantia docta
Symbolic investiture
Discourse as labor
The obsessional and his master

Nov 17 1954
Truth and knowledge
The dentist’s cogito
The I is not the Ego, the subject is not the individual
The crisis of 1920

Dec 1 1954
Psychoanalysis and its concepts
A truth which cannot be grasped by bounded knowledge
Form and symbol
Pericles, psychoanalyst
The year’s program

Dec 8 1954
Dialogues concerning LÉvi-Strauss
Life and the machine
God, nature and the symbol
The natural imaginary
Freudian dualism

Dec 15 1954
Experience and destiny
‘The core of our being’
The Ego is an object
Fascination, rivalry, recognition

Jan 12 1955
Self-counting of the subject
Heterotopia of consciousness
The analysis of the Ego isn’t the analysis of the
Unconscious inside out

Jan 19 1955
The death instinct
Freud’s rationalism
The master’s alienation
Psychoanalysis is not a humanism
Freud and energy

Jan 26 1955
Maurice Merleau-Ponty and understanding
Conservation, entropy, information
Pleasure principle and reality principle
Gribouille’s apprenticeship
Reminiscence and repitition

Gregory Crewdson

Feb 2 1955
On the level of psychosomatic reactions
The Real is without fissure
The rediscovery of the object

Feb 9 1955
Madness is not dreaming
Four schemata
Opposition and mediation
The primary process
The entification of perception-consciousness
Feb 16 1955
Entropy taken literally
The paradoxes of Omega
Everything is always there
Dream and symptom
The conversation with Fleiss

Mar 2 1955
The message as an insistence of an interrupted discourse
The king of England is a fool
Freud and Fechner

Mar 9 1955
Who is the subject?
Paradoxes of the Freudian schemata
Perception and hallucination
Function of the Ego

Mar 16 1955

Mar 23 1955
the imaginary, the real, and the symbolic

Mar 30 1955
An ultimate Quod
The machine which plays
Memory and reminiscence
Introduction to the purloined letter

Apr 27 1955

May 11 1955
The common discourse
Fulfillment of desire
The desire to sleep
The word and the guys
The question of realism

May 18 1955
The libido
Desire, sexual desire, instinct
Resistance of the analyst
The beyond of Oedipus
Life dreams only of dying

May 25 1955
Why the planets do not speak
Post-analytic paranoia
The Z-shaped schema
The other side of the wall of language
Imaginary re-membering [rememrement] and symbolic recognition
Why one trains analysts

June 1 1955
A critique of Fairbairn
In analysis, why does one speak?
The imaginary economy and the symbolic register
The irrational number

Gregory Crewdson
June 8 1955
The husband, the wife and the god
The woman, object of exchange
Me, who kicks you out
The splitting [dÉdoublements] of the obsessional

June 15 1955
The apologue of the Martian
The apologue of the three prisoners

June 22 1955

June 29 1955
Verbum and Dabar
The machine and intuition
Schema of the cure
The libidinal and the symbolic

Nov 16 1955
Schizophrenia and paranoia
M. de ClÉrambault
The mirages of understanding
From Verneinung to Verwerfung
Psychosis and psychoanalysis

Nov 23 1955
Critique of Kraepelin
Dialectical inertia
SÉglas and psychomotor hallucination
President Schreber

Nov 30 1955
Homosexuality and paranoia
The word and the refrain
Automatism and endoscopy
Paranoid knowledge
Grammar of the unconscious

Dec 7 1955
What returns in the Real
Puppets of delusion
R. S. I. in language
The erotization of the signifier

Dec 14 1955
Psychosis is not a simple fact of language
The dialect of symptoms
It really must be rather pleasant to be a woman…
God and science
Schreber’s God

Jan 11 1956
Certainty and reality
Schreber is no poet
The notion of defense
Verdichtung, VerdrÄngung,
Verneinung, and Verwerfung

Jan 18 1956
Dora and her quadrilateral
Eros and aggression in the male stickleback
What is called the father
The fragmentation of identity

Jan 25 1956
The notion of defense
The patient’s testimony
The sense of reality
Verbal phenomena

Feb 1 1956
Principles of the analysis of delusion
Delusional interloction
Being forsaken
Dialogue and voluptiousness
God’s politics

Feb 8 1956
Psychiatry’s main fact
The discourse of freedom
The peace of the evening
Subjective topology

Feb 15 1956
A twin that is big with delusion
Day and night

Mar 14 1956
On the preverbal world
Preconscious and unconscious
Sign, trace, signifier
A traumatic hysteria

Mar 21 1956
Dora and the feminine organ
The signifying dissymmetry
The symbolic and procreation
Freud and the signifier

Apr 18 1956
A crossroads
Basic signifiers
A new signifier in the real
Approaches to the hole
Identificatory compensation


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