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Well, I'm finally back in the office blogging after an extremely hectic week, what with the wedding of my aunt, who is my father's first cousin. Like all Sino-Balinese events, this had to be huge, and as close family my family had to help out a lot. Since I found the constant shifting between Tabanan and Denpasar impractical, on top of it being exhausting given the late hours we had to travel back, so I decided to stay over there on impulse. I didn't bring anything, and it wasn't like me at all, but I had a tremendous lot of fun.

On top of that, today we had to drive the priest back home. In such Sino-Balinese events, usually both Chinese and Balinese Hindu priests are invited, and both chant their prayers one after another, since the Sino-Balinese have melded their culture with the locals.

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