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The Toki Pona Smiley Guy

Welcome to Corey's (better known as jan Kowi) Toki Pona page! This page will be listing various translations I have done into Toki Pona, different experiments I have done with Toki Pona, and many ideas I have about Toki Pona.

For those of you who don't know what Toki Pona is, here's a little bit of information. Toki Pona is a conlang (or constructed language) made to reflect a philosophy striving towards a simple and good life. The words Toki Pona themselves mean "good language". Though I personally do not adhere to its philosophy, the language itself is fascinating. With only 118 words, you can express all the essentials of life. You can tell stories, express your feelings, and converse with other people to a certain extent. You cannot achieve the detail expressed in modern languages, but it makes you think about simplicity. It almost shapes your thoughts to a simpler view of life, as you attempt to take a modern word like "car" down to a simpler form like "moving structure". You can find more links to useful sites about Toki Pona on the Links Page.

Take a look around at the different sections of the site listed below:
  • Translations - here you will find different translations I have done from English to Toki Pona
  • Experiments - this will list different experiments I have done with Toki Pona (i.e. using other writing systems with TP, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
  • Links - links to many useful sites about TP for the curious outsider or Toki Pona beginner who stumbled across this site
  • Guestbook - come here to add your comments, rating of the site, and name in the guestbook
  • News - here you'll find what's happened recently (and not so recently) for those infrequent visitors and a list of changes that will be coming soon

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or complaints, please e-mail me at n649po@yahoo.com.

Note: Please be aware that this site is under heavy construction and that new material will be added quite often. Please e-mail me with any broken links, errors, typos, or suggestions for the site.

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