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Last updated (January 12, 2010)
The Chief Moves on to Eternal Glory
Celtic Date
De h-Aoine, Luil 08, 2011

A Message from The Lady Eile O'Carroll
widow to the Late Chief Eile O'Carroll

Message to Freddy A. J. Carroll:
You who were given by your wonderful, loving father "Chief of Name" in the immediate family only give proof that you have also been given "Chief of Clan" for Cian!
If you are the "Chief of Clan Cian" respond personally yourself to the Clan Dowager

Dear Clan Cian members I wish you the best of holidays this season.

Unfortunately, this years recap of the previous year’s clan activities include the loss of my husband and your Chief. Chief Eli O’Carroll passed away on January 11, 2010 after years of chronic health problems, many of which were related to exposure to radiation during his years of service in the United States Navy. Years ago the Chief Herald and the Standing Council of Chiefs in Ireland recognized his descent from the long line of O'Carroll Chiefs in Ireland. He was then recognized and matriculated by the Lord Lyon of Scotland. This legal recognition by the Lyon’s Court is to my knowledge the only such recognition of an Irish Chief.

Eli chose to use his internationally recognized chieftainship to establish an organization that would perpetuate the knowledge, relationships and love of the extended family we know as the clan. Based on historic documents, he included all those of Irish descent who had been under the protection of the O'Carroll's and named the organization, “Clan Cian.” This organization than came to represent those of Irish descent at Highland games throughout the United States. As Eli’s wife, I was recognized as Lady Gracy O’Carroll which was more than just a title because I not only assisted my husband but also was very much a part of the organization he created. Eli shared his personal coat of arms, following the pattern established by Scottish Chiefs, with Clan Cian members. He also designed and registered a tartan based on the true colors of Ireland and made it available to members of the clan. He followed the idea that a “chief is the greatest among equals” by establishing among the relatives in the clan, leadership positions to guide its activities. In fact everything he did followed long traditions of leadership in Ireland.

Cognizant of the pattern of inheritance for the chieftainship he had hoped to establish his son, by a previous marriage, as his successor and even took some steps to make that possible. Unfortunately, he found this son unfit for leadership. This son tried, and temporarily succeeded, in isolating him from me and others in another state by having him declared incompetent. He redirected our mail twice, denied our marriage, and further stole thousands of dollars from his father. It took the intervention by officials of the Veterans Administration on Eli’s behalf, to wrest him from his forced internment in an out of state hospital. He had been held there against his will because the hospital believed his son’s incompetence claims and did not believe that he lived in another state or was married.

On his return home Eli enlisted help from friends and authorities in the state that had held him, to gain return of our motor home which his son had taken and tried to hide from him. He also contacted an attorney to revise his will which clearly disinherited his son. He further did a separate will ,which he published to this website for Clan membership. (note include that will here) This will clearly designated me as de facto authority for Clan Cian. Subsequent to this, he asked his first double cousin, Thomas O’Carroll, if because of his lineage, he would be the chief. Unfortunately, Eli did not designate his desires in writing so that chieftainship is currently pending.

The son in the meantime, intent on taking while his father still lived, managed to alienate some of the clan leadership, from me and Eli’s desires as stated in his will. All of the clan heraldry including the crest, motto, and tartan are the legal property of the chief the authority for the use of these items was given to me in his will and not to his son. Use of that material and representations of Clan Cian leadership is illegal except through me at the current time.

I apologize to those clan members who have been mislead into following the chief's son Freddy. He is not a chief and has no authority to use what was his father’s. For those clan members who have by the authority of my husband the clan badges and tartan, you may continue to display your affiliation under the authority given to me by your Chief. The use of those and related items by those affiliated with Freddy is not authorized and must cease and desist.

Lady Gracy Eli O'Carroll


There was a lot of unnecessary turmoil over the display of the Chief's final wishes that concerned the entire Clan that I had been asked to display. The wills of The Chief O'Carroll were the only documentation with the final authority on his disposition concerning how he wanted things to transpire after his death.

Since a lot of you ether misread or misunderstood why the wills were put up, some of the chieftains sure did, I will try and point out some salient points.

On line 10 you will notice it says that The Lady Eile is second within his authority
that I am second in line as long as I live
finally that I own the Clan Cian business.

The main reason for putting up the wills was to counter the confusion in the clan leadership over who had the proper authority and even though the wills spell out Chief Eile's wishes many chose to usurp his rights as Chief and follow after their own ambitions. To this day I have never been notified of anything.

If I did or said anything to hurt the feelings of any of you I do apologize. I don't want to hurt anyone.

When my husband died he took a part of my heart with him. He said he was going to and he did. So if you all will excuse me my heart is still healing and the chieftains that he left to stand by my side and protect me instead usurped both me and The Chief.

The people that were so applaud by my actions do you think I wasn't equally applaud when you made me late to my own husbands funeral.

God bless all of you who did stand by my side and continue to help me fulfill the Chiefs wishes.

Cheif Eile's Last Will & Testament (page 1)

Cheif Eile's Last Will & Testament (page 2)

Cheif Eile's Last Will & Testament (page 3)

Cheif Eile's Last Will & Testament for the Clan (page 1)

Cheif Eile's Last Will & Testament for the Clan (page 1)

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