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Voters of all persuasions are finding Mark Clayton to be a straight-shooter who knows the issues, is willing to go door to door and look individual Tennesseans right in the eye, and who does not duck the hard questions. Mark Clayton is an experienced, vetted candidate with more on-the-ground Washington experience than any of his Democratic opponents and a stronger Washington record of defending the American family than Lamar Alexander.

To better inform voters of the real choice they have in this year's primary and general election, Mark Clayton will be conducting radio interviews before
August 7th. Make sure to tune into your local talk-radio station or check their website to make sure you do not miss the interview with Mark.

I am proud of your work for the American Family and value your leadership. The people of Tennessee have a great opportunity to send a uncompromising fighter to the U.S. Senate by electing you on August 7. -- Hon. Eugene Delgaudio, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors


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    "Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." II Corinthians 3:17

May 21, 2009

Common Privacy, Dignity, and Social Order Threatened by Tennessee Legislature

Let's Keep Senator Haynes on Our Side!!!

Unfortunately it has been brought to our attention that State Sen. Joe Haynes and State Rep. Mike Stewart have co-sponsored a bill which would give police the "discretion" to fingerprint motorists who are alleged to have been speeding or committed a traffic violation.

The possibility for roadside fingerprinting actually being implemented in Tennessee has alarmed people across the nation.

Tennessean: Speeders Could Get Fingerprinted

We feel that fingerprinting anyone other than alleged criminals who have been arrested, brought to the station, and "booked" by a police officer is a egregious violation of civil rights and an insult to freedom loving Tennesseans.

Senator Joe Haynes has been highly spoken of to me, and I voted for him in the last election. If Senator Haynes support is not withdrawn for this legislation, which he unfortunately has also co-sponsored, we will have no other choice than to campaign against this legislation -- on the other side of Senator Haynes -- This is a complete surprise to us and not what we had planned AT ALL.

This development concerns those of us who greatly value civil rights in Tennessee, but it may ultimately give those of us in Senator Haynes' district a chance to have a productive discussion which would lead to a better understanding of what freedom truly means in Tennessee.

We also want to support our police officers and feel that roadside fingerprinting legislation would awkwardly force our Nashville police officers to defend the indefensible -- even against their own personal views -- and against the views of Tennesseans who greatly value their civil rights and their privacy.

The overwhelming majority of Tennesseans and all of the supporters of the Clayton for Senate Thank You Tour are extremely proud of our police departments who are on the side of the people and are the first people we call to help us when we are involved in an accident or become victims in a crime. We the people cannot allow the Tennessee state legislature to harass our society by making the unreasonable and unconstitutional demand of roadside motorist fingerprinting which is guaranteed to cause needless friction between our police and law-abiding citizens all the while making everybody involved feel like servants of the state.

Please contact Senator Haynes to let him know that you oppose fingerprinting for motorists and that we in Tennessee value our freedom. We have every reason to believe that Senator Haynes will listen to us as he continues to represent our district and the values of Tennesseans.

If you are in my district, please contact Senator Haynes to thank him for his previous service to our community and state, to continue supporting our police officers, and to ask him to reverse support for this particular motorist fingerprinting legislation as well as any such potential legislation to follow.

Thank you,
Mark Clayton
Clayton for Senate Thank You Tour

Senator Joe Haynes G19 War Memorial Bldg. Nashville, TN 37243-0220 Phone (615) 741-6679 Fax (615) 741-2533 sen.joe.haynes@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Mike Stewart 22 Legislative Plaza Nashville, TN 37243 Phone: (615) 741-2184 rep.mike.stewart@capitol.tn.gov

To kick off the Clayton for Senate Thank You Tour, I would like to personally thank every one of the thirty-three thousand Tennesseans who voted for me and could not be more honored by your outpouring of support for tackling the problems that ordinary Tennesseans are facing. Especially as we spent less than one penny per vote, I cannot be anything but humbled that so many thousands of Tennesseans would choose me to protect their families.

I am deeply grateful for your support and pledge to continue my work to defend Tennesseans from the North American Union, National ID cards, illegal trade deals like NAFTA, radical homosexual lobbying groups who want to get in the Boy Scouts, and terrorists who are hiding in the Army.

I also pledge to continue my support for veteran's issues and to do my part to get our soldiers off of foodstamps while military contractors do less work and get paid more.

Again, I cannot express enough my gratitude for the thirty-three thousand Volunteers who felt that Mark Clayton was the best candidate to represent them in the United States Senate. You deserve better than Lamar Alexander and I will continue my work to ensure that when Lamar Alexander is defeated this November that you will have the best. May God bless you all. -- Mark Clayton

Election Night Results for August 7, 2008

Bob Tuke 32.5

Gary Davis 21.3

Mike Padgett 18.2

Mark Clayton 17.6

Kenneth Eaton 8

Leonard Ladner 2.6

Results Not Official

Clayton Wins Gibson, Lake, McNairy, Trousdale, Hardin, Dekalb, Cannon, and Weakley Counties With Many Close Seconds

Congratulations to Clayton Campaign volunteers who helped carry these counties!!!

Congratulations to all our volunteers for stretching our budget of under $300 to accomplish what many said would not happen!!!

Clayton Faces Some of Nation's Hard Questions in Greeneville Sun Questionnaire: Campaign Publishes Results -- To Read Click Here


August 5, 2008

Not Playing Around: Clayton Issues Warning on Police Centralization Measure As Campaign Continues to the Democratic Nomination on August 7th

From left to right: Haskell Wright (Frank James), John Richards (Tom Dolan), Mark Clayton (candidate), J.L. Eklond (historical playwright and director), Jeff George (Jesse James), and Randy Martin (posse member) Also present but not in photo: Judith Eklond and Desmond Crowder

In his speech today, Mark also detailed his experience lobbying Washinton, D.C on such issues as anti-terrorism prior to 9-11, in protection of American jobs, industry, and agriculture, as well as our borders and also defending the Boy Scouts.

The campaign event was a lot of fun for everyone and was intended to encourage voters to vote Democratic and vote Clayton this Thursday, August 7th.

Please contact the Clayton Campaign at (615) 469-2130 for questions. For interest and additional information regarding today's Earthman's Posse Roundup campaign event, please call Clayton for Senate campaign volunteers Bonnie Hudgens at (615) 876-0710 or Judy or Jay at (615) 876-6171.

For those who missed meeting Mark Clayton at Earthman's and would like to attend a similar event, on October 18th, Mark Clayton and his staff plan to attend Earthman's "James Gang Festival and Shoot-Out" at the Earthman's store located at 4409 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN 37189. The Sugar Cured Players are a division of Playtrippers, a Nashville-based theater troupe, in cooperation with Bonnie Hudgens. In addition to having a chance to meet Mark Clayton t the event, the Earthman's Store will be presenting "Raw Oysters and Whiskey," a factual recreation of the capture of Bill Ryan, a member of the Jesse James Gang. Bonnie also makes great cheeseburgers and Mark Clayton will be eating one.


"Before we end, we need to warn everybody about a dangerous bill many do not know about in Congress right now It is called HR 980, and it is illegal. All of our law-enforcement need to know about it and reject it, even if it is illegally passed. If you know anyone in law-enforcement, please make sure to get this information to them.

HR 980 is about an illegal expansion of centralized, not federal, power. If passed, states and local governments should ignore the provisions and challenge the law in the courts without delay. Lamar Alexander supports this HR 980 as long as it has his special amendment. I oppose HR 980 altogether and refuse to acknowledge it as law if it is passed. Lamar Alexander also supports "REAL ID" for tracking and hunting Americans, just as long as the federal government pays for it. I oppose REAL ID altogether. I am against prohibiting strikes, lockouts, or the right of unions to call for strikes or lockouts, especially in law-enforcement and especially if the federal government is doing the prohibiting. This bill is a direct challenge to the 10th amendment. HR 980 is one part of a many-sided policy to expand at great financial cost the shroud of a police state over America under one centralized thumb. The provisions of HR 980, if passed into law, will be managed as efficiently from Washington as the Kremlin managed the Soviet Union's police force during the Cold War.

So if you want a real posse, who knows what they are doing, representing you in the United States Senate, make sure that this Thursday, August 7th to vote Democratic and for Mark Clayton for Senate.

The message will be loud and clear. President Bush, you are innocent until proven guilty. Osama bin Laden, we're getting tired of your videos and tapes and we're coming to get you, dead or alive."

Untitled from Clayton Campaign on Vimeo.

August 3, 2008

Mark Salutes "Clayton's Cavalry" for Succeeding

I want to personally thank everyone who has worked tirelessly up to this point to help us win the Democratic nomination for US Senate. It has been a very long weekend for each of us, and I know that our hard work will be rewarded.

I am honored by the outpouring of support for this campaign and am confident that your hard work in getting our campaign flyers to thousands of Tennesseans will result in a high turnout for Clayton for Senate. I am also pleased to inform you that the Clayton Cavalry has delivered almost all of the campaign literature successfully and has exceeded our goals. As many would have quit long ago, the Clayton Cavalry ranks as one of the finest political units in America and certainly Tennessee. I wish I could name you all, but we plan to get certificates of honor to all who sacrificed their time, their effort, and their money, to save Tennesseans from a godless new world order and to assert the American Constitution.

In case you have not yet heard, Alexander Solzhenitsyn died today. It is important that we never lose sight of why we take time we do not have from our lives to campaign for liberty. If we do not, we could wind up in a bone-crushing prison camp similar to the one Alexander Solzhenitsyn was sent or to one of FEMA's prison camps.

We still have a few more days, and although we have exceeded our goals for this weekend, many of you are still working tirelessly. Please be careful to drink plenty of water to beat the heat and to care for yourselves as the Clayton Cavalry rides on to victory. Every one of you is very important to this campaign, and we could have never come this far without you. May God bless you all. -- Mark Clayton

We are blessed with many supporters who have produced some great patriotic works, and we wish we could share them all with you. Today, one of our many talented supporters, Monica Ferrel, submitted and authorized her patriotic video for use on the Clayton for Senate website. Sometimes after a lot of hard work, it is nice to have a pleasant reminder as to why we did it. Monica's patriotic presentation is right up everyone's alley and we know that you will enjoy it.

August 1, 2008

NATIONAL SHOCK: 2001 Anthrax Mailing Terrorist Suspect Commits Suicide as Investigators Close in on US ARMY FACLITY NOT OSAMA?
Clayton Campaign and America Demand That Investigations Continue

Did the 2001 Antrhax mailings come from the United States Army or from Osama bin Laden's caves in Afghanistan or both?

The Associated Press has reported today that anthrax expert and eighteen-year Army scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, committed suicide this week as federal investigators closed in and planned an indictment seeking the death penalty.

The question left open is whether or not the investigation will now continue, based on whether or not the federal investigators believe this scientist acted alone.

For several years now, many Americans have believed the Anthrax attacks to be the sole work of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, but these stunning revelations are forcing all Americans to live in fear that Al Qaeda may even be in the United States Army or worse, that it was neither Al Queda nor Osama bin Laden, but the worst scenario of all -- that the 2001 Anthrax mailings were the work of other Americans.

The American people have the right to know who their domestic enemies are, who may have aided them, and why. Investigators should also focus on finding out if the Anthrax facility in Fort Detrick, Maryland, where federal investigators have closed in, has any connection to Osama bin Laden's caves in Afghanistan.

Donald Rumsfeld: Not Just One Cave but "MANY"!!!

The Clayton Campaign and the American people demand that investigations continue so that the American people can know exactly who else attacked America in 2001, so that we can properly declare war on them, which has not yet been done, go in and take care of the threat, and get out.

The Clayton Campaign is also asking everyone to stay calm until America gets to the bottom of this and to remember that even the terrorists, once captured if not killed, are innocent until proven guilty.


July 31, 2008

The Old-School is Back and Stronger than Ever: Neo-conservatives Fail to Brainwash American Population

Southern voters of various persuasions are known for our mainstream values. As such, many who are not already Democrats are defecting to the Democratic party to get away from the radical homosexual agenda and neo-conservative imperialism so prevalent in today's weak version of the Republican Party. Many family-oriented Democrats and Republicans have become increasingly wary of senators such as South Carolina's Lindsay Graham and our own Senator Lamar Alexander who sat silently as President Bush sent our jobs to China and Mexico while sneaking through anti-family appointments to important positions.

Graham and Alexander are also protecting and advancing the military-industrial complex war-profit motive which Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned against in his Farewell Address. Except for the time President Eisenhower departed from the American policy of non-intervention by meddling in Iran to help the British steal oil from Iranians, the Eisenhower administration is still one of the best late examples for a traditional American policy of civilian oversight and limitations on the United States military for the security of national civil rights.

All this has gone out the window with New World Order Boys like Graham and Alexander. Graham and Alexander serve as senatorial cover for out-of-control, spook-style military contractors who neither answer to a chain of command nor are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

For example, before 9-11, the miltary contractor, Dynacorp, was alleged by the Washington Time's Insight Magazine to be involved in an international child sex and rape ring. Republicans like Graham and Alexander sit up on Capitol Hill playing a fake game of Republican versus Democrat when the real issue is that we have over-funded, unaccountable military contractors raking billions of dollars who have been behind child-rape scandals, the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and (having lacked the training America's formal military receives) wantonly gunned down civilian non-combatants. Rather than use their constitutional powers to restore order, senators like Graham and Alexander do nothing. And the more things that get blown up and the more people who get killed, the more money just a few contractors make. Meanwhile, American soldiers are on foodstamps. Do you not agree with the Clayton campaign that senators like Lindsay Graham and Lamar Alexander are a disgrace and embarrassment to America?

Those decent candidates left in the Republican Party with mainstream values suffer regularly when senators like Graham and Alexander who, after wooing morally-conscious voters, then turn to back-stab and alienate those same voters as constituents. The Democratic Party in Tennessee, as far as much of the leadership and the rank and file are concerned is not a party of the radical homosexual agenda, fruits, nuts, and flakes. The Democratic Party in Tennessee opposes super-greedy, power-obsessed NAFTA elites, most of whom are in the Republican Party, and we are now finding more and more candidates in the Democratic Party with mainstream family values.

On the other hand, the last two decades has seen a mass-influx of anti-family values into the Republican Party. As long ago as 1996, Bob Dole decided to brag that he had not read the Republican Party platform, censored Alan Keyes from giving a pro-life speech at the convention, and made sure that pro-abortion voters knew they had a new home by making Susan Molinari one of the most highlighted speakers of that year's Republican National Convention.

The Clayton Campaign is proudly based on the military positions of Republican president Dwight Eisenhower, the "America First" heritage of the Democratic Party, and the mainstream values of Tennesseans and of normal family voters.

South Carolina Democrats just gave their senate nomination to Bob Conley, who based on South Carolina's mainstream values will certainly defeat fake conservative Lindsay Graham. Tennessee has a similar candidate in Mark Clayton. South Carolina Democrats have spoken, and the nation waits to see if Tennessee has also had enough of their fake conservative senator, Lamar Alexander.

July and August Are Cancelled: It's Valentine's Day in Tennessee as Poplular Talk-Show Host Censors ENTIRE Election Cycle for the Love of Lamar Alexander and Status Quo

Phil Valentine, a popular radio talk-show host in Tennessee who helped lead a successful revolt against a pending state income-tax but has not done much since, is now riding the gravy-train in the aftermath teaching his view of conservatism according to an alphabetical sequence.

In our extensive experience, we have found the gravy-train complex to be the case with other so-called "conservative" talk-show hosts who explained their principles while riding on past victories as cover against the real matters at hand and to hide what fake conservative officials are actually doing -- against those same principles. As such, Mr. Valentine will not be interviewing any candidates whatsoever except for some special "news" items which may come up relating to Lamar Alexander.

The Clayton Campaign could be on the hammocks riding out our gravy-train, drinking pina coladas in South America, but then Tennessee would not have a competent choice in this year's US Senate race. So instead, we have spilt our gravy and offered the right to grill us with questions to radio hosts and news organizations statewide and to help a certain voter move past kindergarten.

Although the Clayton Campaign regularly meets with other voters who, unlike Mr. Valentine, are genuinely concerned about the damage that NAFTA and GATT have done to American families, we do not discourage voters who wish to keep their values inside the alphabet. Our alphabet voter might not see that the recent trade-talk collapse is a sign that those other nations might want more but this time we wont't have it to give which might in turn start World War III. But at least we Tennesseans will join in battle with full command of the English alphabet.

Perhaps we can come up with a number book, similar to Mr. Valentine's alphabet book, but this time the numbers will go backward and show where America's leadership void, both in public office and in the press, will take us in about thirty years. That would make for a frightening read.

Fourth of July Weekend, 2008

"America for Me (?)"

by Janith Lucille Clayton

It's time to see the Old World,

And travel up and down

Among the famous palaces and cities of reknown,

To admire the crumbly castles -

And the statues of the kings -

But now I think I've had

Enough of antiquated things

So it's home again,

And home again,

America for me.

My heart is turning home again

And there I long to be,

In the land of youth and freedom

Beyond the ocean bars

Where the air is full of sunlight

And the flag is full of stars.

July 1, 2008

Clayton Campaign Issues Statement to Opponent Alexander and His Fellow Traveller, Outlaw Judge Echols: "WE PRAYED"

Prayer, according to Bible believers, is a vital function of everyday life to be done according to commandment "without ceasing." However, Judge Echols, one of Lamar Alexander's best pals, recently ruled against this dictate of conscience as creating a hostile atmosphere for Tennessee schools.

Echols has foolshly joined the massive ranks of know-it-all-know-nothing judges and lawyers who have, in obeisance to sustained campaigns of historic revisionism, been willfully brainwashed to oppose to the truth and heritage of American law .

In his opposition to the well-established American style of unashamedly promoting Christianity, Echols ruled that teachers and administrators should not be allowed to wear stickers that say, "I Prayed," at schools. Echols opinion stated that he believed the Wilson county school had become "excessively entangled with religion."

The Clayton campaign believes that people like Echols are excessively entangled with oppressing Christians with their own false religion of secularism and forcing us to swallow the lie that secularism is neutral, not hostile, as it is, to the immutable truth of Christianity, which governs all mankind and is protected by the laws of our nation, as read by literates. In no way does either the Bill of Rights or United States Constitution make secularism the dominant national religion.

Quite to the contrary, Christianity is most clearly the dominant national religion of America, and people who seek to subvert Christianity as America's historic and dominant religion do not have any history whatsoever on their side.

America's peace treaty after whipping England begins, "In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity. It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God...."

"I Prayed" stickers do not hold a candle to the proud display of Christianity displayed in America's preface to the Paris Peace Treaty of September 3, 1773. Yet Alexander's pal Echols ruled against them. Why?

Perhaps it is because those of Alexander and Echol's ilk savor the thought of walking that same road of failure British troops walked at Yorktown's Surrender Road. Yet a more precise answer has been known to such historians as David Barton of Wallbuilders for some time -- people like Echols are revisionists or have willfully made themselves subject to the lie of revisionism rather than embrace the satisfying fact that America as a nation does indeed enjoy a truly Christian heritage, not a secular one, dating from its very birth.

Publishing and preaching the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ without a license in inconvenient places holds the cornerstone and seminal position in America's long-standing struggle to preserve rights of conscience in the face of weak-minded albeit well-seated men like Alexander and his good friend Echols.

Indeed, it was the Baptist, Jeremiah Moore, who was jailed in Mark Clayton's hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, for publishing the Holy Gospel without a license. The judge said, "I will put you in jail until you rot."

The problem for Moore's judge, as it will be for Echols and Alexander, is that there was a revolution he did not count on which overthrew secularism's convenient but weak method of thought and justice.

Once again, that revolution will be supported and won through the ceaseless prayers of Americans to the only Almighty God and "In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity."

When Alexander and Echols are confounded at their defeat, we will merely respond, "We prayed."

April 22, 2008

NEW ORLEANS: "Three Amigos," President George Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico in Open Plot to End America: Clayton Campaign Joins National Outrage and Condemnation of Illegal Meeting

The Clayton for Senate campaign condemns the outrageous anti-American meetings hosted in New Orleans on this current Monday and Tuesday, aimed at the complete merger of the economies, governments, societies, and militaries of the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada into a single entity which the neo-conservatives and President Bush are calling the "North American Union."

The American people will not stand idly as the "Three Amigos" brazenly attempt to overthrow America. All Americans are corporately determined that their country should remain independent and free. If it can be demonstrated to Congress that this meeting seeks to aid America's enemies by overthowing the entire country, articles of treason may be drawn up against the president and those involved.

There is only one major goal of the SPP summit in New Orleans: the complete withering away of America as a nation to destroy hard-won American civil liberties and the means for Americans to both aquire and possess property.

Barring an immediate, complete, and public repudiation by the president, himself, of his espoused doctrine to overthrow the American Union and replace it with a "North American Union," all without consent of Congress, the people, or the requisite constitutional amendment, Mark Clayton, upon becoming your senator, will be the first to draw up articles of treason, which would include provisions ensuring the president's right to a fair hearing before the Senate and that the president be considered innocent until proven guilty.

See Video

April 14, 2008

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Delights and Excites President of Nation's Largest Republican Homosexual Group: Clayton Campaign Defends Families

California's Press Enterprise has reported that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a speech to the nation's largest Republican homosexual group last week, announced for the first time that he would "fight" a proposed gay-marriage ban in California's state constitution. According to the Press Enterprise article, Schwarzenegger said that he wants activists to stop protecting marriage and instead work on amending the Constitution so that he can run for president.

"I'm delighted and really excited," Patrick Sammon, president of the nation's big Republican homosexual group, reportedly said.

This should not arouse excitement among activists, as neither Hitler nor Napoleon (among many other examples of the worst tyrants in history), were from the countries they eventually tyrannized.

Napoleon was from Corsica, which had been subjected under France. When Napoleon Bonaparte shipped to a French school, he did not even speak French. Boys in the school made fun of his name because in French, "Napoleon" sounds almost exaclty like saying "straw in the nose." When in power, Napoleon often insisted on being called "Bonapart."

Hitler was not from Germany, but rather Austria. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, and his father is widely known to have been an SS officer.

EVIDENCE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Nazi Salutes in his "girly man" panties.
Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, wants to amend the Constitution so
that he can become president and fulfill Hitler's superman scenario.
"People do not realize why the founders made it so people
from other countries cannot become president,"
said Mark Clayton. "Hitler was not from
Germany. Napoleon was from
Corsica, not France."

Clayton Campaign Issues Emergency Response In Defense of Families

Due to the wisdom and intent of America's founders, and due to the historical record of specific naturalized citizens, such as Hitler and Napoleon, overthrowing the established government to become the adoptive nation's tyrant, the Clayton campaign vigorously opposes any and all efforts to amend the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to run for president.

Furthermore, the Clayton campaign opposes and refuses recognition to any efforts or so-called laws of which the intent is to reduce the holy marriage of husband and wife to a mere social "union" status or make such holy marriage seem equivalent to unmitigated debauchery.

The neo-conservative side of the Republican party, to which Lamar Alexander notoriously belongs, has a known reputation for sharing power and being "in bed with" the homosexual Log Cabin Republican group.

Remember July 4th, 1776

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