Exploring Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Long Island, New York

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Anyone with an interest in the strange side of the history of the New York City/Long Island area has heard of Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Though it was decommissioned and essentially left abandoned save for two small buildings that are still used today, stories abound about the patients and staff and about the conditions that affliced them. The area sits on over seven hundred acres of river front rural property in a beautiful small town named Kings Park. There are over a hundred buildings and a massve network of steam tunnels that connect the power plant building to the rest of the various brick structures.

The facility now sits on the grounds of a state park and is very easy to get to off of East Main Street. Some of the buildings are surrounded by fences, some are not, but you’re not allowed to go inside. Police patrol the area and there are rampant problems with unsafe structural conditions, massive amounts of asbestos, and lots of lead paint. That said, the former facility holds a strong fascination for many people for various different reasons. Some are taken in by the architecture, some are simply curious, while some just like exploring abandoned structures to learn about their history. Vandals and destructive moronic types have made their marks all over the different structures, but it’s still a fascinating place to visit, morbid history of not. Rumors persist that the place is haunted.

We had only two hours to spend there when we went, and could have easily spent a lot more time. News reports continue to report that the structures will eventually be torn down or converted and that’s probably not a bad idea from a city planning perspective. Until that happens, the area will remain a fascinating place to explore, so long as you’re careful.

Building 15 (a building which supposedly served as a ward for dangerous/violent patients):

Building 93 (the most famous structure of the lot and the one you see the most – look for strange murals in a former day room as well as the remains of a large cafeteria):

Building 94 (a former laundry building):

Pictures from a second trek out to KPPC can be found here and here.

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3 Responses to Exploring Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Long Island, New York

  1. Todd says:

    that place looks like it would be scary as fuck in the evening with a full moon. That Building 93 is pretty impressive.

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