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Other Asylums


County Asylums

Rediscovering the Asylums and Mental Hospitals of England and Wales



Welcome to County Asylums, a site dedicated to revealing the remains of England and Wales' local authority funded mental hospitals.

From the first permissive act and development bewteen 1808-1812, these institutions formed the backbone of in-patient mental healthcare until Care in the Community brought about their demise, most significantly, in the 1990's.

This site intentionally remains impartial regarding treatment associated with this type of mental healthcare and neither intends to advocate or criticise. It does, however recognise that there is a need, whether historically, architecturally or for those personally associated with such hospitals to recognise their existence.

Through the use of recent photography of each County or Borough Asylum site, this website aims to identify, what still exists. It is anticpated that each location will have accompanying information giving developmental overview and current site appraisal.

In the near future, the author(s) hope to expand this resource further to incorporate a similar system for local authority developed Mental Deficiency Institutions.


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This site is intended as a resouce for architectural, historical, comparative and social interest. Images of Structures and properties have been included for this purpose. Some of the abive depict derelict or disused buildings or others still in use- the Author(s) of this site do not condone any trespass, breach of privacy or damage to the buildings concerned. Where buildings are still in use the utmost care has been taken to maintain the privacy of their occupants.

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