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4Life News Tiësto new ambassador of Dance4Life

Tiësto new ambassador of Dance4Life


Dance4Life proudly presents Tiësto as the new ambassador of Dance4Life!

Foto: Rutger Geerling

Tiësto: "Because I’m an artist, I have the privilege to see the whole world. The number of sets I played on the best parties all over this planet is enormous. But most of all, the contact with my fans all over the world is my biggest source of inspiration. The chance to communicate through my music as I believe in the power of music as a universal language."

"I have always supported charities in my private life. Lots of fundraising organizations have asked me to become their ambassador. Sometimes I said yes, but I never had the feeling to have found the goal that really fitted me. Until I came across Dance4Life. The way they make their dream come true, really speaks to my mind. Their dream has become mine.”

"Dance4Life fits me as an artist as well as a human being. Especially the way Dance4Life asks attention for one of the biggest youth problems, HIV and AIDS, attracts me. They give young people the opportunity to become active themselves and  reward them with a massive dance event. I think it is that combination of sharing and passing serious information in a dance and entertainment way that attracts so many young people.”

“The Dance4Life events take place all over the world at the same time and are audio/visually connected. The dancing people have all been part of the Schools Projects. That's a good way to spread the positive virus against HIV and AIDS.”

“I will do my best to contribute to the success of Dance4Life. At least eight countries will participate this year. I will perform at different Dance4Life events, I will produce music and communicate the Dance4Life message “Start Dancing, Stop AIDS” wherever I can.”

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