Author adds another chapter in Stories from South Africa

by Dave Willis

Tsawwassen author Marie Warder is at it again.

Her latest novel, Samaritan of the Sahara, tells the story of South African Dominic Verwey's desert adventures.

"I didn't know when I started off how exactly it was all going to end," Warder said. "I really didn't."

Verwey, a tropical diseases specialist, is heading back home on a sea voyage with his fianc‚e and kid brother but when their ship gets to Cairo, Verwey's bride to be goes missing.

"So they can't just leave when the boat takes off, they have to try and find her," Warder said.

Little do they know that the decision to try and find Verwey's fianc‚e has life-altering consequences. The brothers stay in Egypt illegally, hide from the local authorities, eventually run out of money and end up making their way into the Sahara desert.

Samaritan of the Sahara is set 20 years after When you know that you know that you know!, one of Warder's other recent novels. Some of the characters from When you know that you know that you know! also reappear in this latest book.

In addition to a series of fiction novels, called Stories from South Africa, Warder has written The Bronze Killer, a non-fiction book on hemochromatosis. The disease struck her husband, and later on, her daughter. Hemochromatosis is basically an overload of iron in the body.

Warder has a background in journalism and worked for a community newspaper chain called the Amalgamated Press in South Africa, her native country.

Samaritan of the Sahara should be released in approximately two weeks, Warder said. Watch for the book on

South Delta graphic designer Luis Wiechers designed the front cover for the novel.

published on 02/25/2006

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