Doggie DNA Tests: How Exactly Do They Work--and Can They Be Trusted?



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My wife and I have been thinking about DNA testing our 1.5 year old pooch. Originally, when we brought him into our family we were told he was a mix between Aussie and Collie. As he has gotten older, we began to make our own guesses and conclusions as to what he could be. After doing some more research on working/herding breeds, we now believe he is a mix between Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie. The energy level of both of these breeds can be a little staggering at times - especially with him being a puppy yet. It has been a great surprise though because we have become more active to match his energy level! Hiking is one of our favorite pastimes now.

Ironically enough, we started looking for a dog with traits that matched the Aussie, but could have ended up with a dog that only slightly resembles the Aussie's worth ethic and doesn’t even have any Aussie in him. However, we are very happy he ended up being short hair'ed instead of the long Aussie/Collie coat he thought he would have!  :)  Of course...we love him very much regardless of what he is blended together with. 

We have had a blast guessing and doing our own detective work. I think that’s half of the fun with a mix breed, but it would be nice to know exactly what he is once the science gets a little more definitive.  

Good article!!  :)




What does this have to do with maximising my pc.



Don: You're commenting on an article posted to Maximum Tech. Maximum Tech is devoted to all forms of personal technology. 62 percent of US households are home to cats and dogs. Granted, the story isn't about doing human DNA tests, but if you're a pet owner, you probably have a personal interest in your dog or cat. And this story covers cutting-edge technology that responds to that interest.

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