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As long as I can remember, I've had a passion for making things. I’ve been sewing since the age of four, when I began pilfering needles and thread from my mother’s sewing box. I made my first doll at the age of seven, and designed and hand-sewed my first dress at twelve. By fourteen I was doing minor clothing alterations for the neighbours, and by seventeen I was making all my own clothes and selling my original handmade toys in a local shop. 

While at university I kept up with my toy making, producing a host of original designs, and taught myself the skills of flat-pattern design and drafting for dressmaking. 

By my mid-twenties, my toy designs were appearing in national magazines, including Chatelaine, Canadian Living, and Hands. They were followed by two book collections with Sterling Publishing Company of New York. 

I discovered machine embroidery in the 1990s. My first machine was a Brother PE100.  It was soon replaced by an ULT 2003, and finally, the six-needle PR600, which is my primary embroidery machine at the moment.

Brother recently released a ten-needle model, the PR1000. At the moment an upgrade to that machine remains a dream, since I can't really justify the expense based on the limited amount of time I have to spend on this wonderful hobby. Maybe someday . . .

Although I own many hundreds of purchased embroidery designs, there's still room in my collection for custom designs. In fact, I find that most of the actual stitch-outs I do are of designs I digitized myself.

I began digitizing in the late 1990s, using Brother's PE Design program, versions 2 through 6 (you can see some examples of my early digitizing on the FAQ page). Since 2009, I have also been digitizing with Embird Studio.  I still use PE Design for redwork and certain line art, but I use Embird for most of the rest, including my custom work.

Over the past decade, I have digitized many hundreds of designs. You'll find a lot of them for free download on this site, along with several more that are available for purchase. I plan to rotate designs and add new ones periodically, so be sure to check back to see what's new.

When I'm not embroidering or digitizing, I enjoy a variety of other creative activities, including drawing, papercraft, and working on my vintage sewing machines. 

By profession I am a teacher, writer, and consultant specializing in professional communication, including writing, editing, public speaking, leadership, and interpersonal dynamics. It has always been a secret passion of mine to teach sewing and design, and as I contemplate retiring from my academic career, I am exploring ways of following this dream. This site is one step in that direction. 

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