Script to Screen: Winners Announced!

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Script to Screen: Winners Announced!

07th Jul 2011

The wait is over! The winners of the BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential Script to Screen competition have been announced!

Prior to the winners being selected, Doctor Who Confidential visited one school to find out what the competition meant to them... You can see what they find out in this video.

And for full details about the winners and to find out what happens next, check out the press release below:

A school from Basingstoke is celebrating after winning a competition to write a Doctor Who mini-adventure that will star Matt Smith and be shown on the BBC in the Autumn.

This once in a lifetime opportunity will see pupils from Oakley CE Junior School travelling to the BBC Studios in Cardiff this weekend (July 8/9th) where their script will be brought to life by the Doctor Who team and cast, including Matt Smith.

The BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential Script to Screen competition was aimed at Upper Primary school pupils and involved them writing a three minute script that takes the resident Time Lord on a new quest travelling through space and time inside the TARDIS.

Year 6 teacher Kevin Downing, from Oakley Junior School, said the pupils involved in the project are over the moon at winning. He said: "I told all the upper school children about the Doctor Who competition in assembly and asked them to come up with a good plot in groups of two to four. Daniel, Katie, Adam and Ben told me their idea one break time and I knew straight away that it had potential, as it was original, humorous and mysterious.

"The children then spent about three hours over a number of weeks writing the script. Being Doctor Who fans, they had great fun deliberating over how the Doctor would react to things, what he would say and imagining how it would look on screen. None of us ever imagined the school would win the competition of course, but it was exciting to have entered and have the finished script to look back on in years to come. Getting the call to say the pupils were on the shortlist of ten was an unbelievable moment - the thought that Steven Moffat himself would be reading their script! As for winning, it will be the experience of a lifetime and one we'll never forget."

Details of the school's script are a closely guarded secret but includes a well known historical figure and a fez!

Doctor Who Confidential will record behind the scenes to show how Oakley Junior School's script gets developed from paper to television screen - from the first script meeting, a cast read-through, on set filming all the way to the final edit. These will be shown on Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three later in the year.

The competition encouraged children to be as creative and imaginative as possible to put together a story filled with all the excitement and adventure of the popular BBC One sci-fi drama. The action packed script had to feature Matt Smith and could include one of four fearsome monsters from the show: Ood, Judoon, Cyberman, or Weeping Angel, as well as a brand new human character to test the wits of the Doctor.

Lesson plans, a storyboard and a sample script were just a few of the tailored Primary resources available on the BBC Learning website to help guide teachers and pupils through the process.

BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential were overwhelmed by the response to the competition with 290,000 downloads of the online teaching resources.

Steven Moffat, Head Writer at Doctor Who, said: "I loved the shortlisted scripts, there was so much skill and enthusiasm on display that it was actually genuinely, very, very difficult to judge. There was some really, really skilled writing, it was very exiting how they caught the voice of the Doctor and how they used the always stringent limitations of Doctor Who to their advantage, very exciting.

"I come from a family of teachers, I was a teacher, my father's a teacher, my sister's a teacher. We go back teacher generations so it's hard wired for me to want the approval of teachers so I'm very, very thrilled that its gone down so well with the schools that took part."

The winning script was chosen by Steven Moffat; Controller of BBC Learning, Saul Nassé; Piers Wenger and Beth Willis, Executive Producers of Doctor Who.

Controller of BBC Learning, Saul Nassé, said: "We've been delighted by the response from schools to the competition. We really wanted to motivate children to learn new writing skills and create the next generation of storytellers. Schools have really engaged in the competition and the standard of the writing has shown us that there is a wealth of talent out there which we have been able to tap into and hopefully encourage in the future. It's a great example of a really popular BBC show inspiring people do something truly educational."

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