With any given physical art, technique will always allow you to reach the proper result. These techniques have led to victories in many companies around the world.
Warriors Way Attack
In tradition of the double foot stomp attack, the opponent is prone on the mat with the torso jumped on from the top turnbuckle. Knees are brought into the chest for additional force on impact.

Ki Krusher '99
In tradition of the fisherman's suplex hold, the opponent is soon lifted, turned and then driven for a concussive blow to the upper body.

DragonClutch Submission
A variant of Tatsumi Fujinami's Dragon Sleeper hold, the same hold is applied from the rear mount position, forcing the neck against its range of motion.

Tidal Wave Attack
Using the recoil of the second rope allows a full rotation into a diving enzegeri kick.

Tidal Krush Attack

With a the opponent stabilized in a corner, momentum generated from a forward round off allows an incredibly impactful enzegeri kick.

Krush Kombo

With an opponent in a kneeling position, two low roundhouse kicks to the chest are followed by a middle roundhouse kick to the head.

Bite of the Dragon

A Dragon Sleeper hold is applied to a standing opponent with legs locked around the waist for additional support.

Black Magic Attack

With the kneeling opponent anticipating an attack, jumping over the opponent while securing one foot ontop of the standing leg to return back with a heel kick to the upper body.

Iron Octopus

In a failed attempt to use a crucifix hold, securing the legs under the opposing arm and over the head, allows for the jointlock.

Trapped Armbar

While maintaining the collar and elbow tie up, climbing the turnbuckle backwards clears room for the circular entry into the armbar submission.

Rising Kick

Using the opponent as leverage, a stance created while on the top of the shoulders allows a heel strike to the upper body.