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Quick Facts:

-Hometown: Lincoln, NE by way of Rochester, NY
-Wrestling Style: Brawling/Power, whatever it takes to win
-Trainer: Rik Matrix and Kirby Marcos in Rochester, NY, Tony Mamaluke in Schenectady, NY
-Years wrestling: 8 years.
-Career Highlights: Wrestling in France, UK and Germany.
-Top 3 moves: Big Boot, Boss Man Slam, Double Underhook Superplex.
-Athletic Background: Played hockey, lacrosse and basketball.....kicked out of many hockey leagues for fighting is kind of notable.
-Training Philosophy: Lift heavy things and try to eat hearty meals and get as much ring work as possible.

Getting Personal:

1) Why did you want to be a pro wrestler?
Watching pro wrestling growing up as a kid and teenager planted the seeds and the joy of punching people in the mouth solidified it as a young adult.

2) Who are your heroes and/or role models and why?
My father and former Toronto Maple Leaf Doug Gilmour. My father was an inspiration his whole life and maybe even more so in his afterlife. He leads me on the proper path and helps keep me focused on the goals in front of me. Doug Gilmour played hockey giving 300% from start to finish and I grew to admire that the more I watched him play, and try to emulate that in life.

3) What are your favorite TV shows, movies and music?
TV:Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Men, Jersey Shore, People's Court
Movie: The Road to Perdition, No Country For Old Men, Teen Wolf
Music: Medeski Martin and Wood, Mickey Avalon, Snoop Dogg, Halo, Hank Williams III, Shooter Jennings.
Book: The Count of Monte Cristo

4) What are your hobbies?
Reading about murder trials, driving trucks, drinking beer and/or Southern Comfort, watching the Maple Leafs, Playing with my dog BUH BUH, Madden 2010 on PS3.

5) What is the biggest obstacle or most challenging thing you've ever faced?The back injury that has affected me negatively in the ring and out for most of the past year and 2 months. It is an intense physical and mental challenge.

EVOLVE Match History:

Match #1: Loss in Team Akuma vs. Team Lightning- via Pinfall - EVOLVE 1
Match #2: Loss vs. Gran Akuma - via Pinfall - EVOLVE 2
Match #3: Win In Four-Way Match - via Pinfall - EVOLVE 3