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    Every so often I do these walking tours of New York City Chinatown street food as fundraisers for nonprofits (usually the Asian American Writers Workshop, where I am on the board, but I’m open to helping others) last fall. It’s a ~2.5 hour tour that includes (depending on availability) Xi’an Famous Foods, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Xinjiang skewers, banh mi, pulled noodles and more. It’s usually an $88 donation to whatever organization I’m doing for.

    Folks must be willing to share portions and you should wear comfortable shoes since it’s two+ hours of walking (I like to say you burn enough calories to counter the food you eat). It’s six or seven stops (depends if some of the vendors are there). We usually meet at 2 p.m. in the lobby of Chinatown’s Museum of Chinese in America at 215 Centre Street. Food costs included in the tour.

    Here are some thoughts from Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, who went on the tour:  “Jennifer 8. Lee’s generous spirit, extensive knowledge, and culinary eclecticism made for a fabulous afternoon adventure on her Chinatown Food Tour. She’s the ideal guide—creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while shepherding us through one incandescent eating experience after another, punctuated by informative commentary about the multi-layered cultural histories of one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods. With plastic fork in hand, I’d follow her anywhere.”

    (Love the fork note!)

    Also, I occasionally also gather people for dim sum or other Asian food related events. These are kind of random. Maybe one day I’ll develop a version 2 of the foodie tour and people can level up.

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