It's tough enough to find a game with one long, fulfilling quest. When a title surprises you with an entire new adventure after you finish the first, it's icing on an already delicious cake. Here are 7 games so nice you'll play through them twice!

7- Super Mario Bros' Second Quest

The 7 Best Second Quests

Any gamer who grew up in the 80s can tell you that beating Super Mario Bros. is no easy feat--particularly when it comes to the controller-crushing eighth world. For the truly masochistic, the game had a special treat in store. Upon defeating King Koopa and (finally) finding Princess Toadstool, our mustachioed hero is offered a new quest, wherein the pushover Goombas are replaced with significantly tougher Buzzy Beetles and Koopa Troopas no longer brainless walk off of ledges to their deaths. The difficulty of these newer stages were rarely surpassed in the Super Mario series, with the exception of the longtime Japan-exclusive sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

6- Lunar: Eternal Blue's Epilogue

The 7 Best Second Quests

Anyone who played Lunar: Eternal Blue on the Sega CD (or Eternal Blue Complete on the PlayStation) remembers the ending of the game was a downer, where Hiro loses Lucia. However, careful inspection of your save files after the credits reveals a new one--"Epilogue." If you load that file, you can play an additional eight hours of the game, where Hiro must find all the members of his party and launch a final assault on the Star Tower. You do battle with some of the toughest enemies in the game here (including an optional Doppleganger fight), climaxing in a solo duel against Star Dragon (defeating Star Dragon unlocks the game's true ending).

5- Punch-Out's Title Defense Mode

The 7 Best Second Quests

When the 13-character roster for the Wii's revival of Punch-Out was revealed, many gamers scoffed at the low number. Once they put down Mr. Sandman for the first time and picked up the World title, they learned that numbers can be deceiving. Whereas previous games ended with Mac atop the virtual boxing world, Punch-Out for Wii kept the fight going with its Title Defense Mode. Every one of the characters Little Mac waylaid on his championship journey was back with revenge on their minds, and new tricks up their sleeves. When you lose your title to a headgear-clad Glass Joe or a squirrel-assisted Bear Hugger, the difficulty of Title Defense mode and the creativity of developer Next Level Games becomes very apparent.