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Ariana Grande: From Boca To Broadway

I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. I loved going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. Boca is a really fun, little city. I never had a stage mom. My mom is a businesswoman and she’s awesome, and she was always like, “Whatever you want to do, I’ll be here.” She was very supportive throughout the whole thing. So thanks, mom.

My first really, really, really exciting professional job was 13 The Musical on Broadway; music by James Robert Brown and it was written by Robert Horn. I was a part of the project for a really long time. They did a run of it in the Mark Taper Forum in LA, which I was not a part of, but then they brought it to New York and we did a reading and it started there.

I was very fortunate to do 13 with my best friend, Aaron, who I grew up with in Florida. We were friends since we were like six years old and it’s just so crazy ironic that we were both cast; these two kids from Boca, in a Broadway musical together  You would think that it would be totally exhausting and, at some points, it was, but there was never a night where it wasn’t like, “I want to do another show.”  It was amazing.

I went to high school until I was like 13 and then I had to leave. I think that I left at a good time because I feel like that’s when the mean girls all pop up . I’m still enrolled at my school now in Florida, North Broward Preparatory School. They provide my material and then tutors teach it to me. I love them there for everything they’re doing for me and they’re amazing.

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6 Responses to “Ariana Grande: From Boca To Broadway”
  1. Vallarie says:

    i love u. u are soooooooooooooooooo nice,pretty,funny,and soo talented, you are a great actress and i love your personalityme and my 2 sisters lola is 4 and alexis the singer loves u sooooooooooooooooooo much.she wants to be a singer and a dancer and an actress. u rock ariana grande

  2. camila says:

    have you heard of imacs in north broward well i go there and it is awsome

  3. izzy says:

    hey ur probley not reading this but my friend said u went to high school wih her brother at spanish river also wat middle school did u go to

  4. Kelly says:

    I go to North Broward! Too bad I didn’t know Ariana, but I hear she was nice!

  5. Emily says:

    i know alot of people from north broward! i go to a meritas school too so i probably know alot of people that you used to know. thats really kool that you went there. i go to the school in arizona so kinda like you went to my school but not. :)

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