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Television Review: Johnny Test

Kid-friendly 'toon is more imaginative than most.
From our provider: CommonSenseMedia
Common Sense Rating:  for ages 7+ Stars: 3 out of 5 (About Common Sense Ratings)
TV Rating: TV-Y7 Genre: Children, Cartoons, & Animation 

What Parents Should Know
Parents need to know that Johnny's sisters experiment on their younger brother without their parents' knowledge, which might give some older siblings mischievous ideas. There's also some potty language and cartoony physical humor.

Families can talk about Johnny's parents' role reversal. Hugh is a stay-at-home dad, while Lila is an extremely busy working mom. How do real families cope with sharing roles? How have these roles changed over the years? Also, which of Johnny's powers would you most want to have? Would you be willing to go through a dangerous experiment to get a special ability?

Johnny Test (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) is an 11-year-old kid who likes to play air guitar and wants to impress his friends. Everything seems pretty normal ... until his sisters begin to experiment on him with the vengeance of amateur mad scientists. With Mary and Susan's help, Johnny gets powers such as the ability to travel through time or gain supernatural intelligence when he dons a pair of pants. Other experiments have silly side-effects like hairstyles that change in the blink of an eye.

Surprisingly inventive and not as violent as other cartoons in this genre, JOHNNY TEST is an age-appropriate choice for kids. The only thing worth mentioning: All the experiments Johnny undergoes are unattended by adults, which allows all types of zany plots to unfold. But as long as he's in one piece by dinner time, Johnny is free to be experimented upon every day.

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Television Review: Johnny Test

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