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The Monster Plantation

Six Flags Over Georgia is pretty good about making a ride look fun and happy, but once you're committed they change the deal, scare you. and then want to make you happy again on the way out so your expression
doesn't give away the tricks.


The Monster Plantation is that kind of ride. It is a boat ride through a Monster Swamp where all the friendly monsters are having a sort of block party. It is set in the deep South inside a flooded plantation. You hop in a boat and slowly float into the entrance tunnel. You are graciously welcomed by Mizzy Scarlet, an animated
spaz of a lady, who jerks to life as the boat heads toward the back door of the plantation home. Once out of the back door, you bump into a monster Sheriff named Billy Bob who warns you to not go into the Marsh, where the unfriendly monster dwell. Of course, you can tell where that's going to lead.

Your boat passes through the winding grounds of the plantation as you observe all the animated monsters in the county having a big party. One monster mother is telling her little worried monster baby to not be afraid of you, as "they're just humans". All this activity takes place, for the most part, in one giant scene. But the noise of
the party starts to sound distant, and your boat passes an old graveyard with two slow-moving fellows sharing a jug of corn whisky, whispering unintelligibly to each other, and you reach a fork in the river.

Sheriff Billy Bob is standing there beside his old car telling you the way out, advice which you absolutely don't take.


Your boat passes signs that say Monster Swamp--Humans will be eaten. As Billy Bob pleads with you to "don't go that way!", your boat crashes down a hill and you see the remains of several other humans whose wrecked and destroyed boat gives a vision of things to come. Giant, large, menacing, mean-looking monsters point you out and descend upon your party. They hassle your boat as it winds through the blacklight swamp
as the denizens groan and roar from all sides. Suddenly, a blast from a Civil War cannon drives off the hoards, and there's Sheriff Billy Bob scolding you for going through the Marsh. You pass a monster band
and Mizzy Scarlet is bidding you a farewell and you head toward the door. Once you are in the darkness again, a giant monster face lights up and the boat goes right into his mouth.

The Monster Plantation, which replaced Tales From The Okeefenokee in about 1980, is a well themed, ride with great production value, and it fits the vibe of the park perfectly. Since it was made in the earliest of the 80's, it still has a Punky Brewster look to it with all the rainbow colors, and it is beginning to show it's age. One thing I like about it is that it is not a part of a franchise--all the characters are proprietary to Six Flags Over Georgia. That is a rare thing now, with every rollercoaster having to be force-fitted with a super hero or Cartoon Network theme these days. I remember when it used to have more Confederate flags strewn around the ride, giving it
more of a faded Civil War feel.

Also it is interesting to see the large scale sets instead of scene after scene of individual gags. I give it a 85%

- Kingpower Cinema


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