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Realtime Raytracing

Holomatix Rendition is a raytracing renderer, designed to make life easier for 3D artists. It is compatible with mental ray scenes and shaders, for 3D scenes developed in Maya, 3ds Max and XSI. Rendition dynamically refines the rendered image, providing a lot of useful, immediate feedback, and converging to a final, production quality rendered image.

At Rendition's core is a very fast raytracer, which can typically produce an identical, production quality image 7 times faster than mental ray.

However, this is only half the story. Rather than producing an image block by block,  Rendition is constantly refining it's output image, concentrating on areas that have the most detail first - this enables an artist to get a very good idea of how their scene will look in the end, within a few seconds of starting the render. This is demonstrated in the video below - as the viewpoint rotates, the image is updated, and rapidly refined.

Realtime Raytracing with Holomatix Rendition  

Rendering on AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ (2.2Ghz) 2GB Windows XP

The video above demonstrates Rendition raytracing a scene, using many features available within mental ray - notably procedural textures, blurry reflections, bump maps and refractions.

As the viewpoint is moved, the raytraced view updates in real time, and when it stops, the image is refined until final production quality is reached. This feature is compatible with changing all aspects of a scene. Here are video examples of changing shader parameters , area lights and global illumination , using Rendition's Maya plug-in  to immediately see the effects of the changes you make to your scene automatically.

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