Madison Hubbell
February 24, 1991
Lansing, Mich.
5' 7"
Toledo, Ohio
Detroit SC, Inc.
Keiffer Hubbell
January 15, 1989
Lansing, Mich.
6' 0"
Sylvania, Ohio
Detroit SC, Inc.
Pasquale Camerlengo, Angelika Krylova, Elizabeth Swallow, Natalia Deller
Pasquale Camerlengo, Angelika Krylova
The Hubbells announced the end of their partnership in May 2011.

Madison and Keiffer are a brother-and-sister team ... They are the 2008 U.S. junior champions and 2006 Junior Grand Prix (JGP) Final champions ... Finished second at the 2008 JGP Final ... Also won U.S. titles at the juvenile (2003) and intermediate (2004) levels ... Captured the bronze at the 2010 Four Continents Championships ... Switched coaches following the 2009-10 season, moving from Yuri Chesnichenko and Yaroslava Nechaeva in Ann Arbor, Mich., to Pasquale Camerlengo, Angelika Krylova, Liz Swallow and Natalia Deller in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Madison started to skate at age 5 because she wanted to grow up to be just like Kristi Yamaguchi... Participated in the Basic Skills Program in 1996 ... Biggest influence in her life is Kristi Yamaguchi ... If she weren't a skater, she'd want to be a tennis player ... Enjoys crafts, baking, gardening, swimming, biking and playing tennis ... Has a passion for animals ... People would be surprised to learn that she is clumsy everywhere but the ice - "I am always the person who walks away with bumps and bruises." ... Considers herself a homebody - "I will choose to stay home with family and close friends over going out every time." ... Has overcome a broken foot and appendicitis ... Would love to have dinner with Stephen Colbert ... Biggest life-defining moment was the day she watched Kristi Yamaguchi and decided she wanted to be a figure skater ... Wants to try rock climbing after she's done competing ... Would like to meet Shawn White - "He is a great example of someone who really enjoys their sport. He excels because he has fun, and not the other way around."

Favorite sports figure: Tatiana Navka
Favorite sports team: University of Illinois women's wheelchair basketball team
Favorite city: Okemos, Mich.
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite author: Steig Larsson
Favorite books: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "The Girl Who Played with Fire," "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"
Favorite magazine: Veranda
Favorite gadget: iPhone
Favorite vacation she's taken: St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Favorite TV shows: Any HBO or Showtime original series
Favorite TV characters: Cast from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Favorite reality show: So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite concert she's attended: Keith Urban and Taylor Swift
Favorite foods: Sushi (especially eel roll and spicy tuna roll)
Favorite drinks: Perrier, LaCroix
Favorite websites:,,
Favorite place to which she's traveled for skating: Cape Town, South Africa ("The scenery and culture is very different, and the country is beautiful.")
Favorite quote: "I don't know what better teenage life you could get than going around the world doing what you love to do." - Anna Kournikova

Keiffer began to skate at age 9 after he quit gymnastics; Madison was already skating at the time ... Co-owns Lucid Propagations (, a business that aquacultures coral for reef aquariums ... Donates 1 percent of its profits to the Toledo Zoo ... Enjoys playing Warhammer ... Has an interest in herpetology (the study of reptiles), reef aquariums, fish coral and animals in general ... After skating, he would like to obtain a master's degree in marine biology or herpetology and build his business into a large aquaculture facility ... Tore muscles in his hip and back, preventing the team from competing in the 2007 JGP Series ... Listens to mostly rap and hip hop.

Favorite sports figure: Tiger Woods
Favorite city: Chicago
Favorite seasons: Spring, summer
Favorite author: Ernest Hemingway
Favorite magazines: Reptiles Magazine, Coral Magazine, Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Favorite gadget: Computer
Favorite vacation: Anywhere I can scuba dive
Favorite drinks: Water, root beer
Favorite city to which he's traveled for skating: Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2011 Season Notes
    SD Music: Music from the Addams Family Values soundtrack
    FD Music: Medley of songs by Yello and Art of Noise

    Costumes designed by Lenique Dancewear ... Goals are to finish in the top three at the U.S. Championships and in the top 10 at the World Championships

    Took the pewter at the 2011 U.S. Championships, their first U.S. medal at the senior level
  • 2010 Season Notes
    OD Music: "Bukovinskyy Dance" and "Dibrovchanka" performed by Folk Song & Dance Ensemble Suzirya
    FD Music: "American Woman" by The Guess Who, and "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" and "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz

    Costumes designed by Susan Hubbell

    Won the bronze at the 2010 Four Continents Championships
  • 2009 Season Notes
    OD Music: "Minnie the Moocher" by Bid Bad Voodoo Daddy
    FD Music: "Sognami" by Damiano and Gianluca Nincheri

    Costumes designed by Susan Hubbell

    Captured the gold at both of their Junior Grand Prix events (Mexico, South Africa) and finished second at the JGP Final ... Placed fourth at the U.S. Championships in their debut as seniors.
  • 2008 Season Notes
    OD Music: German Polka and Yodel
    FD Music: "Hope" by Apocalyptica Cult

    Costumes designed by Susan Hubbell and Brooke Huber

    Withdrew from their Junior Grand Prix events because of an injury to Keiffer ... Won the U.S. junior title.
  • 2007 Season Notes
    OD Music: Tango
    FD Music: "Canto Alla Vita" by Josh Groban

    Won gold and silver at their two Junior Grand Prix assignments (Netherlands, France) and captured the title at the JGP Final ... Placed second as juniors at the U.S. championships.
  • 2006 Season Notes
    FD Music: Modern Tango

    Placed second in novice at the U.S. Championships.
  • 2005 Season Notes
    FD Music: "Canto Alla Vita" by Josh Groban
  • 2004 Season Notes
    FD Music: "Espinado" by Santana

    Captured the gold medal as intermediates at the U.S. Junior Championships.
  • 2003 Season Notes
    FD Music: "Alegria" from Cirque Du Soleil

    Won the U.S. juvenile title.
    2011 - U.S. Championships - 4th
    2010 - Rostelecom Cup - WD
    2010 - Cup of China - 6th
    2010 - Four Continents Championships - 3rd
    2010 - U.S. Championships - 6th
    2009 - Skate Canada - 6th
    2009 - Trophee Eric Bompard - 8th
    2009 - World Junior Championships - 4th
    2009 - U.S. Championships - 4th
    2008 - Junior Grand Prix Final - 2nd
    2008 - Junior Grand Prix (South Africa) - 1st
    2008 - Junior Grand Prix (Mexico) - 1st
    2008 - World Junior Championships - 5th
    2008 - U.S. Championships, Junior - 1st
    2008 - Midwestern Sectional, Junior - 1st
    2007 - World Junior Championships - 6th
    2007 - U.S. Championships, Junior - 2nd
    2006 - Junior Grand Prix Final - 1st
    2006 - Junior Grand Prix (Netherlands) - 1st
    2006 - Junior Grand Prix (France) - 2nd
    2006 - U.S. Championships, Novice - 2nd
    2006 - Midwestern Sectional, Novice - 1st
    2005 - Estonia International Dance Competition, Novice - 1st
    2005 - U.S. Championships, Novice - 5th
    2005 - Midwestern Sectional, Novice - 2nd
    2005 - Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Novice - 1st
    2004 - U.S. Junior Championships, Intermediate - 1st
    2004 - Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Intermediate - 1st
    2003 - U.S. Junior Championships, Juvenile - 1st
    2003 - Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Juvenile - 1st
    2002 - U.S. Junior Championships, Juvenile - 7th
    2002 - Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Juvenile - 1st
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