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Thanks for your interest in Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale.

The box (shown above) has been sold to a private collector.  Read on for a bit of history on this interesting and historical find, and see what all the fuss was about!

Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale was originally planned as an add-on sequel to Ultima VIII (a computer role playing adventure game).  Websites have  suggested that the add-on was finished and ready to be released, but was scrapped due to poor sales of Ultima VIII.  Until the discovery of this box there was no evidence of this games existence except for a few in-game screenshots that were released.

Due to many requests we have a more legible scan of the text from the back of the box (Shown at Left).  At the purchasers request we have shrunk the resolution of the scans to prevent counterfeiting the box.

One interesting note,  I have been told that even many of the developers of the actual game itself had never seen this box until we unearthed it.  This box truly was the ‘holy grail’ for the avid collector!

We were recently mentioned on the Ultima page on Wikipedia.

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