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ImageForge PRO

Whether you want to retouch photos, produce art for your web pages, or simply explore your creative side, ImageForge PRO gives you a complete digital art studio at a fraction of the cost of other image editing or paint programs. Access high-end features such as support for pressure-sensitive drawing tablets, ability to merge images, animation, web art tools, 3D text and other shapes, natural brush effects such as watercolors and oil paint, slide show and screen saver generation, and much, much more...

Also supports scanners, cameras, and other TWAIN-compliant devices.

A bargain at only $28.95 USD.

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ImageForge GOLD

Convert images from one format to another, acquire images from scanners and digital cameras, Create and manipulate image layers, Merge images using different effect filters and transparency, create 3D titles and shapes, remove red-eye and other imperfections from photos, apply special effects filters, use custom brushes and natural media (watercolors, oil paint, etc.), produce your own animations (.GIF, .AVI, etc.), make your own web art and screen savers, and much more...

Contains all the features of ImageForge Pro plus much more.

A bargain at only $37.95 USD.

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One of the top, all-around icon and cursor editing suites, IconForge packs everything you will need for creating high-quality Windows icons, cursors, web site icons, and animated icons or cursors. Deceptively simple to use, IconForge packs the power you need to import existing images, capture and edit icons from your desktop, alter icons inside program files, repair corrupted system icons, extract icons from existing files containing icons, create program icons, and more.

You can even have some fun with features which allow you to use animated icons on your desktop, change the default Windows system icons and cursors, or create libraries of your own mini-masterpieces for distribution to others.

Complete icon workshop: just $37.95 USD.

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ImageForge Master Edition

This bundle contains several programs:

  • ImageForge GOLD,
  • a full copy of IconForge,
  • plus the Master Tools suite of utilities for batch processing images, creating banners and buttons, desktop web links, and more.

Get it all for only $77.95 USD.

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SecurDesk! LV

Create your own powerful desktop environment, complete with such features as: multiple animated icons, sound, buttons, wallpaper, images, text, and other elements. SecurDesk! LV completely replaces the default Windows desktop with a custom desktop of your own design. You can spread icons across multiple password-protected screen pages so you have much more room to arrange your shortcuts. Other features include task scheduling, scripts, run programs or scripts at startup and/or shutdown, virtual desktop spaces, and much more...

SecurDesk! LV is the ideal replacement for those who need to prevent Windows or users from rearranging the desktop, for those who wish to create their own simpler desktop interface, and for power-users who want more control over their systems.

Revamp your desktop: Only $44.95 USD.

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Whether you are responsible for multiple computers in a corporate office, or just need a way to keep your children from tampering with your accounting files, SecurDesk! offers many options which may be used alone, or in conjunction with other security measures, to control access to important materials, to hide confusing and irrelevant items from selected users, to simplify training tasks, etc. SecurDesk! is a complete replacement for the Windows default Explorer.exe desktop/file manager shell.

Features Include: Usage logging; Enhanced file management with optional restrictions; Data protection with auto-encryption; Locally verified Login; Scheduled actions; Prevent Ctrl+Alt+Del and other key combos; Log off users after a specified period; limit usage days and times; expire user permissions; and much more...

Secure your system for only $199.95 USD.

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If you've ever been frustrated by the limitations of the standard Windows Explorer file manager, then FileWrangler may be the answer for you. File management made easy enough for everyday tasks, yet with powerful features for advanced users. You can display multiple file listing windows at once, print or save file lists, view file contents, configure how files are listed, create lists of favorites, rename or re-date groups of files (including both file creation and file modified dates), access recently used folders with a click of the mouse, create and view Zip, CAB and encrypted LOK compressed archives, use the integrated FTP client for copying to the internet, and much more...

File management perfection: only $28.95 USD.

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Publisher: CursorArts Company
Platforms: All 32-bit Windows
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