Bravo Mister Cryer

Photo from Two & Half Men
There's a word that gets tossed around far too often nowadays, but with Two and a Half Men what we are privileged, no -- honored -- no -- privileged and honored to witness is GENIUS. I mean, do you hear that audience? Those aren't just laughs you hear, no... those are... titters, giggles, guffaws, cackles, chuckles, chortles, sniggers, snorts -- indeed the whole spectrum of merriment and mirth. This is no ordinary performance! Can I tell you? Watching this episode, I felt like a proud papa. Proud of you, Mister Cryer. Bravo.

Fearless -- that's what you are!

Photo from Two & Half Men
Fearless. You, the writers of Two and a Half Men -- that's what you are! You are never afraid to go right at something -- an emotion, a reaction, a joke even -- no matter how obvious it is. That kind of fearlessness? It's where greatness lives! Or, at least, it knows where to pick up Greatness' mail.
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