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Art & Illustration

Since 1977, I have illustrated a variety of different projects for many different publishers. I've painted covers, illustrated interiors, rendered game boards, drawn maps, made playing pieces, art directed, and desktop published many projects. I have illustrated magazine articles, drawn editorial cartoons, comic strips, calendars, T-shirts and advertising art. The following are a few that I'm most pleased to say I worked on:


Game Projects

GOBLINZ! (TSR, Inc., Un-released) Cover artist, game/name & logo designer, character designer, game board and game piece illustrator for this mass-market juvenile board game.

MARVEL SUPER DICE (Wizards of the Coast, Inc., 1997) Dice illustration and design for this game based on Marvel Comics characters. Also created dice icon art for two additional un-released expansions.

ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS LINE ARTIST (TSR, Inc., 1996-97) Designed and painted cover art for game and book products in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game line. Of these, I’m most happy with the covers for The Sea Devils and The Silver Key.

DRAGON DICE LINE ARTIST (TSR, Inc. 1995-96) Designed the cover illustrations for all the Dragon Dice expansion game boxes that contained new dice. Painted several covers and created the dice icon designs for most of dice expansion sets. The covers for the Battle Box and The Feral are the best from this assignment.

MYSTARA GAME WORLD LINE ARTIST (TSR, Inc. 1993-1994) Designed and painted cover illustrations for game and book products in the Mystara game world line that would appear in 1994-1995.

DRAGON MOUNTAIN (TSR, Inc. 1993) Cover painting. Adventure was winner of 1994 Origins Award for best game adventure. Illustration also appears on box of licensed miniatures from Ral Partha, a Spellfire card, the Battle Box game board and in two 1995 calendars.

CITYBOOK IV-VI (Flying Buffalo) Packaged for publication, including art direction, cover paintings, maps and book production and sourcing all editorial content.

TRAVELLER ADVENTURERS CARDBOARD HEROES (Steve Jackson Games, 1981) 15mm color cardboard “miniatures”.

RUNEQUEST MINIATURE FIGURES (Martian Metals, 1981-82) sculpted 25 mm figures that were cast in Lead. Most were monsters based on Chaosium’s Glorantha game world.

CULTS OF TERROR (Chaosium, 1981) Wrap-around color cover and B&W interior illos (Contributing author to book).

GRIFFIN MOUNTAIN (Chaosium,1981) Color cover and B&W interior illustrations (Co-authored source book & adventures).

DEITIES & DEMIGODS (TSR, 1980) B&W illustrations for Newhon mythos (based on the stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber).

BOOK OF TREASURE MAPS I (Gudges Guild,1979) Three-color cover and B&W illustrations (Authored adventure).

CHITIN 1: HARVEST WARS (Metagaming, 1977 & 1978) My first game illustration assignment. Color cover and B&W interior and game counter illustrations. First edition cover art done for reproduction in two colors.


FAITH 'N STUFF (1990-1993) Color Illustrations, logos, calendars and game pages for this children's magazine published by Guideposts.

AMAZING STORIES (1986-89 & 1993) Science Fiction magazine. Painted March 1988 cover.

DRAGON (1976-94) Game magazine. Numerous covers, B&W and color interior illustrations, beginning with issue #1.

DUNGEON (1987-95) Game magazine. B&W illustrations and eight color covers.

THE DUNGEONEER (1976-80) Game magazine. Numerous color covers and interior illustrations, B&W illustrations and four-color art separations.

JACKSON CITIZEN PATRIOT (1980) Daily newspaper. Editorial cartoons & illustrations, special section covers and hand-separated four-color art.

Miscellaneous Work

My non-game freelance work was extremely varied, including illustrations for child safety coloring books, Christmas murals painted on glass windows, concept work for a Laser Tag style entertainment center, t-shirt designs, and conventional promotional and advertising art work.

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