Renewed hopes for Albacete Balompié

Since last July, Antonio Calderon, born in Cadiz in 1967, is the new coach’s first team Albacete Balompié during the 2010/2011 season with an option for one more, replacing David Vidal.

Although the technician knew the Andalusian city of his time as a player, it is now really starting to feel the pulse of Albacete, highlighting the reception has been far from the Club and its citizens. “I am delighted with the city because it has a perfect size and I think it is perfect for my family and me,” he added.

Although Antonio Calderon had several offers on the table this year, as the Salamanca and renewal with the Society Sports Huesca, opted for the offer of Albacete Balompié “for its history, its facilities and potential, without forgetting that is a team with a lot of slab, now directed by leaders who have previously been in the football elite. “

The new coach manchego noted that “you can not stay long on the same computer, because you end encasillándote” so that after leading over the last two seasons at SD Huesca, did not think twice when receiving the proposal of Alba.

Calderon made his debut as coach at Raith Rovers, the team where he finished his career as player

In the summer of 2002, age 35, Antonio Calderón becomes part of the discipline of Raith Rovers, the team that ended his time as a player where he debuted as a coach, even to reconcile the two professions, playing the role of “player-coach.” “Something a bit premature, perhaps because I had to play and train at a time, but as experience was great because the coach is also Scotland manager, having the opportunity to deal with the signings and planning the season,” he said. An important stage in his career, considering he got a historic promotion to the Scottish First Division.

After passing through the land of Britain, Calderon returned to his native Cádiz to lead the subsidiary yellow. Set that managed to save the descent into Regional.

In the summer of 2007, was again in front of the lower categories but before the competition, Antonio Calderón debut as coach of the first team, specifically in the eighth round against Poli Ejido. The team was losing positions until he finally was stopped after 24 weeks in office. A dismissal that did not help much, considering that Cadiz was aimed at his descent, this time from the hand of Albacete technical Julian Rubio.

In the summer of 2008, Antonio Calderón becomes the coach of the Sports Society Huesca.

After two successful seasons on the bench Aragonese, Andalusian technician arrives at Albacete Balompié to train the first team during the 2010-2011 season with an option for one more. “A team consolidated in the Second Division, historical, not long ago that was at first”, as noted.

Stability and permanence

Regarding the challenges facing the Calderón this new professional in front of Albacete Balompié, Andalusian coach noted that “my main goal is to provide stability to the team and get a comfortable position.” Something certainly important, considering that last season went through the white bench up to three coaches: , Julian Rubio and David Vidal. A situation that, in his opinion, unsettled the players, putting the team on the threshold of decline.

For this reason, another of his major goals is to get the Albacete Balompié is maintained in the second division once the season, but neither would care to take the team to first for the third time in the 70 year history of the Club. A difficult dream to fulfill, but not impossible, depend on the ability of the workforce.


Antonio Calderon is satisfied with the work done by the team during the preseason Albacete Balompié, highlighting the willingness of players and youth players during practice and games.

In this regard, stated that they have all the stops to combine the team and, except for a couple of problems with viral and some discomfort, players are now in perfect shape, without having produced any serious injury.

The new team of Albacete Balompié

In relation to the new first team Albacete Balompié for the 2010/2011 season, Antonio Calderon was happy with the signings made so far, highlighting the addition of 18 new players to the bench all white, of the 25 that make up manchego team.

An important figure, considering the complicated situation that is now the Club. In this sense, the technician Andalusian noted that “economically is blaming the severity of the crisis, a budget that has conditioned us to the time of making the squad.”

In this situation, has inevitably had to rely on players from the youth ranks at Albacete Balompié to form the new team. “A quarry that story is well formed and is working well to improve as soon as possible and be useful to us,” he added.

Despite economic constraints, Calderon noted that “as far as possible, we have almost all players for each position we wanted.”

In this sense, are released as gatekeepers, Keylor Navas Gamboa, from Deportivo Saprissa, Miguel Martínez de Corta, after passing through Huesca Sports Society, and Venezuelan Luis Eduardo Arellano, after leaving Tenerife B.

Among the newcomers to the bench defenses of Albacete Balompié, highlight the additions of five players: the Colombian José Julián de la Cuesta and Dani Fragoso, both from the Cadiz, Rafael Carlos Santacruz of Conquense, Ivan Zubiaurre loan from Athletic Bilbao and Antonio Sanchez “Toni”, on loan from Real Betis B.

They remain in Albacete Balompié as defenses, Tarantino and Kike, in its third and fifth season in the club, respectively.

In relation to the midfielders, four new signings include: Alan Baró, from the Osasuna B, Carlos Tornero López De Lerma, after passing through Ceuta, Jorge Pina Roldan of the Levant, and Pedro Santa Cecilia, the former Sporting, last signing made by Alba.

In addition, the Club has had for this position with the squad Sumy, “Verza”, , Sousa, Miguel Angel Guerrero and Miguel Nunez.

Of the six forwards who complete the new white team’s roster, five are new additions: Asensio Jaime de la Fuente “Asen”, from Cordoba, Francisco Javier Amado, of Ceuta, Nelson Rafael Cuevas, from the Olimpia de Asunción, Jesus Rodriguez “Tato,” the FC Cartagena and Kandola, Leeds United.

The sixth is Alfredo Ortuño front, from the Juvenile Division of Honour and Albacete B, in his seventh season at the club.

Undoubtedly, a large number of signings, as pointed Calderón, has the disadvantage of having to work twice as hard for players to meet and automate movement, “and in that sense, we start with a disadvantage,” he added.

Among the players who has not had the club for this season are Alley, Altobelli, Merino, Fernando Sales, Save, William Roldan Belencoso, Pereira, Bizer, Fajardo, White, Notorious, Lopez Ramos and Pablo Gil.

Keys to victory

In relation to the concepts Antonio Calderon wants to instill among the players stated that “I like the team to be aggressive, have a good first line of pressure, which is able to replicate it when you lose the ball and not give options counterattack, taking offensive combination play opportunities and play deeper. “

For technical Andalusian, the fact of having been a footballer before coach “helps you understand the players and gives you experience to deal with situations.” In this regard, stated that “after so many years as a professional, you learn to keep a cool head, analyze the situation, correct any mistakes and move forward.”

When defined as a coach, Calderon believes that “I am a quiet person, ambitious and demanding.”

The technician would like to continue training Andalusian Albacete Balompié to reap the fruits sown, however, has signed for one season, with an option for another. “I asked for two years, but eventually conditioned my stay at the club that the team remains among the top ten at the end of the competition,” he said.

Message to the fans

Antonio Calderon, as the new coach of Albacete Balompié, ended the interview by throwing a message to the fans Albacete, encouraging him to continue supporting his team in both good and bad moments, because He said: “ultimately, this is a feeling and depends on everyone. We will work for them and tucked us hope, because if everyone contributes their bit, Albacete Balompié will become stronger every day. “

The Andalusian played professional technician for 19 seasons in Division One and Two

For 19 seasons, Antonio Calderon was a professional player in the left lateral position, both in teams of First and Second Division, beginning his sports career in his native Cádiz.

Formed in the lower categories of yellow team, went to the first team in the season 1986/1987 cadista. After three seasons in the First Division, is transferred to Mallorca in 1989, also in the top flight. The following year, falls of the alignments and the team did not renew the contract.

Their next destination would be Vallecas, Rayo Vallecano, his first season coinciding with the rise of the assembly to First Division. Thus, Calderon was in the Lightning for five seasons, playing first for three of them (92/93, 93/94 and 95/96), and two in Second Division (91/92 and 94/95).

In 1996, following the demotion of Rayo Vallecano, became part of Lleida for four seasons, all at second.

From the 2001/2002 season, Antonio Calderón teams started playing in Scottish First Division, joining first the Airdrieonians then by Kilmarnock.

In the next and final season as a player Cadiz, was on the bench of Raith Rovers, the team where he hung his boots and definitely the one who started his coaching debut.