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Special Projects

Centibots 100-Robot Collaborative Reconnaissance Project

SRI Primary Contractor / MobileRobots Inc. Subcontractor

DARPA Software for Distributed Robotics Program

In 2004, SRI's Aritificial Intelligence Center Centibots team employed 100 MobileRobots robots -- 20 Pioneer 3-AT's and 80 modified AmigoBots -- in collaborative systems for reconnaissance mapping.


MobileRobots Inc. Independence-Enhancing Wheelchair (IEW)

User interaction with computer on wheelchairNIH SBIR 2 R44 HD041781-02 PI: Dr. William P. Kennedy

MobileRobots Inc, in conjunction with Crotched Mountain Rehabiliatation Center, Greenfield, NH built and tested a wheelchair that can be operated successfully by anyone able to interface with a personal computer. Three customizable levels of autonomy provide assistance to users with different abilities safely and on demand with redundant sensing envelopes backed by protective software layers.