Canada’s History: Colbert Nation Insta-meme 

Module by Matthew Stringer   
February 4th, 2010    2 Comments »     [+] Share     

During Tonight’s Colbert Report, host and Real American Hero™ Stephen Colbert called upon his Nation of followers to flood Urban Dictionary with the true definition of the term “Canada’s History”.

You see, nearly 100-yr-old vaunted Canadian cultural and historical periodical, “The Beaver”, was recently forced to change its name because of popular euphemisms which I won’t bother attempting to explain here, because if you don’t know you’ve been living under a rock or you’re over 55.

So, to correct this injustice and teach Canadian’s to never back down in the face of silly double entendres, Stephen posited what will forever be the magazine’s lament – the absolute truest definition of the term “Canada’s History” as it stands in Real America.

“Canada’s history: A depraved American sexual act involving moose antlers, maple syrup, and the Stanley Cup.”

Colbert added:

“Most Canadian’s don’t know that here in American, the term “Canada’s History” is a euphemism for a sex act so depraved one can’t describe it on TV.”

Then he issued one of his famous Colbert Challenges, telling the Nation to get on Urban Dictionary and ensure the magazine’s title will regain double entendre status, and forever be known as a term so reprehensible it can’t be uttered around decent folk and grandparents alike!

Way to go, Colbert! Inviting an international lawsuit? Perhaps; not much of a legal scholar and don’t know how that would work, though… Creating an insta-meme (and by meme, I mean Internet meme)… DONE AND DONE. This is what really fascinates me about the man’s influence on Web culture.

I hope to cover more on the subject of spontaneous memetics soon.

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  • Alex Clark

    I can’t figure out what to write on Urban Dictionary! Help me out!

  • Charade

    I had a go. We’ll see if it gets published.

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