06-10-07 | Perth (Australia) Review
by Jim

Apart from the crap venue....(Perth is renowned for crap venues - bar outdoor events in Summer), the gig itself was superb. The dodgy acoustics of the venue was made up by GNR for raw power, aggression & pure rock.
Rose Tattoo started early but considering there all pushing their 60's I didn't care missing them...rocked up around 9.30pm...Sebastian Bach & band were on, & although not a big fan of of the ol' Skid Row, Sebastian Bach is certainly a great entertainer & tried to get the crowd fired up...finished off with "I Remember You" & "Youth Gone Wild". He is a big presecnce on stage.
About 11.10pm, Gunners kicked off to Bumblefoot's "Welcome To the Jungle" teaser guitar line...repeated 3 times with pauses...until Axl cracks out the well known line "You know where the fuck you are"...& you all know the rest. Set list as follows;
01. Welcome to the Jungle
Rockin' start, great light show, the 4 guitarists give the stage HUGE prescence. Crowd went ballistic
02. It's So Easy
My favourite track
03. Mr. Brownstone
Another rockin' version, Acl doing his usual stance & singing with great gusto
04. Live and Let Die
Not a big fan of this version on cd, but was brilliant live. Light show set off balls of fire with Frank on drums superb. One of the tracks of the night without a doubt.
05. Robin Finck Solo
Wearing some dodgy knee length white boots, but if you cut of his head, you could almost picture Slash right there...very similar styles, very similar stances etc
06. Sweet Child O' Mine
Simplay put....a classic, Axl does well with high parts
07. Better (NEW)
Alot of the crowd did not know the new songs...they either haven't heard of downloading demo's from the net, or are still clinging onto hope of a "Chinese Democracy"release prior to Christmas. A rocking version, had the crowd accepting the new stuff about 1/2 way thru this song
08. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Cracked out the 10 minute version, with crowd participation at it's highest, a reggae interlude & Axl at his charasmatic best
09. You Could Be Mine
5 massive video screens crack out drag racing smashes behind the band as they rock out to the Terminator II classic
10. Dizzy Reed Solo
Definite highlight...Dizzy is awesome pianist...involved about 1/2 of the Rolling Stones "Angie" in his solo...brilliant
11. The Blues (NEW)
Tearjerker brought to life...great intro by Dizzy
12. Richard Fortus/Robin Finck Solo
Definitely an Izzy Stradlin look-a-like....superb solo...best of the night
13. Out Ta Get Me
Gunners in full swing now, crowd certainly getting money's worth
14. November Rain
Axl sits down to piano in middle of stage, whilst all othr musicians go up onto top deck with Frank.....pure stadium rock ballad....brilliant. Crowd voice is massive, but Axl's voice carries them.
15. I.R.S. (NEW)
Guitars take over the lyrics a bit in this version, but Axl certainly looks like he's enjoying the gig
16. Bumblefoot Solo which included Don't Cry version in his solo
Bumblefoot fingers are all over a 5 minute solo, busting out 1/2 of "Don't Cry" in guitar solo magic...the band obviously running out of time to play full song?
17. My Michelle
Axl welcomes on stage, Sebastian Bach & together they rock out a superlative version of My Michelle, with Bach's almost gutteral tones combining brilliantly for a version never to be forgotten by fans at the venue.
18. Patience
Crowd favourite....lighters out
19. Liquor & Hoares
In a comedy sidenote, Axl gives the crowd a story about last weeks gig in Mexico where this guy goes back stage to introduce to some secret tequilla, which he said 3 of them devoured 3 bottles of in 3 hours or something similar....which basically "fucked him up"....then this guy comes on stage who liked like a mix between Jack Black & Elton John on speed...think they said he was Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys? Anyway he rocks out a country blues track called Liquor & Hoares...with Axl giving backing vocals.....funny sidenote, but couldn't understand the significance of it....either way Axl seemed to be a hving a great time with it...& it gave the crowd an extra song, so nobody cared.
20. Nightrain
The crowd obviously knew the gig was coming to an end, & pretty much everyone in the place were on their feet to this version. Superb
21. Paradise City (encore)
Unbelievable ending...the band were awesome for the final encore song...the classic "Paradise City"....red ticker tape was unloaded into the crowd during the last verse. Axl throws his red mike into the crowd!
2 minutes after the song the band returned for a rockin' bow to the fans, with Axl scrounching around to find anotehr mike...he states that he's been in trouble sometimes saying to crowds that they've been brilliant in the past, when he didn't mean it..."but tonight was fucking awesome, truly enjoyed it & the fans here rocked out, we'll be seeing you again" (or similar? :). Gig finished at 1.15am.....
Would have been around 15,000-17,000 people there at a guess...sold out....great concert...hope they return every year, but I doubt I'll see them again knowing Axl?.....maybe I'm wrong?




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