seimens - caseQt helped Siemens deliver a C++ development platform for manufacturing software GUIs. 

The Challenge

The development team at Siemens AG was tasked with designing a new GUI for the software that controls part of its manufacturing assembly line, SIPLACE Station. The new design had to meet strict criteria: it had to make the software easy to learn and use and it had to enable user input via touch screen with keyboard and trackball as options. Additionally, the software tools and dialogs had to be delivered separately from the main application. Not only that, the existing GUI had to be supported and extended throughout update. The job was made more challenging by the fact that, while the development team had C++ experience, it had little GUI experience.

The Solution

The team attended a one week course as an introduction to Qt. After only one week, they were proficient enough to implement some of the over 250 dialogs that would be needed. Soon, all of the criteria were being met with developers leveraging Qt’s Plug-In concept and its Qt Styles to get the desired functionality as well as the updated user interface look and feel. The resulting design so user friendly that manufacturing line operators can use the software without having to be trained.

The Value

The easy-to-use GUI delivered increased satisfaction and the ease of development saved time, resources and cost. At the same time, Siemens felt that Qt's licensing structure was simple and restriction-free and along with Qt Support, developers were able to do their job better and faster.


Siemens AG Developer on Qt

"Without Qt, we would have had to double the development staff to support our Mac users. Now we develop it once and deploy on both platforms. It really has made developing DAZ Studio much easier and broadened our customer base. Without Qt it probably would have been prohibitive to support the Mac platform.” Jose Carlos Arcas, Lead Developer, Siemens AG Automation & Drives EA



Siemens AG Screenshots

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