Sesame Sprinkles (Gomashio)

In Japanese, “goma” means “sesame” and “shio” means “salt”. Gomashio has been used in their cuisine for centuries. Traditional Gomashio (Sesame Sprinkles) tastes great on any food that you would salt, such as avocados!It is as common in Japanese households to find Gomashio on the meal table, as it is to find a salt shaker on the table in western homes. It comes in three popular flavours:

Traditional Gomashio

This is a time-honoured recipe – simply roasted and ground sesame seed with salt.

It has the highest concentration of salt in the salt-to-sesame seed ratio. Use as a condiment anywhere you would typically use salt – on rice or other cooked grains, eggs etc.

Sea Vegetable Sesame Sprinkles

The same recipe as Traditional Gomashio plus added flavour and nutrition from kelp and dulse, with a dash of tamari soy sauce. It has less salt than the Traditional Gomashio.

Sprinkle on cooked grains, potatoes, popcorn, eggs, rice, salads – anywhere you would use salt but want some extra flavour.

Salt-Free Sea Vegetable Sesame Sprinkles

Organic, unhulled, sesame seed roasted with dulse and kelp and a little dash of soy sauce. No salt is added. People on a salt-reduced diet love it for the extra flavour it gives to rice, potatoes, salads, veggies etc. It is also wonderful on fruit salads, puddings, and ice cream.


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