Horsehair Art
by Margaret Ann Pense,
"Trail Boss" at End of the
           Horsehair hitching is an art form traced to the Spanish Conquistadors through
the Spanish Vaquero and North American Buckaroo.  Tail or mane hair is twisted into "pulls"
or "strands" containing 6 or 10 hairs.  The "pulls" are then hitched over string in a series
of "half hitches".  As the string is turned around a rod or "core" each new round is held
secure with another series of half hitches.  Patterns are made with contrasting hairs or a
variation in hitches.  As you can imagine, hitching is time consuming and requires hours of
focus and intent.
           Bracelets are hitched around a copper core, so they are slightly adjustable.  
Silver tips are created by Nevada artist Steve Feasel.  So, bring out the buckaroo in you
with a piece of wearable Western art!
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           Margaret Ann was honored as one of the Top Ten
Hitchers by the American Academy of Western Artists in 1998.
           She has been a featured artist at numerous exhibitions
throughout the West, including "Women's Work ~ Gear and
Photography by Western Women" and "Braided, Twisted, Tied" at
the Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada; "Trappings of Texas" at
the Museum of the Big Bend in Alpine, Texas; and "I See By Your
Outfit You Are A Cowboy" at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and
Humanities in Ketchum, Idaho.
Custom Hitched Horsehair Bracelets

Page last updated on June 25, 2011
"O Mistress Mine"
Created for Kathy Corones (seen here as Miss Piggy) with
inspiration from music written by Colby Kegley.  Colby
surprised Kathy with this bracelet on her birthday.
Silver Tips by Steve Feasel
Margaret Ann is now hitching!
Check back soon for new bracelets.
Below are examples of her work.
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"All the Pretty Horses"
"Zig Zag"
"Happy Trails"
Hitched Horsehair and with 6-hair pulls.
Finished with Silver and Carnelian Tips
Wrist Size ~ 6" to 6 1/2"

Bracelets now available in Margaret Ann's Gallery
Prices include shipping and insurance.
Personal checks and PayPal are accepted.
"Sunrise Dance"
Hitched Horsehair made with
6-hair and`10-hair pulls.
Finished with Silver and Onyx Tips.
Wrist Size ~ 7" to 7 1/2"
"Diamond Bar"
"Snake Valley Sunrise"
"D Bar X"
Hitched Horsehair and with 6-hair pulls.
Finished with Silver and Moonstone Tips
Wrist Size ~ 6 1/2" to 7"
Honor your own
horse with a custom
hitched horsehair
bracelet from your
own horse's mane or
tail hair.  For more