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Heaven And Earth… And Other Stuff

59 CommentsAugust, 18 2009


Hey guys!
Hope this blog finds you well. I wanted to give you guys an update on the new record. First of all, I am super excited with how it’s turned out and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Above is what the cover is going to look like.

Here are the major things y’all need to know about the new record:

1. As you can see from the picture of the cover above, the title is “Heaven And Earth”

2. After much thought and deliberation the release date has been pushed back to NOVEMBER 17th. But, there will be a pre-sale thing we will be doing on this site that will allow you guys to hear some music before the actual release date, so stay tuned!!!

3. The 1st single off the record is called “Safe”. We chose this as the single because we feel that it’s message relates to many and never gets old. It speaks out to those that are hurting, those that are going through tough things. It’s a reminder that the God who brought sight to the blind and brought the lame to their feet is the same God who holds you in his arms today. It’s my sincere prayer that the simple message of this song would resonate in people’s hearts. I wrote it after a moving conversation I had with a man who told me his story. It was a story of God’s faithfulness during a struggling time. How God can turn things that seem so grim into things that give Him glory. Think of all those that Jesus healed and saved while he was on earth from great tragedy and sickness and even death. It gave people all the more reason to praise Him!

4. I am so honored that Bart Millard, who has become a good friend and is the lead singer of MercyMe, is a guest vocalist on the song “Safe”! This wasn’t planned, it just kind of happened and I’m thrilled with the result. In a way, Bart gave me my “start”, so to speak, when he believed enough in what the Lord was doing through my music to take me out on a MercyMe tour when I was just starting out. Now, three albums later, it was an amazing feeling to bring him into my sphere of things. I’m always amazed with how good that guy can sing!

5. As the next few weeks progress “Safe” will be presented to radio stations in hope that they might add it into their playlist of songs. These playlists are usually small and selective, and it helps A LOT when the stations are being contacted by local listeners who ask for a specific song. So when the time comes, I would ask whoever is willing to help out in that area, to call and request “Safe”…because it helps me very much to continue doing what I’m doing.

There will be more to come on all of this. But I just wanted to lay it all on the table for you guys. Thanks for reading, talk to you soon

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59 Responses to
“Heaven And Earth… And Other Stuff”

  1. Elijah

    Safe is an amazing song! first time i hear it, was so touched! will bring many people back to God

  2. [...] until it plays in my head independent of any listening device. Such has been the case with Phil Wickham’s latest release, Heaven & Earth. The opening song, Eden, poetically expresses a longing to return to a place of origin and beauty [...]

  3. Deb

    I love your song “Safe”, it is my new favorite song, it is a great reminder of where I need to place my trust and love.

  4. joanne

    i absolutely LOVE the song “safe”. can’t get enough of it!!!!!!

  5. Liza

    Hey Phil,
    Been a looooong time listener of you since you were 16. So, it’s Saturday and I’m working with the radio on in the background not paying attention to it, then all of a sudden I say to myself, “Hey that sounds like Phil”…..sure enough it was your song Safe which I was hearing for the first time. In November when this was released I was really going through a hard time, my father had end stage liver cancer. He went to Jesus just a few days before Christmas. This song really ministered to me this morning because it still feels like I lost him yesterday. Thanks Phil……going out to buy the cd today!

  6. Shaun Taft

    After 3 years with my boyfriend, he told me last Wednesday that even though he loves me very much he has a desire to date his co-worker. He actually was out with her that very night. I have been broken and suffering. Yet, today I heard Safe for the first time and KNEW that GOD is with me. He is holding my heart in his hands. I have printed out the lyrics and will continue to read them. Bless you for bringing me comfort, hope, peace, and a reminder of God’s promises.

  7. Paul Douglas

    Hey Phil…I am from India and am one of your major fans…started with cannons and went on to hear with what God has blessed you with…a talent to ignite peoples hearts with his word through your music…i happened to hear ‘Safe’ and ‘Heaven and Earth’ and felt that they were pretty awesome…keep up the Good work for the Lord and continue your good ministry so that his Glory will be Magnified Above All…God Bless…and Cheers…

  8. Sue

    Just came across this post today. Wanted to let you know I contacted our local radio station in the Fredericksburg, VA (Northern VA) area back in November to ask them to play some Phil Wickham and now we can hear you on the radio :) They play “Safe.” I often wonder how the artist-station-listener thing works. I suppose I’ll just keep requesting more stuff and see what they do…or do you have to give them permission to play your songs?

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