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  The N-3 Pup pays visual tribute to the Cub, just like its Ultra Pup big brother. And, the N-3 Pup gives its pilots the look, the sound, and the feel of a real airplane... with 4-stroke power. The N-3 Pup can be ordered with folding wings. In less than ten minutes you can fold your wings and take your pup home with you, or unfold them and go flying. The N-3 Pup is a real joy to fly with easy, docile handling. The N-3 Pup built as a bare minimum plane will meet the FAR 103 requirement.


There are three ways to have the Pup of your dreams:

   1. You can buy the plans and build it from scratch.
   2. You can buy your pup one sub-kit at a time.
   3. The complete kit (saves you the most money).

 Video and Comprehensive packs are $19.99 !



N3 Pup
 Landing Gear:FG (Tailwheel)
 Seats / Configuration:1
 Construction Material:Steel Tube & Fabric
 Standard Engine:1037 cc Hummel Half VW- 37 HP
 Horsepower:37-50 HP
 Propeller:54 x 22
 Far 103 Speed:63 MPH........Max Speed (VNE): 95 MPH
 Cruise Speed:60MPH
 Stall Speed @ Gross
27 MPH
 Service Ceiling:10,000
 Takeoff Distance:150 Ft
 Landing Distance:150 Ft
 Rate of Climb: (gross)600 FPM
 Maximun Range:Burns 1.8 gph

 Empty Weight:

254 LBS
 Gross Weight:535 LBS
 Useful Load:281 LBS
 Fuel Capacity:5 Gallons
 Cabin Width:22.75 inches
 Overall Length:16 Ft - 6 In
 Height:5 Ft
 Wingspan:30 Ft - 6 In
 Wing Area:120 Square Feet
 Wing Loading:3.76 PPF (Pounds Per Square Feet)
 Ultimate "G" Loading+10.0 - 3.0

Complete Kit Cost (US$): $ 11,700
Less engine, instruments, fabric, prop



 $ 8,775.00

 Price good thru February 28, 2011          

  • Wing kit & Lift Struts  $4700
  • Fuselage Kit $7000
  • Complete (Both kits) $11,700
  • Firewall forward Kit (VW-37HP)  $4900.00

Wing sub-kits come with ailerons, all hardware, brackets, fittings, ribs, skins, spars and lift struts.  No fabric.

Fuselage sub-kits come with stabilizers, elevators, rudder, landing gear, control systems, all glass, blank instrument panel, tailwheel, stringer formers, gear struts, brackets, fittings, firewall, all hardware and necessary accessories.  No fabric.

Firewall forward package comes with engine, exhaust stacks, intake manifolds, carb heat, engine mount, prop, carburetor and hardware. Engine prices will vary depending on model.