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  1. Whoa. Put out a link on Twitter/Facebook/Google+. The refer traffic from Google+ is 2x any of the others (even with smaller base). Why?
  2. Photofly can turn uploaded 2D photos into 3D models for free. It's unreal. Like Mission Impossible 3
  3. The @virtualmagician's amazing multi-ipod magic. He uses multivid. It's free!
  4. ~5% of population does not release oxytocin ("trust" molecule) on stimulus. Paul Zak lab term for these folks: Bastards. T #TEDglobal
  5. @Maggie_Dwyer yah! definititely
  6. @kokoe2 excellent. still trying to find an inner monologue
  7. @qool the line in the story is bush.
  8. Know anyone who would want to be an @awesomefood trustee?
  9. Imagine President Bush clearing his calendar to attend wedding of National Enquirer's CEO. Tabloid power in UK
  10. @ssstrom and sandwiches. it's tragic.
  11. @ssstrom i know. i love rice and noodles.
  12. Elixer of life may be a gene which is turned on by turning carb intake off - researcher Cynthia Kenyon.
  13. Standing ovation at #TEDglobal for surgeon @paulinechen about how we need to see death with new eyes.
  14. JR's YouTube Channel with minidocs showing giant portraits in public spaces is now live. First: Tunisia.
  15. I've always wondered what MIDI stood for. Now I know. Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
  16. @paulinechen good luck!
  17. Listening to Bunker Roy talk about training rural women as solar engineers.
  18. Yang Lan, the Oprah of China, has 250 million audience is speaking at #TEDglobal
  19. @ssstrom. Julia Bacha said Al Jazeera did cover the events in Arab Spring as nonviolence, not something older media would have done.
  20. @whiteafrican thanks. will share