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RL in US head West

   by Steven Birchall on Thursday 19 Apr 2001 12:00

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Well the rumors are still flying around about who are the 5 teams still to be announced for the American National Rugby League (AMNRL) Western Conference, but thanks to abit of inside information, World of Rugby League readers may be the first to know.

The USA National team is currently made up of a large number of players from the West, so taking the game there is a smart move by the AMNRL, and logically Utah and Arizona are places which will host teams in the competition.

Loren Broussard is the head of Development in Arizona, and since last year he has pushed for the introduction of the Arizona Wolves into the USRL. However in the reformed group, it looks as though the State will host two teams instead of one, based in Pheonix and Tempe.

Utah will host most likely one team, and also chances are of also a 5 team Utah State competition made up of mainly players with Pacific nation backgrounds, all with Rugby League experience, as all said by Jason Emery earlier this year. The Utah team will most likely be based in Salt Lake City.

Hawaii has been assigned a development officer this year, and even though they will fall under the management of the Western American National Rugby League (WAMNRL), it would cost too much at this stage to have a team from there, so most likely they will have their own competition.

Houston in Texas, and Los Angeles in California look to make up the final two spots of the five team competition which will most likely have links to NRL or ESL teams as well.

The top 2 teams from the West Conference will take on the top two from the East Conference at the end of their season in a National Championship.

Overall this is great news for Rugby League in USA, as it starts to grow in size and take the game further abroad.

Find out more about the AMNRL at their official site

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