The diner is as much a piece of American tradition as baseball and hot dogs, and Rosie’s Diner is no exception.  For over 100 years, diners have been an everyday piece of America, influencing the American way of life in cooking, dining out, popular culture, design, fashion, and more.  From its humble beginnings, the roadside diner has emerged as an icon of classic American culture, and in the process, has helped to forge America’s distinct culture.

Rosie’s history can be dated back to 1946 when it started out as The Silver Dollar Diner in Little Ferry, New Jersey.  A fixture on the east coast, The Silver Dollar Diner was chosen to be featured in a series of classic Bounty television commercials featuring Nancy Walker as Rosie the waitress.  In honor of the advertisements, The Silver Dollar Diner was renamed Rosie’s Diner in the 1970’s.  Rosie’s Dinner, a 1946 Paramount Deluxe Dining Car, remained in New Jersey until 1991 when Jerry Berta purchased the diner.  Complementing Jerry’s existing 1947 Jerry O’Mahoney Dining Car, which served as an art gallery, Rosie’s Diner was moved to Michigan and opened for business on July 5th, 1991.  Within five years, Rosie’s was proud to announce that it had served over one million customers. 
Rosie the Waitress
Completing his collection of dining cars, Jerry purchased the Garden of Eatin’ in 1994.  The Garden of Eatin’ was moved from Fulton, New York to Rockford, MI and was opened to complement the dining experience at Rosie’s.  Throughout the years, Jerry Berta has sold and reacquired Rosie’s on a number of occasions; however, in January 2006, Jerry turned over the keys for the last time to Jonelle Woods who has returned Rosie’s to its original glory and status as an American icon.

As well as updating the menu, Jonelle has transformed the Garden of Eatin’ into a classic yet contemporary sports bar complete with a full service bar and modern amenities including high definition flat panel televisions and a classic mahogany pool table.

“My goal was to return Rosie’s to the authentic classic of the American roadside that it deserves to be.  We have brought the classic roadside diner atmosphere back to Rosie’s.”, said Jonelle Woods.

With the ownership change and addition of The Bar at Rosie’s Diner, a new chapter in Rosie’s history has started….