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Burt Rutan
Aerospace Engineer, SpaceShipOne Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Scaled Composites
Curriculum Vitae


  1. B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, California Polytechnic University, 1961-1965. Third in graduating class.
  2. Space Technology Institute, California Institute of Technology, 1964.
  3. Marketing and Personnel Management graduate level courses, Golden Gate College, 1968-1969.
  4. Academic portion of Aerospace Research Pilots School, Edwards AFB, 1965.
  5. Doctoral of Science, honoris causa, Daniel Webster College, 17 May 1987.
  6. Honorary Doctor of Science, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, 13 June 1987.
  7. Doctoral of Humanities, honoris causa, Lewis University, 22 May 1988.
  8. Doctoral of Technology, honoris causa, Delft University of Technology, 12 January 1990.
  9. Doctoral of Engineering, honoris causa, University of Illinois, June 2006.


  1. Experimental Aircraft Association
  2. Society of Experimental Test Pilots
  3. Amer. Inst. Aeronautics & Astronautics
  4. Society of Flight Test Engineers
  5. Academy of Model Aeronautics
  6. International Order of Characters
  7. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn.
  8. National Academy of Engineering


Scaled Composites - April 1982 to present:
In April 1982, Mr. Rutan founded Scaled Composites Incorporated to develop research aircraft. The company employs 130 people in four flight line buildings located on the Mojave Airport. Most of the projects done by Scaled are proprietary to the customer; therefore the facility is closed to the public. A list showing many of Scaled's major projects follows:

  • A single-place, twin-jet research aircraft for Fairchild Republic Company (the subscale T-46A demonstrator).
  • A two-place, single-engine recreational aircraft for Group Lotus, Ltd. the Microlight POC.
  • A twin-turboprop high-performance business aircraft, the sub-scale Starship I POC for customer Beechcraft.
  • A large agricultural aircraft, Predator POC.
  • The CM-44 POC reconnaissance aircraft.
  • A tandem-wing, three-surface technology demonstration aircraft for DARPA (the Advanced Technology Tactical Transport-62% scale ATTT POC).
  • Prototypes and the first production run (28 vehicles) of an all-composite remotely-piloted reconnaissance vehicle, the Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical Model 324 Scarab.
  • An 85-foot and 108-foot span rigid sail/airfoil for the America's Cup Challenge Race.
  • The Triumph, an all-composite cabin-class twin jet aircraft for Beechcraft.
  • The ARES, an all-composite single-seat jet attack aircraft, designed for anti-helicopter, close air support, reconnaissance, training, and other missions.
  • The Pond Racer, and entry into the piston-powered unlimited category aircraft racing arena.
  • The Orbital Sciences Pegasus rocket wing, fillets and fins (structural design, tooling, and manufacture of more than 40 ship-sets).
  • The Earthwinds gondola for a global nonstop balloon record attempt.
  • The McDonnell-Douglas DCX, Single Stage Rocket Technology (SSRT) 1/3 scale proof-of-concept demonstrator vehicle.
  • Two Bell Helicopter Eagle Eye unmanned tilt-rotor aerial vehicle demonstrators.
  • The VisionAire Business Jet demonstrator.
  • Three NASA X-38 Crew Return Vehicles for subsonic flight testing.
  • Nine 20 meter wind turbine blades for Zond.
  • An all-new wing for the Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) Pioneer RPV, later renamed the Searcher.
  • The all-composite main landing gear beam for the twin-engine IAI Hunter RPV.
  • The primary and secondary structure for a General Motors (GM) technology demonstration vehicle, the GM Ultralite concept car.
  • The Raptor high altitude UAV, developed for the NASA ERAST program.
  • The POC VisionAire Vantage single engine business jet.
  • The Williams International V-Jet II.
  • The ROTON ATV SSTO Atmospheric Test Vehicle).
  • The Proteus high-altitude long-endurance aircraft, developed for Wyman-Gordon, first flew in 1998, and set world's altitude records by flying over 63,000 feet. The aircraft has logged over 1500 hours, flying science missions to destinations including Europe, Japan and the North Pole.
  • The Adam Model 309 POC aircraft, an all-composite, twin engine, centerline thrust aircraft. It is seeking FAA certification in 2005.
  • Scaled's first project for manned space flight includes a new hybrid rocket engine, the White Knight (an airborne launch aircraft) and SpaceShipOne (a three-place, high-altitude research rocket). Sponsor for the program is Paul Allen. On 21 June 2004, with Mike Melvill at the controls, SS1 flew history's-first private manned space flight. On 4 Oct 2004, SS1 won the 10 M$ X-prize (two flights within 5 days flown by Melvill and Brian Binnie).
  • In 2004, Scaled performed the first flight of the second aircraft designed to fly non-refueled around the world. The Capricorn, built for Steve Fossett, was later named the GlobalFlyer, by sponsor Virgin Atlantic. The aircraft is expected to fly the solo record world flight in January 2005.

In June 1985, Scaled was sold to Beech Aircraft Corporation, acquired by Wyman-Gordon Company in January 1989, and then sold to 10 private investors in September 2000 (Scaled Composites LLC). Mr. Rutan has been President/CEO since its formation in 1982.

RAF - June 1974 to present:

President of Rutan Aircraft Factory Inc. (RAF), a small business formed to develop light aircraft and market educational documents. Developed the VariViggen, VariEze, NASA AD-1, Quickie, Defiant, Long-EZ, Grizzly, scaled NGT Trainer, Solitaire, Catbird and the world-flight Voyager aircraft. Activities performed in the development of these aircraft covered the entire spectrum, from design through flight test, test report and documentation preparation, public relations and management of development facility. RAF provides builder support for over 3000 homebuilder customers. Homebuilt aircraft plans sales were discontinued in July 1985.


March 1972 to May 1974: Director of the Bede Test Center, Bede Aircraft, Newton, Kansas. Directed development of three aircraft types including all flight and ground tests. Had design and development responsibility for the jet BD-J5 and trainer-simulator.

June 1965 to March 1972: US Air Force Government employee. Flight Test Project Engineer at the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. Conducted fifteen USAF flight test programs, ranging from large V/STOL cargo aircraft to several types of fighters.



  1. Began flying in 1959. General aviation pilot time in the following aircraft:
    Beech T-34 Headwind
    Beech Bonanza Beech Model 76 (Duchess
    Beech Musketeer Spirit of St. Louis Replica
    Cessna 150, 172, 182, 210 Beech Travelair
    Piper Cherokee 140, 180 Beech 58P pressurized Baron
    Piper Arrow B200 Super King Air
    Piper J-3 B300 Super King Air
    Piper PA18-150S Seaplane VariViggen*
    Aeronca Champ 7AC VariEze*
    Taylor L-2 VariEze POC*
    American Yankee Quickie*
    American Traveler Defiant*
    Grumman Tiger AA5B Long-EZ
    Grumman Widgeon Scaled NGT twin jet trainer
    Ercoupe Microstar twin jet VariViggen
    Thorpe T-18 Beech 85% scale Starship
    Luscombe 8A M120 Predator
    BD-4 CM-44 UAV
    BD-5 Microlight Model 97
    BD-5T M133 ATTT assault transport prototype
    BD-6 M81 Catbird
    RF5-D M143 Triumph cabin class twin turbofan
    Ayers Thrush 600 T-34C
    Piper Turbo Apache Pitts S1
    Robinson R22 Bell UH1D
    Hughes 300 M151 ARES turbofan attack prototype
    Hughes 500E Enstrom F280
    Robin ATL Model 191
    Model 202 Boomerang*

    *Flew first flight of type and most of the research test program.


    • USAF Co-pilot time in the following military aircraft, mostly during hazardous tests:
      UH-IN F-104A and B C-130E
      T-33 F-4B, C, E & Agile Eagle C-141A
      T-37 YA-26 F-106

      Total flying time 3000 hours. FAA ratings: Private, single engine land, multi-engine land, single engine sea, instrument airplane, single engine helicopter.



May 72
Rutan Aircraft Factory
canard pusher, 2-place, single engine, wood construction
VariEze Prototype
May 75
Rutan Aircraft Factory
high efficiency, loaded canard, all composite, Volkswagen engine
VariViggen SP
Jul 75
Rutan Aircraft Factory
Model 27 with added higher aspect ratio composite wings
Mar 76
Rutan Aircraft Factory
homebuilt version of Model 31, larger, with aircraft engine
Nov 79
Ames Industrial
skew wing, all composite twin turbojet
Jun 78
Rutan Aircraft Factory
tandem wing, all composite, twin engine, four-place
Nov 77
Rutan Aircraft Factory
single place, tandem wing, all composite, Onan engine
Nov 77
Rutan Aircraft Factory
single place, tandem wing, all composite, Onan engine
Jun 79
Rutan Aircraft Factory
high efficiency, long range, loaded canard, all composite, single engine
Biplane Racer
Aug 81
all composite, tandem wing for air racing in biplane class
Jan 82
Rutan Aircraft Factory
three surface, STOL, 4-place, all composite, for off-field operation
Next Generation Trainer
Fairchild Republic
Sep 81
Ames Industrial
subscale demonstrator to develop flying qualities for T-46 proposal
Voyager Aircraft
Jun 84
Rutan Aircraft Factory
all graphite, optimized for long-range records, two pilot, twin engine
Jun 82
Rutan Aircraft Factory
self launching sail plane
United States Navy
Sep 80
Ames Industrial
power augmented ram landing craft, twin turbojet
Jan 88
single engine turbocharged recip, 5-place pressurized 3 -surface configuration
Jan 83
Scaled Composites
two-place, rigid ultralight pusher, canard, all composite
NGBA(Starship POC)
Beech Aircraft
Aug 83
Scaled Composites
variable geometry, twin turboprop, 85% scale of Starship design
Advanced Tech. Aircraft Corp.
Sep 84
Scaled Composites
all composite, agricultural application, 80 cubic foot hopper
Dec 87
Scaled Composites
twin turboprop assault transport, fast-acting flaps, 3-surface configuration
Jul 88
Scaled Composites
twin turbofan 7-place business aircraft, Williams FJ-44 engines
California Microwave, Inc.
Mar 87
Scaled Composites
composite manned/unmanned, long endurance, canard, single pusher turbocharged engine
TRA 324
Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical
Jun 86
Scaled Composites
ground launched high-performance reconnaissance drone, solid rocket + turbojet. Scaled conducted structure only development/production.
H1, H2
Wing Sail
Sail America
May 88
Scaled Composites
graphite wing sails for America's Cup Race, 90 and 108 ft span
Israeli Aircraft Industries
Dec 88
Scaled Composites
long wing version of Pioneer RPV
Feb 90
Scaled Composites
light attack turbofan, close air support aircraft, high agility, JT15D engine, GAU-12U gun
Pond Racer
Bob Pond
Mar 91
Scaled Composites
Jul 89
Scaled Composites
towed vehicle for decoy - model tests
Nov 89
Scaled Composites
eight man parachute delivery vehicle
Nov 91
Scaled Composites
pressurized gondola for world balloon flight
Pegasus flying surfaces
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Apr 90
Scaled Composites
air launch vehicle flying surfaces (wing, fins)
Model 191
Oct 91
Scaled Composites
single engine general aviation aircraft
B-2 RCS model
Northrop Corp.
Scaled Composites
40% scale pole model
SU25 1/4 scale ROAR
Sandia National Laboratories
Apr 91
Scaled Composites
rocket powered cable-mounted decoy
Ultralite show car
General Motors
Jan 92
Scaled Composites
4 passenger, 4 door show car for 1992
Eagle Eye
Bell Helicopter
Scaled Composites
tilt-rotor demonstrator aircraft
McDonnell Douglas
Scaled Composites
30% scale single stage rocket technology aeroshell
Jun 96
Rutan Designs
asymmetrical configuration 5-place pressurized reciprocating twin
Raptor D1
Department of Energy
Apr 93
Scaled Composites
high altitude RPV boost phase intercept
Raptor D-2 ERAST
Dec 94
Scaled Composites
high altitude RPV for environmental research
Aug 93
Scaled Composites
FJ107 powered Long-EZ
Z-40 Bladerunner
Apr 94
Scaled Composites
blades for large wind generator
Space Industries
Scaled Composites
all composite spacecraft unmanned re-entry capsule
Freewing Full Scale
Freewing Aircraft
Oct 94
Scaled Composites
close range, super STOL RPV
Kistler Zero
Kistler Aerospace
Scaled Composites
two stage demonstration rocket - canceled mid "95
VisionAire Corporation
Nov 96
Scaled Composites
single engine turbofan 7-place business aircraft with JT15D-5 engine
Motel 6 DLS
Voyager Aircraft
Jan 98
Scaled Composites
pressurized spherical gondola for manned world balloon flight
V-Jet II Spike
Williams, Intl.
Apr 97
Scaled Composites
twin turbofan 5 place pressurized
X-38 space station lifeboat
Mar 98
Scaled Composites
crew rescue vehicle for space station
Three were built for Dryden & Johnson
July 26, 1998
Scaled Composites
turbofan high flyer for telecom/recon/ atmospheric science/space tourism
Alliance high flyer UAV
Scaled Composites
85,000 ft environmental research UAV
R/C model tested to prove concept
Toyota Aircraft
May 31, 2002
Scaled Composites
4 place GA piston single
Adam Model 309
Adam Aircraft
Mar 00
Scaled Composites
twin turbocharged twin boom, push-pull 6 place business/personal aircraft
Capricorn GlobalFlyer
Steve Fossett Virgin Atlantic
Mar 5, 2004
Scaled Composites
Non-refueled, round-the-world range
Single-pilot, turbofan. Fuel/GW = .82
Mojave Aerospace Ventures
Aug. 7, 2003
Scaled Composites
three-place, high-altitude research rocket
First private manned space flight 21Jun04
White Knight
Mojave Aerospace Ventures
Aug. 1, 2002
Scaled Composites
high-altitude, airborne launch aircraft
Pegasus X-47A
Northrop Grumman
July 27, 2001
Scaled Composites
UAV single turbo fan LO UAV for carrier suitability evaluation


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As of April 2005