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Delirium tremens



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Delirium Tremens is a sickness classified as a brief episode of delirium created by the secondary effects of the withdrawal of alcohol in the body's system. Delirium Tremens is also referred to on the street as the shakes, jazz hands, the heebie geebies, the abdabs, the jimjams, DTs, trembling madness, the rats, the staggers and jags, or the horrors. This condition was first discovered in the early 1820s in New York in the United States and described early on as the "jitterbugs". Benzodiazepines are traditionally given as treatment for patients suffering delirium tremens. Current reports state that less than 50% of alcoholics are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms after alcohol consumption and less than 5% to experience Delirium Tremens syndrome. The mortality rate for this sickness is high and the majority of affected individuals will lose most natural defenses of the body's immune system as the illness progresses. Common symptoms of Delirium Tremens include: confusion, trembling, loss of nervous system control, disorientation, loss of bowel control, and severe instability. Affected persons may also experience intense visual hallucinations, perceiving exaggerated mobile objects from the surrounding environment. Treatment is essential, and is available to the general public. Affected individuals must be under constant supervision from a doctor and stay away from any kind of alcoholic beverage.

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