Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol Process

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Highlights regarding the SD ethylene oxide / ethylene glycol (EO/EG) of Processes are:

  • Over 90 licensed projects
  • Majority of licensing awards since 1983
  • Largest single train plant in the world 700,000 tpa MEG
  • Periodic EO/EG Licensees' Meetings for information and operating experience exchange between licensees and SD
  • Reduced equipment count lowering plot area, piping and civil costs as well as pressure drop in the reaction area.

The SD EO/EG technology is flexible, and a number of variations have been licensed. SD has demonstrated our ability to meet customer's differing needs in product distribution and in feedstock utilization as follows:

  • About half of the plants licensed only product fiber grade ethylene glycol and the inherent distribution of co-products di-and triethylene glycol. These have been primarily for producers integrated downstream to polyester manufacture.
  • Many plants produce both the glycol products and purified ethylene oxide for the production of EO derivatives. SD has designed, licensed and installed EO purification facilities as retrofit years after a producer has started-up a glycol-only unit.
  • A few plants have been designed to produce only purified ethylene oxide.
  • SD has designed ethylene glycol units starting with ethylene oxide from a separate unit, hydrolyzing it to the glycol products. Two units have been designed using ethanol feedstock, which is dehydrated to ethylene and then fed into a conventional EO/EG unit. The integration of the two units to reduce investment and utilities is unique in the indust