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Dudley Menzies Bridge - Light Rail Transit Bridge Over The North Saskatchewan River


Edmonton, AB

Built By:

PCL-Maxam, a Joint Venture
Project Features/Highlights
Award of Excellence for Design and Construction in Concrete First concrete segmental box girder bridge in Western Canada.
Project Description
In the shadows of the historic, Canadian Pacific Railways High Level Bridge, PCL-Maxam, a Joint Venture constructed the first concrete segmental box girder bridge in Western Canada. The Dudley Menzies Bridge, carries two tracks of Edmonton's LRT across the North Saskatchewan River. The bridge consists of a 530 metre long, seven-span continuous concrete box girder with a two-span slab and girder structure at its north abutment and a four-span slab structure at its south abutment. The top deck of the bridge is approximately 10 metres wide and supports, by direct fixation, two sets of LRT trackage and the catenary poles and anchors that provide traction power to the trains. The main bridge girder formed a hollow box approximately 4.5 metres deep by 4.5 metres wide. The bridge was then constructed by precasting 2.5 metre long concrete segments which were joined on site with epoxy adhesive at the joints, and post-tensioning steel cables inserted through ducts embedded in the concrete. The ducts were then pumped full of a cement grout to protect the cables. The girder webs (sides) and bottom slab have a series of holes through them that allow ventilation and drainage of the interior of the box girder and that enables rapid equalization of temperature between the inside and outside of the girder. To complete the bridge's efficient design, a pedestrian walkway was hung below the box girder for the three main river spans. Two spiral ramps, then connected the pedway to Edmonton's scenic river valley trails. As a final accolade to this very successful project, the American Concrete Institute has presented PCL-Maxam, a Joint Venture with the Award of Excellence for Design and Construction in Concrete.



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