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About the Local Government Association of NSW

The Local Government Association of NSW (LGA) was established in 1883, primarily to promote the interests of urban councils.

74 councils in NSW are members of the LGA.

It is governed by an Executive of 25 councillors who are elected every two years. Within the Executive there are five office bearers - a President, two Vice Presidents, the Immediate Past President and a Treasurer.

Every two years the Annual Conference elects a President. The current President is the Mayor of Coffs Harbour, Councillor Keith Rhoades, who was elected in 2010.

Councillor Genia McCaffery is the Immediate Past President. She held the President's position from 2004-2010.

The LGA is bound by a Download Certified_Rules_121108.pdf Constitution (5.79MB)

Members are classified as either Metro or Country councils. Metro councils are those that reside wholly within the county of Cumberland or are considered a 'Category 2' council. The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal classifies councils in one of five categories by looking at demographics such as population and expenditure in the Local Government Area (LGA).

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