Sean Babas - Film Director

Sean Babas

Sean Babas is a rising film director in the United States. Specializing in music video and commercial work, he had already expressed his talent on a national level by the age of 18, having his work shown on network television and on a global basis. He has worked with bands and recording artists including Twista, Yung Joc, Christina Grimmie, Big Sean, Joan Red, Frequency 54, Royce Da 5'9, & John Blu. Along with these, he has worked with many other rock groups and solo artists across the country, covering Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Nevada, Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, and California. 

Sean's unique style for film has set him apart from many others. In an interview, he quoted that he "loves his ability to create an entirely different world in a small rectangle for others to see". This most likely describes his love for darker colors and textures in his work.

In early 2010, his music video for Frequency Fifty Four and their radio hit "Last Call" not only helped the band get signed with Warner Records, but also went on to win the Florida Music Festival's Music Video Event.

In his early years, Sean grew up in Troy, Michigan, after being adopted as an orphan from Moscow, Russia at the age of two. From age two until his graduation from high school, he grew up with the Detroit music scene and developed an appreciation and respect for the nation's musical talent. After high school, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he currently lives.

Narratively, he released publicly that he plans to create his first short film in the fall of 2011.

Photo by Frank Cass 

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