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This page contains harsh science.

9/30/04- After much anticipation, the internet's own Captain Robo posts his latest movie review.

8/26/04- What a great surprise! Fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a review of Aqua Teen Hunger Force just for this site.

8/24/04- A brand new page about how Space Ghost rules and Sealab sucks.

8/5/04- Well folks, it's official, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is really, seriously, totally cancelled. This Sunday will be the last episode forever until the end of time, for serious the news came directly from Adult Swim and Williams Street. Post your thoughts in the guestbook.

8/3/04- I remembered that this is supposed to be some sort of Adult Swim site or something, so I wrote a review of Stroker and Hoop. On the subject of reviews, read this review I did of the latest Adult Swim DVD on Gorilla Pirtate.

7/26/04- Captain Robo hates your favorite anime.

7/20/04- Hating Adult Swim is redefined with Bobo Adobo's new article.

7/17/04- I wrote this, decided it wasn't funny, and then put it up anyway. Sorry! Also, resident genius Bobo Adobo now has his own website that I suggest going to instead of the previous link.

7/14/04- New contributor LovelyLuna revives the spirit of in an appropriately lovely article.

7/4/04- Happy one year anniversary to this site yall! Happy birthday to America too.

6/24/04- Bobo Adobo brings this site back to its roots, through this article celebrating the unabashed hatred of anime fags.

6/19/04- It's been a while since the last update, so I wrote something that no one will think is funny.


5/7/04- Captain Robo ruins your shit.

5/2/04- Hate the spread.

4/14/04- New episodes of Birdman can only mean one thing on this site, more spreading the hate.

3/10/04- HOLY SHIT. AN UPDATE. New page, all about the art of hating anime.

2/26/04- The old-school-ass Sealab 2021: The Motion Picture page has been updated, thanks to Rob T. Firefly at

2/10/04- Howey crap, an update! Please read my review of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume One DVD.

12/16/03- Where have all the updates gone? My blog. But this site isn't dead I don't think. Keep an eye out for new shit.

12/3/03- Finally, after a million weeks in the making, I finished the shitty Space Ghost DVD review.

So, it's finally happened, Adult Swim doesn't suck anymore. I'd like to take credit for it, and say that Adult Swim read my ideas and got rid of the anime and the other shit, but the truth is it wasn't me who saved Adult Swim, it was Space Ghost. Adult Swim can go and suck balls for a year, then Space Ghost decides to bless the universe with new episodes, and all is forgiven. Space Ghost is the Jesus Christ of Adult Swim, for serious. So, since complaining about Adult Swim is no longer hilarious, expect some big news on the comic front. l9r.

11/20/03- Bobo Adobo wrote an article that, as usual, is funnier than anything else on the site. P.S.- Space Ghost on DVD kicks brown, buy it. I'll write a review of it later, probably.

11/13/03- Aw, dag! New ekt article!

11/8/03- More updates, yo. Esuohlim wrote a whopping two articles for this site. First there's the TV article (which sucks), and then there's the internet article (which rules). :( Also, resident funnyman Doug wrote a review of the Matrix Revolutions.

11/7/03- A blast from the past! A good old fashioned article about how much anime and its nerdy retarded loser fans suck.

11/2/03- Are you ready for a comedy-filled Sunday? Well then I hope you're watching Fox! :( After months of raping the comedy schedule with the piece of shit Big O, Adult Swim finally promised to play the last episode last week. But, by accident, they didn't play the last episode, they played a rerun, which resulted in many anime fags getting pissed off. I laughed and laughed and I was happy. I figured Adult Swim would just rectify their mistake by playing Big O finale on a weekday when I could ignore it, and then let Sunday have just a little bit of comedy. BUT NO!!! They are playing ANOTHER FUCKING WEEK of Big O on Sunday at 11. Anime fags ruin everything. Fucking Adult Swim. :(

10/31/03- Happy Halloween! :( I made a new comic, but it sucks though. :(

10/27/03- An update! I wrote an article about the greatest thing in television history. Enjoy!

10/20/03- Happy less than a month until Space Ghost comes out on DVD unless you mean Februrary in which case it's either exactly a month or just a little bit over a month. By accident I erased the update I did on the 18th :'( The update was about the new comic that I did, and it was also about the new webpage I have, (a part of is a comic site, so there will be comics up there. I want to have exclusive comics on both this site and reznor, but the problem is I haven't thought of what I want to do. I'll announce my plans once I think of them. Thxplz.

10/17/03- Looking to fill that void in your life that Adult Swim left when they decided to stop playing comedy shows? Then please visit The Matt Estridge Website, one of the funniest websites of all time.

10/14/03- Wudoin? The internet's very own ekt wrote an article for your enjoyment. He makes some references to writing a "profile" a couple days ago. Well, that's not up yet. But it will be soon. What, you want more content? Well right now I'm going to write my pre-show thoughts on a few shows that haven't aired yet. This may or may not become a regular feature.

VH1 ILL-ustrated (Fri, Oct 17th, 10pm, VH1)- I like Camp Chaos (who are making this) but so far this show doesn't look too great. Too much "topical humor" but without the plot or characters of South Park. I really hope it's good though.
Kid Notorious (Wed, Oct 22, 10:30pm, Comedy Central)- The animation looks like ass and I've never heard of Robert Evans. But I think I'll watch this because, what else do I have to do after South Park? This looks like it's trying too hard to be "politically incorrect" and all. What pisses me off is that COMEDY FUCKING CENTRAL can produce an original animated series but Adult Swim hasn't picked up anything that's not a network sitcom or an anime since the day it started. Fucking Christ.
Clone Wars (Fri, Nov 7, 8pm, Cartoon Network)- I'm really looking forward to this, I'm looking forward to it so much I can't believe it's on Cartoon Network. From what little I've seen it really looks like no one but Genndy could make a Star Wars cartoon. It pisses me off when people complain about how this is "cartoony" and "cutesy" and stuff. It's fucking Star Wars. Who looks at C3PO and says "Cartoony? Nuh-uh!". But as much as I want to see this show, I don't know if watching it is worth risking catching a glimpse of one of those wretched beasts that vaguely resemble teenaged humans that host Cartoon Cartoon Friday these days. Fucking Cartoon Network :(

10/10/03- Special announcement! This board has TWO very special guest writers today, Violently Angry Rasta and Nathaniel Hawthorne, who got together and wrote this Adult Swim Point/Counterpoint! And, it is the greatest thing ever written. I can't even make an update that does that article justice. In less hilarious news, I made a bunch of buttons for the links section, and I added some ads on the sidebar, I hope no one thinks I sold out (cuz it's not like I'm getting paid for it lol).

10/8/03- Lots of updates today, Adult Swim-ateers! The reason there haven't been too many frequent updates recently is because my computer sucks and always breaks. But I'm gonna get it fixed soon (probably) and you can expect more updates then. As for today's updates, I wrote a review of the VH1 animation special that's been playing a lot recently. I don't know why I bothered writing it, cause I was bored, cause I'm stupid, or maybe just to convince myself to keep the review section up. Who knows? Also, Bobo Adobo wrote a hilarious article for you to read. But that's not all! I also wrote an article, that's not as funny as Bobo's, but F U cause I like it.

10/4/03- UPDATES in the links section.

9/29/03- Some stuffies are changing around here. First of all, I took off the shows section. I don't feel like updating or maintaining any episode guides or anything. Also, because Adult Swim sucks now (lol). And now that it seems like there are people actually reading this site, I put up a new comics section, where I will put up the comics I make. E-mail me and let me know what you thought about the comics, what you liked, what you didn't like, if I should keep making them, etc. Speaking of comics, everyone in the world should tell their comic stores to order Patchouli One Shot. P.S.- I am shit out of ideas for articles :'(

9/22/03- The following works of genius are greatly underappreciated:

Even Stevens- Jesus shit this show is awesome. But no one watches it because it's on Disney. People are stupid.
Max Keeble's Big Move- This is such an awesome movie, but no one will watch it. If it came out in the 80's douchebags would call it a "classic".
Not Another Teen Movie- One of the greatest comedy movies of all time, no one likes it.
Angry Naked Pat- I can't get anyone I know to read this genius, but they'll shit their pants over Penny Arcade or whatever. What the fuck.
Clone High- Why are people too stupid to realize that this was one of the greatest shows of all time?
Space Ghost Coast to Coast- As far as I'm concerned, there are only two types of people in the universe. People who think Space Ghost Coast to Coast is the greatest thing ever, and retards who should die. The end.

For every time I hear some douche going on about The Simpsons or a Cartoon Cartoon I should hear ten things about these. That's it for this update, eff y'all.

9/17/03- With tons of homework to do, I wrote an article about how much I hate a t-shirt. HEY GUY WHO WRITES THE CARDS AT WILLIAMS STREET, WHY DON'T YOU READ IT? :D

9/15/03- Holy frig! Did you see last night on Adult Swim where they mentioned the ASMB and then mentioned ME by name? You missed it? Well luckily for you Bobo Adobo has a recap of those events! More shite to come.

9/10/03- I wrote an article, and Bobo wrote an article (Bobo's is better).

9/8/03- More updates happened. Always on the cutting edge of what's going down, I wrote an article based on the past events with Toonzone. Also, another person actually submitted something, Gangsta Monocle wrote his review of the past two years of Adult Swim. Guaranteed to piss you off if you're a retarded baby Toonzoner!

9/2/03- YO DAWG, I UPDATED! After almost a month of no updates due to a broken computer, I finally updated, and this site is worse than ever. Not unlike Adult Swim. First of all, I'm on! Yep, that Kon fegget is me. Next on my agenda, to invade All I have to do is join the Real World or get "Made" into some kind of athelete or punk rocker or spelling bee champ of some sort. Also, in case you didn't know, Adult Swim is two years old today. So read my retrospective of the past two years of Adult Swim. Guaranteed to depress you like it did me while I was writing it.

8/6/03- More updates, baby. Another article has been written in the Bobo/Greg debate over... things. Also an assload of updates in the shows section. HAVE A BALL!

8/4/03- Holy frijoles, another update! :hat Even Esuohlim wrote an article all about TV shows on DVD. And I agree with everything in it. Except that I don't buy VHS tapes, and I don't have Strangers With Candy on DVD, and probably some other stuff, but overall I share Esuohlim's views. Also, a links update.

8/3/03- Four updates in four days, hot dang! In the ongoing debate on whether or not Teen Titans sucks, Bobo wrote a rebuttal to Greg Hayfner's rebuttal. Enjoy.

8/2/03- I wrote a pretty negative review of upcoming Adult Swim anime Fooly Cooly. But-- and here's the kicker-- I'VE NEVER SEEN FOOLY COOLY! LOL! I wrote that whole thing just to piss off anime nerds. So go show that page to all the anime fags you know, and hopefully they'll be too stupid to read the front page. And yeah, I did copy this from Something Awful. :(

8/1/03- Thank goodness for too much free time! For no reason at all, I just wrote an insanely long review of the Space Ghost/ATHF DVD sampler that I got at Comic Con. Containing more garbage than anyone should write about 22 minutes of programming and a handful of boring text based messages!

7/31/03- If there's one thing this webpage encourages, it's lively debate. As such, Mr. Greg Hayfner wrote his own response to Bobo Adobo's article about Teen Titans. If you have a soul, it will probably make you rofl.

7/27/03- I wrote an article that is chock-full of shit I already wrote on the board. Also, Bobo Adobo wrote an article that is, naturally, ten times better. More stuff to come.

7/16/03- I wrote another article. Also, tomorrow is the day of Comic Con 2003 (the Adult Swim panel is on Saturday). If anyone else is going to be there, e-mail or IM me before the end of the day and maybe we can hang out or something. Anyway, after tomorrow I won't be back online until like Saturday or Sunday. PEACE.

7/14/03- ANOTHER UPDATE TODAY. For the review section, I wrote my own review of the Futurama DVDs. It's stupid and boring, please don't read it. Also, I put up the episode guide for Big O. Why? I don't know, because I'm a goddamn completist. HEY EVERYONE, SUBMIT STUFF PLEASE OK?

7/12/03- More updates happened! Some fool named Esuohlim wrote a review of the Family Guy Volume One DVD set, and Bobo Adobo wrote an article about his job interview, which is probably one of the funniest things you'll ever read.

7/10/03- OMG, someone actually submitted an article to this shitheap of a site! The submitter was Greg Hayfner, and his article is here. Also, I put up a review section. If you want to review an Adult Swim-related DVD set or TV show, send it to me and I'll probably put it up. Hell, even if it's not Adult Swim-related, send it, I'll probably put it up anyway. LATER DAYS, HOMIES.

7/7/03- Cementing the fact that this website is just basically a frilly version of a livejournal, I wrote a new article about how pissed off I am right now. Read it.

7/4/03- Hello! Welcome to what I like to call The Best Adult Swim Website on the Internet. My name is Kon, aka OSK, and you might remeber me from my old Angelfire site "The Unofficial Adult Swim Website" which had news and information on Adult Swim and its snows. You may also from my other Angelfire site which had my (mostly) Adult Swim related articles. Well this site is a combination of both. Along with news and show info, you will also find opinionated articles. Basically, the goal of this site is to be the anti-Adult Swim website. I don't mean it's anti-Adult Swim, I mean it's anti-Adult Swim websites. One thing you'll never see on this site is any white on black [adult swim] bullshit. Well, except for right there, but I was only doing it as a parody of people who do it for real making it ok. You won't find news about how high the ratings are or anything like that, or any news about their next anime acquisitions, this is going to be an Adult Swim site by people who "get" Adult Swim. So take a look around and read stuff. The episode guides aren't quite done yet, if you'd like to help me finish them then please e-mail me. Or if you have any suggestions or you want to write an article for the site, e-mail me. E-mail me any of your submissions. If I deem it funny enough, I'll put it on the site. Well that's about it for now, more stuff soon to come.