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Donald Francis McGregor  was born 6/15/1945 in Providence, Rhode Island. Home is now Brooklyn N.Y.
Writer, Editor

A pioneer of creator rights in comics. Don broke into the field with Warren publishing in 1970, writing for Creepy and Eerie magazines, until he landed a job at Marvel "The Black Panther," "Killraven," Luke Cage "Morbius" and other series (1973-1976). He created and wrote "Sabre" (Eclipse, 1978), the first graphic novel in comics specialty stores, and then Detectives, Inc. (Eclipse, 1980). In the 1980s Don wrote short stories in Eclipse Magazine (1981-1983) and  Alexander Risk (New Media, 1981). He returned to Killraven in 1983, Detectives  in 1987, and the Black Panther in 1989-91. New stories from Don include Spiderman and Wolverine tales. Upcoming is a James Bond series for Dark Horse. Don has also written two prose books: Dragonflame and Other Bedtime Nightmares (Fictioneer, 1978) and The Variable Syndrome (Fictioneer, 1981) Presently Don is involved in bringing to fans everywhere the Johnston McCulley's hero of the west "Zorro" with new adventures (Matanzas, 1999) about old California in 1820's. Ride with Zorro to regain justice for the peons of the pueblo in Los Angeles. Watch for Zorro comic strips coming to a newstand near you, series starts April 12, 1999 across the good ole U.S.A.

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