1985 Derailment Beenleigh Branch.

In 1985 there was only a single track between Kuraby and Beenleigh, with a crossing loop running from the north side of Trinder Park Station to the south side of Woodridge Station. On the morning of the 23rd of March 1985 two Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) met head on at a 50 k.p.h. curve just north of Trinder Park Railway Station. Tragically the Driver of the southbound train and a passenger lost their lives. There are many different accounts of what caused this accident, all of which are speculation, (including the official Queensland Rail version of events).
The basic facts as they appear were that the southbound train was travelling (with the signals and track set for it) towards Trinder Park and the northbound train had just picked up passengers at Trinder Park and departed. After departing Trinder Park the northbound train passed signal WR7 and trailed through points (which were set against the train) hitting the southbound train on a 50 k.p.h. curve located just beyond the points. Visibility around the curve in question was and still is restricted.
The main point of conjecture is the aspect displayed to the Driver of the northbound train by signal WR7, that at the time was a semiautomatic signal. Although there are many opinions on this, none have been backed up with fact.
The Kuraby to Beenleigh line is now duplicated and signal WR7 was replaced by signal B249 (an automatic signal). The method of train control has also been improved from Central Traffic Control operated by Signalmen and over seen by Train Controllers, to Universal Train Control and now to Remote Control Signaling, where Controllers queue trains. The setting of signals and tracks is done by computer. This makes the likelihood of a recurrence ALMOST negligible.

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