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Polls consistently show that some 10% of Americans don't feel an affinity for any of the traditional faith-based religious denominations. Yet these people have the same social, emotional, and other "spiritual" needs as everyone else. They are also concerned with such important principles as justice, honesty, right living, and the promotion of these values in the larger society. But the great majority of the unchurched have found it difficult to reconcile their views on these important subjects and their knowledge of the natural world with what nearly all religious organizations expect their members to believe on faith.

Whether they think of themselves as atheists, agnostics, humanists, doubters, skeptics, freethinkers, or something else, these individuals have found themselves excluded from traditional church life in America. As a result, many have felt isolated and unsupported in their conscientiously declining to accept belief in the supernatural. Meanwhile, the faith-based churches have enjoyed a near-monopoly in providing their members with a sense of community and a ready source of personal, emotional, and social enrichment and support.

Up until now, unbelievers have had little choice but to remain alone. A few have chosen to compromise their principles, convincing themselves that their honest doubts just aren't that important. Sadly, many of these people are individuals and couples with children who have been made to feel that religious indoctrination is somehow necessary to the moral development of their offspring.

The Houston Church of Freethought is an extension of the concept originally developed in Dallas by the North Texas Church of Freethought. The Church of Freethought was conceived as an alternative to the conventional faith-based religious organizations. The benefits of traditional church membership are offered to those who are uncomfortable with supernatural beliefs: community and fellowship with those of like mind, a vehicle for personal growth and fulfillment, affirmation of a naturalistic view of the world as a positive life choice for individuals and families, and a sense of belonging within the larger community.

Unbelieving parents will find us an especially attractive option because we offer children a source of moral training and reinforcement free of supernatural promises and threats.

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