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    • Jess
    • June 16, 2009 - 3:31 pm PDT
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    • Jun 16, 2009
    Hi guys,
    Wow I feel really old reading here, I'm 25 and the two boys in my avatar are my sons.
    I love your show, and I guess Im still a kid in my heart.
    Anyway, what I wanted to ask, I know you love dogs, so do you do any charity work for animals? We run a shelter for abandoned dogs from our home and find them good homes.
    It's hard work and I for sure know that all help is welcome.

    Good luck in the future!


    P.s. If Cole is travelling Europe with his friends, we have a little guest house in a beautiful part in Belgium, and my family is from Amsterdam ;)
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 17, 2009 - 10:06 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey! You're never too old to be a kid at heart and we love our fans of every age! Most of our charity work has been with kids because we tried to volunteer at a dog shelter near our house but they said we had to be 18 to actually play with the animals and we didn't like scrubbing the cages. We do donate food and toys to the shelter tho. And actually this summer I'm going to be volunteering at a wildlife rescue. I've always liked wildlife and zoology, so I'm looking forward to that.

    We'll keep all our overseas fans in mind when Cole finally gets around to traveling Europe. Thanks for the message!

    • 4Giveninc
    • June 16, 2009 - 2:29 am PDT
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    • Jun 15, 2009
    Dear Dylan and Cole, I am sure that I am NOT like any other fans you have on here but i had to take a minute and write you both. I am a 41 year old father of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl) and I just wanted to say "Thank you"! I want to say it for a few reasons. 1. Because you have both been a GREAT role model for my boys. In a world where it can be hard to be the one that says No when the others say yes,you both have set that example and I Thank you for that. 2. I have been out of a job(laid off)for quite a while now and times have been really hard on our family,but you both have been a reason for joy and laughter around our house,we sit down as a family and watch both your shows and just laugh and right now my family needs those times, so again Thanks! 3. I want you to know that my kids Pray for you both everynight before bed-(the youngest prays for Zack and Cody)lol! But they truly have a love for you. I wish you guys would make a trip out here to the midwest because you have a TON of fans out here but it seems like the world forgets about these kids. Anyways I have been a Youth Pastor for 15 years and again I just want to say THANKS! on behalf of alot of parents in this World. PS Please respond it would be Great to hear what you think of this letter! Thanks
    (4-Given) also my kids Sam,Jason,Jeff,Bri and DreShwan!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 17, 2009 - 10:14 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey to 4-Given, Sam, Jason, Jeff, Bri, and DreShawn! Thanks for this message, its very inspiring. Half the time we don't realize that we're being role models, we just do our job and do what our directors tell us to do, so when we read something like this from a fan, it feels good. And I like the wording of the no and yes thing. Cole and I are not ones to follow the crowd. As much as we love working for Disney, we will never let Disney change who we are and we go to work every day well aware of who we are so its cool that someone else sees that, thanks. Keep your head up man, times are tough right now but like you said that's what family is for. Things will turn around for you, and my family will keep you in our prayers. Your kids sound great, high five each of them for us and tell them they are awesome fans!

    -D.Y.L.A.N (and Cole)
    • bandott711
    • June 11, 2009 - 1:49 pm PDT
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    • Mar 5, 2009
    • idaho


    there is a honorably rumor going around about you two and a girl that has recently been in SLOD! this story will not go away and is incredible damaging or even potentially able to destroy the sprouce perfect image. the story goes into detail about??? all i can say is there is "lights off" and "locked in the bathroom" both were more than once!!!

    its better to take this by the horns and fix the problem before it goes further out of control. i have done what i can to contact the other person to work on damage control. i was crushed by this and hope this will help fix or mend the damaged image!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 11, 2009 - 2:48 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you are talking about


    then its from a SPOOF website that creates FAKE news stories.

    It's not real.

    • Emilio
    • June 11, 2009 - 11:57 am PDT
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    • Sep 18, 2008
    • Barcelona
    **important please read everyone!**

    hi dylan i know you dont have twitter but there is someone just signed up who is very convincing. twitter.com/dylan__thomas he has lots of pics of you and your friends. (creeper lol!)

    anyway i reported him and i just want to tell everyone to report this person, then we will get them deleted!

    ps. Go lakers!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 11, 2009 - 2:56 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Ya its a poser the person got those pics from facebook. TO ALL THE FANS: I am not yet convinced that Twitter is worth it. If I ever become convinced otherwise then I will post it everywhere on this website. But Cole and I still do not have Twitters.

    • aLong
    • June 11, 2009 - 9:56 am PDT
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    • Mar 22, 2009

    1) When you're on set, about how many takes do you all have to go through for each scene?
    2) And when you go through a take, normally how long are the scenes? Like do you film everything in 5 minute intervals or do you keep going until the scene is over even if it takes up half the episode time?
    3) Do you film the entire episode in order? Because I would think it would be tough to remember lines of scenes if you shoot the climax scene first and then the opening scene and so on.
    4) Who's your favorite player on the Lakers team that is not Kobe. (Mine is Derek Fisher. Did you see him headbutt that Rockets player? I've never seen a tougher guy).
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 11, 2009 - 3:06 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    1. We go through as many takes as it takes haha lame answer I know but we film a scene until people stop messing up or until the director likes it.
    2. We only have 2 camera days for each episode, and since we've had 3 rehearsal days we're usually ready to film most of the scene at once.
    3. No we don't film the episode in order. (Fun fact, the big fight scene in Twilight was the first scene the actors filmed). We film the most crazy scenes on Thursday, like the scenes that require crazy effects or setting. On Friday, since it's a live audience day, we film the scenes that take place in the main On Deck set like the main part of the ship. It's not tough to remember lines cuz by the time the cameras are rolling we know our script inside and out.
    4. When we went to see Game 2 our new favorite player became Lamar Odom cuz he owned that game. Trevor Ariza plays a solid game too.

    • Bman9595
    • June 8, 2009 - 6:42 pm PDT
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    • Mar 5, 2009
    • Ontario,Canada
    Hey Dylan & Cole,

    I was just wondering if you guys will be heading out to any of the LAKERS finals against the Magic. I'm sure yuo guys love the Lakers so I am curious if you'd be at a game. On your shows it explains how you both or... Dylan loves basketball. I was just wondering if that was really true or not. Are you guys into alot of sports?
    How is Bubba? I love dogs so I hope all of yours are doing great!!! Anyway say hi to Cole and your parents for me.
    Please let me know about my Questions!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 8, 2009 - 8:50 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Cole and I just were at Game 2 last night! Yep, its true, we both love basketball. We play basketball on our Suite Life breaks and we watch the Lakers games either on the big screen tv or at the Staples Center.

    PS: Bubba is SO CUTE!
    • Amelia
    • June 4, 2009 - 5:29 pm PDT
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    • Apr 24, 2009
    Hey Dylan and Cole,

    I've left this message before but thought I'd try again as you get so many posts in one day.

    I love reading your messages on here. It's fun to learn about you guys and to also learn a little bit about the business that you're in. I always find behind the scenes stuff interesting.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys still need a guardian on set and how that works. I imagine most child actors have parents who work so I'm just a little curious about this. What about when you're on location for a movie?

    I was also wondering how much of the year is taken up by shooting The Suite Life and what you do when the filming of one season is done but the next season hasn't started.

    Also, do either of you play any instruments for fun? Do your parents?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, even if it doesn't happen to be mine.
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 4, 2009 - 5:53 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey Amelia! Good questions, haven't seen these asked yet.
    1. We need our studio teacher on every set with us. We are not allowed to do any work or even step foot onto the set without a studio teacher there. This will end when we are 18 after we graduate high school.
    2. Same rules apply when we're on location for a movie, our regular studio teacher travels with us as our guardian and teacher.
    3. The Suite Life Season is actually really cool because it is just like a regular school season. It's generally from the beginning of September until the end of June, with random holiday breaks in there and a nice long summer break. It isn't set in stone tho, like when Cole and I had movies to film in the fall, the season started in January and went until mid-July. On our time off we go on vacation, hang out with friends and family, and make public appearances.
    4. Our stepmom rocks on the piano, and our mom and dad both can play the guitar. Well mom tries, and dad is actually good. Cole and I know how to strum a few guitar chords and songs thanks to Dad and our friends and we can play the recorder because we learned that in 4th grade, but thats about it. We're actors, not musicians.

    • Yitz
    • June 2, 2009 - 8:23 pm PDT
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    • Sep 22, 2008
    • New York
    Hey guys! It's my birthday today!!!! I watched every TV Show and Movie You Guys Were Ever In!!!! You're AWESOME!!!! Please Respond!!!! You Guys Are AWESOME!!!! You Never Respond To Me! Please Do! You guys are AWESOME And I Wish You Would Say Hi, Please!!!!! **BIGGEST FAN!!** - Yitz
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 2, 2009 - 8:26 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Thanks for watching all our shows and movies, keep a look out for new Suite Life On Deck episodes and our movie Kings of Appletown that will be released eventually and our voiceover movie Kung Fu Magoo that will be released eventually.
    We owe our success to all the dedicated fans like you, so thanks!

    -D.Y.L.A.N (and Cole!)
    • lutfi
    • June 2, 2009 - 5:10 pm PDT
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    • May 13, 2009
    -------------- very important -------------------
    hey dylan, i asked a lot of questions but u didnt answer me that coz im arabic? i mean do u hate arabs? ( if ur answer yes i just wanna tell u that arabs like u realy im not kiddin they realy like u and cole bye plz answer me
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 2, 2009 - 8:02 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey of course we don't hate arabs we love all our fans and thank you SO MUCH For the support!

    • Julia
    • June 2, 2009 - 2:58 pm PDT
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    • May 2, 2009
    • Quebec\Montreal :)
    I have some questions four you and your brother...
    -What is your favorite color ?
    -Where are you guys going for the next holiday ?
    -What is your favorite contry ?
    -Mini-weats or cheerios
    -What is your favorite candy ?
    -Did you saw the movie Twilight?
    -what is your favorite chocolate ?
    -Do you speak french ?
    -What kind of girl you like ?
    -Are you guys ever went to quebec ?( Montreal)
    -What kind of friends you like ?
    -do you like girls how has blond hair ?
    -Choose the name that is more pretty for a girl :Julia or Joanie
    -do you make friends with fans ?
    -What is your favorite show?
    -What is your dream ?
    -Soccer or swimming ?
    -What is your favorite sport ?

    I will soo happy if you guys reaply me !!! :)
    THank's for your time !!
    Julia your fan !!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • June 2, 2009 - 8:23 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Oh man, this is alot of questions, but Cole and I just ate dinner so we're refreshed and ready to answer. Here it goes!
    1. My ultimate favorite color will always be orange. That's why my Suite Life and home rooms are orange and my car accent stripes are orange. Right now one of my other favorite colors is blue. Cole likes black and gray cuz he says they go with everything. (I say he's cheating, they aren't real colors!) haha.
    2. Dad hasn't told us where we're officially vacationing this summer. We're going to New Jersey for a long weekend to visit people and hang out on our beach there but that is all I know right now. I'll keep you updated!
    3. The United States. Then Japan.
    4. Mini Wheats!
    5. I like Gummy worms, Starburst, and Butterfingers. anything fruity. Cole likes Skittles and Three Musketeers. We aren't big candy people tho.
    6. I had a girlfriend at the time that Twilight opened in theaters, so I surprised her with opening night tix. Then she made me see again like a week later. It was ok. I don't get how it beat Dark Knight for best fight scene and best movie at the MTV Movie Awards.
    7. Milk chocolate. We both like milk chocolate better than dark or white.
    8. Cole takes French in school, I take Spanish.
    9. A nice girl we can have a good fun conversation with is usually a winner. Lookswise I dig a good smile and nice hair. Cole goes for nice eyes.
    10. We have been to Canada, but not there.
    11. We like our friends from showbiz and our friends we've grown up with.
    12. Hair color doesn't matter as long as its not too freakishly unnatural. Like a strip of pink color is cool, but when a girl dyes her entire hair pink its a different story.
    13. Never heard of Joanie before, its a pretty sweet name. Julia is awesome too. My favorite J name is Jonetia. Jonetia from Florida, if you ever see this, you rock!
    14. Yeah, if we meet fans when we're looking for something to do on a vacation, we'll hang out with them and become friends.
    15. Naruto, Chowder, 24, Heroes, Prison Break, Lost (sadly we are now behind in Lost)
    16. To always be doing what I love, whether its with acting or art or something totally different.
    17. Swimming. We can play football, basketball, and baseball but we never really got into soccer, just for a movie once.
    18. Football. Every Sunday morning we have a game with our friends.
    No problem Julia, thanks for taking the time to write so many questions!

    • Antony
    • May 27, 2009 - 3:01 pm PDT
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    • Apr 28, 2009
    • Andria-Bari
    Hi Dylan and Cole
    I saw the video of the birthday of Debby Ryan, you were so elegant, but why do you have of a mask? (however many wishes Debby)
    I have also seen the video of the birthday of Miranda Cosgrove:
    I did not know that good ballads (especially Cole).
    Anyway was nice the party?
    I look forward to your birthday arrives.
    How is Bubba and Curry?
    And your parents?
    After the end of what TSLODOZEC do in summer?
    Answer at least once
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 27, 2009 - 3:22 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey Antonio! Debby's party was a masquerade party which means everyone wears masks.
    Yeah a little known fact about us is that Cole and I know how to dance and we're not the type of guys who are like "I suck at dancing I can't dance" because Disney shows and parties have taught us well. Both parties, Debby's and Miranda's, were so much fun. We're great friends with both of them and we're honored to have been invited.
    Bubba visited the set yesterday. Curry isn't trustworthy enough to come to the set, she's a wild girl. Our parents are good too, thanks for asking.
    Summer for us is going to mean working on a new movie and vacationing somewhere grand, although dad hasn't told us where yet.

    • Chris
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:07 am PDT
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    • Mar 25, 2009
    • Around Philly
    Yo Dylan…I have a couple more questions.

    1. Did you meet Michael Emerson when you filmed for Bonnie? Was he cool? Do you watch his show?

    2. A lot of shows on Disney Channel are in HD now. Is the SLOD ever gonna be in HD?

    3. How many shows are left to air in season 1? Do you know when season 2’s gonna premiere? September?

    4. The SLOD has a lot of sexual innuendos...but they’re really funny for the people who get them. Are they put in there on purpose or is it just a coincidence?

    5. How often do you forget your lines, improvise, and have your improvisations make it to the airing episode?

    6. Do you watch The Office?

    7. Do you read the fanfictions for your show?

    8. Do you read those IBMD boards? I'm over there, but I'm not one of the pervs haha. I'm one of the ones who tell them all how disgusting they are and to shut up

    Thanks dude!

    ps - thanks for OWNING all the idiots who make the rude posts!!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:30 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    1. We met Michael for a very short time. He was late and then he had to leave right after taping, cuz I guess he's a busy guy, but he said hi to us. We used to watch LOST all the time but we admit that we have fallen behind in the past few seasons. The show is crazy complicated and we're too tired after work to think that hard lol.
    2. I have no idea, that's a Disney thing that Disney people decide.
    3. I think Season 2 premieres in the fall and I think there's only 2 episodes left in Season 1.
    4. hahahaha I have nothing to say to this. Cole, Debby, Matt, and I have all noticed this. We don't write the scripts, we just learn the lines and say them and look pretty. We're innocent! haha
    5. It happens pretty often, especially now that we're better actors than we were during TSLOZAC. The biggest improviser used to be Brian Stepanek and now is probably Phill.
    6. YES. We love the Office!
    7. Nope, sorry. We're sure they are fantastic, but we don't have time to read them
    8. Yep, I read the IMDB boards from time to time. Only mine and Cole's boards. They are pretty interesting sometimes
    No problemo thanks for writing and the best thing Disney has taught Cole and I is to be respectful, which is why I don't care for rude people.

    -D.Y.L.A.N (Cole was here but he left to go run around with Bubba)
    • Isha
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:04 am PDT
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    • May 24, 2009
    Hey guys!! You are like the best! I love you!!
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:05 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Thanks we love you too!
    • crazydream
    • May 24, 2009 - 10:00 am PDT
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    • May 9, 2009
    hey dylan(cole).
    in this week i was in borkum a little island from german so i cant lookt after your message,but today i had look and im so happy that you answert a question together with cole.i hope you will answer my questions too.

    your dad is a nice person,i think ,but did you ever had an house arrest and when why?

    had you and your brother ever rode a horse?if so i think it must be funny to saw it.but i think a good way funny.

    when you were younger you look almost same like cole.did your mum or your dad ever said to you cole and to your brother dylan?i mean you look so identical in the past.when i must say whow you and whow cole was in the past i will be desperately.:)

    do you have sometimes hollidays from school?because i never heard somethink about it, but you cant have school all time,are you?

    and the last question.do you ever visit your oldschool and your classmates after you have a houseteacher?

    ihope you have time and answert me,but you musent do it.so i wish you a great day and hope you have lots of fun.bye sarah.
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:03 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey Sarah thanks for the questions
    1. Yeah our dad has grounded us before. Recently actually, I was grounded and only allowed to go to work and back home with Cole driving. We get grounded occasionally for stupid stuff like being wisecracks or not cleaning our rooms.
    2. Yeah I had to ride a horse once for a movie I did. I was really scared they were like don't worry the horse is professionally trained and I was like but its so big! hahaha and we went on a horse trail ride for a friend's birthday party.
    3. When we were younger we looked the same but our personalities were so different that our mom and dad knew who was who. Sometimes from the back tho, like if we were walking and they were behind us they would call out "Cole" and it would be me or something like that. Also sometimes Cole and I can't tell who is who in an old picture.
    4. When we have a holiday from work, we have a holiday from school.
    5. Well nowadays we visit the high school we would have gone to cuz thats where all our old classmates are.

    -D.Y.L.A.N (and sorta Cole, he's next to me)
    • Sarah
    • May 24, 2009 - 8:44 am PDT
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    • Apr 7, 2009
    *************************** HEEEY D&C !!! *****************

    Hey! How're you guys? i'm writing again...i hope i'm not anoying...anyway...a have some questions...

    1.) Have you ever been attacked by ''fan''?

    2.) Is there a new project coming on way or do you have a break?

    3.)When you were younger...Did you have some model? (i don't know if i wrote correct...i mean...were you a fan of some person...?)

    4.) I just love The Suite life of Zack and Cody and The suite life on Deck! You're so awesome!

    So...thank you for writing us(fans) back...you're so cool!
    I wish you good luck in everything you do!
    Say hello to Bubba and your family! :D :D

    Your biggest happy fan Sarah!

    Love you :)

    and..please write me back ( if you have time :D )

    bye bye ! :)
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 24, 2009 - 11:14 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    1. Nah, fans usually are cool. Cole almost got attacked when we were getting out of the limo when we were at TRL. We have also had a fan faint when she saw us.
    2. Yes there is a new movie we are secretly working on while we continue to film "Suite Life On Deck". I talked about it once before on here, its part of our Modern Mark Twain Story trilogy of movies, but I actually can't say anything else right now.
    3. We were a fan of Adam Sandler lol we owe everything we learned about comedy to Adam, he's great.
    4. Thanks! Bubba is really awake right now lol he's attacking Cole's and my feet. But he'll be snoring later, his two favorite things are sleeping and eating.

    -D.Y.L.A.N (and Cole, and Bubba)
    • Joseph Said
    • May 20, 2009 - 8:50 am PDT
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    • Mar 27, 2009
    Hey there, busy people. I liked your previous picture better - you looked good in that one. And since you didn't respond to my previous post here is my second attempt at it.

    How come you guys don't try out singing? I know you did sing once in "A Dream Is Wish Your Heart Makes". Besides almost a lot people on Disney Channel seem to be doing it: Miley Cyrus, Ashely Tisdale, Alyson Stoner, Selena Gomez, and even Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso have made their singing debut.

    You guys can be "Sprouse Brothers" and I am absolutely certain that the fans will love you as a singing duo.

    My suggestion for a band name would be "Sugar and Spice" with you (Dylan) being Sugar and Cole being Spice. How's that sound? :-D

    Hope you'll respond. And BTW Tell Cole to stop being a snob and start interacting with some of his "die-hard" fans! (I hope you don't mind my choice of words :-P
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 20, 2009 - 11:06 am PDT
    • Stars
    • 189
    • Sep 19, 2008
    1st of all I like my new picture and so thats the picture its gunna be.
    Next, Cole and I don't wanna sing. It's not what we do. Part of the reason why is like you said, everyone on Disney does it.
    IF we did sing, which we're never gonna do, our band name would never be Sugar and Spice cuz we're guys and we're cooler than that
    Cole's not a snob. People who leave rude messages to us are snobs.

    • Lauren
    • May 20, 2009 - 3:36 am PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    • England
    Hey Dylan/Cole.

    Bit of a different qu here: Do you remember all us ''original'' fans back in the days just after big daddy, right up before you started the suite life.

    When we had our little live chats with you guys. And your old manager used to email a few of us who ran your fansite??

    Good ol' days, haha!

    Hope your well dudes, cannot believe how much time has gone by, been supporting ya since 1998!! omg! lol

    Lauren, England x
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 20, 2009 - 11:09 am PDT
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    • 189
    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey Lauren! Ya we remember you guys and the chats mom and Josh set up. It was fun! Thanks for all your awesome support through the years. Without the original fans we never would be where we are today.

    -D.Y.L.A.N (and Cole)
    • Gian Fitz
    • May 16, 2009 - 8:57 am PDT
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    • May 3, 2009

    "HI Dylan Thomas and Cole Mitchell!"
    I am Gian Fitz from the Philippines a 13 year old boy who is a big fan of Suite Life. I am watching Suite Life of Zack and Cody everyday and suite Life on Deck every weekends. I am also collecting some of Dylan's shirts, and I think I have 5 almost the same shirts and also a shirt of Cole.

    Can you please answer some of my questions because your not answering my posts (and I can still understand because you two are busy even) PLEASE read this one because there is an important question at the last part that I think you two should answer and help me out... :-D

    First, are you planning to have a Suite Life the Movie?... I hope so...

    Second, are your roles in Suite Life suited for you?

    Third, Cole, do you have a girlfriend? Because my classmate has a big crush on you.

    Fourth, What countries do you want to visit? I hope one is Philippines.

    Last, Who is your celebrity crush?

    And one thing do you two have a facebook? Because someone is
    pretending to be you two? And they said if you don't think I am Dylan Thomas Sprouse just delete me as your friend.
    What do you think I should do with this???

    P.S. If ever you will meet Ashley Tisdale again please say "hi" coming from "FITZ" Marinas because I have a big crush on her.

    Ingat-Take care!!!

    .,.Please reply.,.

    THANK YOU in advance :-)
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 16, 2009 - 11:48 am PDT
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    • 189
    • Sep 19, 2008
    heyy Gian! Thanks for being a fan, do you collect the Suite Life shirts or the regular shirts I wear?

    1. As of now, a Suite Life the Movie isn't planned, but I'm all for it if Disney wants to do it. Cole and I would like to be in a Disney Channel Original Movie.
    2. Ya, our roles as Zack and Cody are definitely suited for us. From the beginning it was The Suite Life of Dylan and Cole and the characters were really based off us, but then they wanted to make some bigger differences for more laughs so they changed it to Zack and Cody and made Zack "cool" and Cody "a geek". I really wanted to be Zack from the start and now that Zack and Cody are growing up, Cody's less of a geek and the characters really are just like us. The comedy between Zack and Cody, like the things they say to each other and how they go back and forth is me and Cole in real life, like that's what our lives are like.
    3. We're both single right now. We don't actually have steady girlfriends, but we're playing the dating game.
    4. Japan! I've always wanted to visit Japan.
    5. Alessandra Ambrosio is my current favorite, I've always liked Adriana Lima too, haha I guess I go for Brazilian models
    6. We each have facebook for our friends. You can't find us by searching for Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse and we don't add fans so we don't say stuff like "If you don't think I am Dylan then delete me" so that's a poser.
    7. We still see Ashley all the time, she's great, and she loves her fans.

    • melissa
    • May 12, 2009 - 3:14 pm PDT
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    • May 8, 2009
    hey dylan, hey cole.

    i looked at the other website, it's really cool.

    i just have a few questions.

    1. if you could live anywhere in the world apart from where you already live, where would it be and
    2. would you ever date one of your co-workers.

    please answer, although i'm not gonna push it.
    i hope to meet you both someday

    love melissa, england.
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 12, 2009 - 10:20 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey! Ya the website is awesome. Cole is slowly warming up to this place and reads the posts with me, and he was wondering what your picture icon is? hahaha anyway, I would love to live in Japan. Cole would like to travel everywhere in the world, but he likes living in Cali.
    2. When we feel that the right girl comes along, like when there's someone we connect with, no matter if she's a fan, co-worker, or good friend, we try dating her. Honestly tho, we have both dated co-workers before and it wasn't our favorite experience. There's too much talk about work.

    • cshah92
    • May 12, 2009 - 10:56 am PDT
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    • Apr 22, 2009
    • LONDON
    ***** ~~ IMPORTANT ~~ *****

    *** D.Y.L.A.N ***


    Twitter are going to let me send them links to profiles on Twitter that are posers of you two so that they can be deleted. However, they have stressed to me that I need to be authorised to act on your behalf to remove the poser accounts from Twitter permanently. Please could you acknowledge this?? Please do so as soon as possible so that I can start working with the people at Twitter to get the poser accounts of you guys off Twitter!

    I have also made progress with the posers on MySpace. Myspace has sent me this:

    If you run across what you deem to be a "fake" or "fan" navigate to the bottom of that profile and click on the Report Abuse link. The next page will allow you to select Imposter Profile and report it to our internal team for further investigation.


    Dylan, please could you pin the above message from Myspace so that fans know how to report a poser on myspace. The more people that report it, the more seriously MySpace will deal with it!

    Anyways, thanks for reading! Fans, please help me to bring this post to the attention of Dylan and Cole so that the posers on MySpace can finally be deleted.

    • Dylan Sprouse
    • May 12, 2009 - 10:14 pm PDT
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    • Sep 19, 2008
    Hey Chirag. Ya of course I will acknowledge it but what do I have to do?
    Thanks for all your efforts, man.
    hahaha we actually reference Twitter in the episode we're filming this week. But I can't give too much away!

    I'm not gunna pin this yet, but people shud see it when they look for my posts.

Bubba Sprouse