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date posted: Nov 20, 2005 3:21 PM  |  updated: Sep 12, 2010 9:48 AM
Droids Animated Adventures Encyclopaedia
I have always liked the Droids Animated Adventures. The concept and the universe of 'SW' in the cartoons leans close to the world we know in the movies. In this blog I'll try to create an encyclopaedia of the 'Droids Animated Adventures'.

I'll keep adding sections to this blog entry. I have divided the entries in the three different story arcs.

Arc I: The Trigon One
Arc II: Mon-Julpa
Arc III: Mungo Baobab (including the 'Great Heep' special)

Baobab, 'Old Ogger' Oggem: Was Mungo's great uncle who got stranded on Roon searching for Roonstones. Just before he passed away he gave Mungo his personal belongings, including a memling and a bag of precious Roonstones. (Arc III)
Baobab, Mungo: This adventurer from Manda was part of the Baobab Merchant Fleet was the master of Artoo and Threepio for a while. Together they destroyed the Great Heep and discovered the legendary Roonstones. He fell in love with Auren Yomm and later researched 'Dha Werda Verda'. (Arc III)
Binga: Was one of Zatec-Cha's idiotic henchmen on Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Cag: Captain Cag was an Officer of the Baobab Merchant Fleet who transported the Droids to Biitu. (Arc III)
Coby: The son of Lord Toda was about to enter the Academy when his pet Ingey was kidnapped by the Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie. Eventually Coby was reunited with Ingey and decided to use his inheritance to bring all the imprisoned creatures back to their homeplanet with the help of Greej. (Arc II)
Dak, Zebulon: Was the famous owner of the Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation during the early years of the New Order. He offered jobs to Thall, Jord and Kea. Few people knew that Dak was a resistance fighter against the Empire and that he used his wealth to fuel Rebel groups. (Arc I)
Darva: This was a female Biituian. (Arc III)
Doodnik: Was the owner of a diner on Tyne's Horky. (Arc II)
Dusat, Jord: This orphan met Thall Joben at Boonta and the two speeder racers became the best friends. He helped to defeat the Fromm gang, but got injured and couldn't compete in the Boonta Speeder Race. Thall took his place and won the race. (Arc I)
Fett, Boba: The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter was hired by Sise Fromm to capture Thall Joben and his friends. Eventually Boba Fett captured the Fromm gang for delivery to Jabba the Hutt after his speeder crashed during the Boonta Speeder Races. (Arc I)
Fidge: Was a 10-year-old Biituian who helped Mungo Baobab and the Droids destroy the Great Heep and free Biitu from the Empire. (Arc III)
Fromm, Sise: This old blue Annoo-dat crime lord became successful after the elimination of his rival Klin Kartoosh. Fromm became an enemy of Jabba the Hutt, because Kartoosh had been an ally of the Desilijic clan. Sise Fromm, who sat in a repulsor chair, ruled several systems in the vicinity of Annoo. With the dangerous space station, Trigon One, he hoped to overpower all the other crimelords. Thall Joben and his friends destroyed the Trigon One and after an accident on Boonta that cost Boba Fett his Speeder he decided to turn the Fromm gang over to Jabba the Hutt to compensate the loss of his speeder. (Arc I)
Fromm, Tig: The blue Annoo-dat son of Sise Fromm was known for his love for high technology. This caused him many problems (he destroyed his father residence on Bolad), but he did manage to create the large Trigon One space station. Unfortunately Thall Joben and his allies destroyed it. Boba Fett apprehended tig after an accident on Boonta. (Arc I)
Gaff: This Kobok was the bodyguard of Governor Koong and the archenemy of Mungo Baobab. Gaff could stun his enemies with special stingers on his arms, but he himself was not immune to them. It's unknown what happened to Gaff after the death of Koong. (Arc III)
Gar: A native of Annoo. (Arc I)
Gee Long: This character was one of Auren Yomm's team mates at the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Greej: This near-humanoid was captured by the Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie. He later returned all the creatures to their home with the help of Coby. (Arc II)
Gundy: Uncle Gundy was the uncle of Jann Tosh. He was a grumbled miner on Tyne's Horky. It turned out that Gundy had his heart in the right place and it saddened him to see his nephew leave Tyne's Horky. (Arc II)
IG-88: The Bounty Hunter was hired by Zatec-Cha to prevent Mon Julpa from seizing his rightful throne on Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Joben, Thall: Was a speeder racer from Beheboth who always dreamed of becoming a speeder racer. On Boonta he met his dearest friend Jord Dusat. Thall was the master of Artoo and Threepio for a while. Together they managed to defeat the Fromm gang and the Trigon One. When Thall was offered a job at Zebulon Dak, the Droids decided to leave him so he could pursue his dream. (Arc I)
Kez-Iban: When his enemy wiped his memory, Mon Julpa (the rightful monarch of Tammuz-an) was transformed into a drugged being. Jann Tosh pitied the creature and became the 'master' of Kez-Iban. It turned out later that Kez-Iban was in fact Mon Julpa. Kez-Iban, a name given to him by Gundy, means 'he who returns from the death' in Bocce. (Arc II)
Koong: Governor Koong ruled the Tawntoon Province on Roon with an iron hand. Hoping to receive support from the Empire, Koong allied himself with Admiral Screed. Koong promised Screed Roonstones, although Koong already gained wealth from controlling the Umboo Lightstation. Koong died when he released the poisonous Rooze on Roon's population. Ironically, he got infected himself. (Arc III)
Lord Toda: Toda ruled Tammuz-an in the absence of Mon Julpa. When Julpa returned to claim his throne Toda didn't want to let go of his power. When Jann Tosh and his friends rescued his daughter Gerin, from the pirate Kybo Ren-Cha, he agreed to work out a peaceful solution with Julpa. (Arc II)
Lutgi, the: Were two alien dealers in the Port City of Nime who were interested in bying Mungo's Roonstones. (Arc III)
Meade, Jessica: This dark skinned woman from Tyne's Horky was a trader and freighter captain. She helped Jann Tosh during his adventures. She served as an advisor on Tammuz-an before she returned to her life as a trader. Her nickname was 'Old Iron Pants'. (Arc II)
Moll, Demma: Was the mother of Kea Moll and owned a farm on Annoo. Demma was actually a rebel agent for a local resistance cell. (Arc I)
Moll, Kea: This 17-year-old girl from Annoo befriended Thall Joben and Jord Dusat on Ingo. Kea was in fact a secret Rebel agent and it was her mission to destroy the Trigon One. The job she got offered from Zebulon Dak came in very handy, since Kea spied on Imperial manufacturers. (Arc I)
Mon Julpa: The crown prince of Tammuz-an was depraved of his memory by the evil vizier Zatec-Cha. Julpa was disguised into a strange being and got stranded on Tyne's Horky. With the help of Jann Tosh and his friends, Julpa claimed his throne on Tammuz-an. Julpa fell in love with Princess Gerin, the daughter of Lord Toda of Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Mog, Yorpo: This large alien was the henchman of Kleb Zellock. At the end his master betrayed him, but Yorpo got help from Jann Tosh. (Arc II)
Princess Gerin: Was the daughter of Lord Toda of Tammuz-an. Gerin fell in love with Mon Julpa, but was captured by the pirate Kybo Ren-Cha. He took her to his hideout on Bogden but was rescued by Jann Tosh and his friends. (Arc II)
Obah, Jyn: Was the bodyguard of Kybo Ren-Cha. He was a tall alien, with tusks; long hair and he wore pieces of Stormtrooper armor. He was captured by Mon Julpa, but was rescued later. (Arc II)
Oncard, Vlix: Was the personal bodyguard and agent of Sise Fromm who had to make sure that Sise's son, Tig, didn't commit anymore mistakes after he destroyed his father's residence on Bolad. Vlix was a large blue Anoo-dat, but was captured by Boba Fett at the end. (Arc I)
Ren-Cha, Kybo Gir: Was a pirate leader from Tarnoonga who often raided convoys in the vicinity of Tammuz-an. He used TIE Fighters and the light cruiser Demolisher. Kybo Ren-Cha first kidnapped Princess Gerin and took her to Bogden. Afterwards Jann Tosh and his allies captured him. (Arc II)
Screed, Terrinald: Admiral Screed was one of the first supporters of Palpatine and was an important Imperial commander in the first years of the New Order. He oversaw the installation of the Great Heep on Biitu and allied himself with Governor Koong in the hope to find Roonstones and wealth for the Empire. (Arc I & III)
Slarm: Mr. Slarm was Stroon's first mate and assistant in the Starhunter's Intergalactic Menagerie. (Arc II)
Sollag: Was an ally of Mon Julpa who knew that he was deprived of his memory. He tried to find Mon Julpa as fast as possible, because IG-88 was also after him. (Arc II)
Stroon: Was the owner of the Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie. Stroon and his slavers would imprison every rare creature for display in their show. (Arc II)
Tobar: Was a dealer in second-hand ships and vehicles on Zelakesh. (Arc II)
Tosh, Jann: Was a young miner from Tyne's Horky who lived there with his uncle, Gundy. Jann became the master of Threepio and Artoo for a while. Together they helped Mon Julpa regain the throne of Tammuz-an and defeat the pirate Kybo Ren-Cha. Jann Tosh later went to the Imperial Academy for he was more than a decent pilot. (Arc II)
Yeldarb, Noop: This older man operated the Umboo Lightstation until Governor Koong overtook it. He was freed by Mungo Baobab and showed him the location of the Roon System. (Arc III)
Yomm, Auren: Was a young and dark skinned girl from Roon who opposed the rule of Governor Koong. Auren, an athlete, managed to defeat Koong's team in the Roon Colonial Games with help of Mungo Baobab and the Droids. Auren fell in love with Mungo during their adventures. (Arc III)
Yomm, Bola: Was the mother of Auren Yomm. She became infected by the Rooze poison, but was healed by her husband Nilz Yomm. (Arc III)
Yomm, Nilz: Was the father of Auren Yomm and a doctor on Roon. When Koong released the poisonous rooze, Nilz had to take care of his wife and of Koong himself. (Arc III)
Zatec-Cha: This evil vizier from Tammuz-an with an irritating voice drugged Mon Julpa and tried to seize the throne himself. Jann Tosh and the Droids foiled his plans. (Arc II)
Zellock, Kleb: Was a criminal on Tyne's Horky who operated an illegal Nergon 14 mine. He was paid by Sollag to find the missing Mon Julpa. Zellock double-crossed Sollag and imprisoned Julpa. Due to the actions of Jann Tosh and his friends, his Nergon 14 mine was destroyed. Zellock, a fat man in a jumpsuit, was turned to the law. (Arc II)

Annoo-dat Blue (Ret): Original inhabitants of Gelefil. They became engulfed with the culture of the Anoo-dat and took over their name and way of life. Native to Annoo (Gelefil). Species of the Fromms. (Arc I)
Biituian: Peaceful natives of Biitu. Green, hairless, agricultural people. (Arc III)
Fuzzum: Primite natives from Dandelo. Look like birds. (Arc II)
Kobok: Insectoid species from Koboth in the Tingel Arm. Reknown for their actions during the Mavvan Conflict. Have stingers in their forearms. Species of Gaff. (Arc III)
Tammuz-an: The people of Tammuz-an are a tall humanoid people, ranging in color from purple to blue. (Arc II)

Bantha: The popular beast of burden was also found on Roon. (Arc III)
Bordok: Starhunter's Intergalactic Menagerie managed to grab a Bordok from Endor as well (Arc III)
Chamonaar: This creature looked like an aggressive sauropod. It slept for many, many years and was a threat to the Bantha population on Roon. (Arc III)
Durkii: Was a purple creature that was kept by Zatec-Cha on Tammuz-an. It tried to devour Mon Julpa, but Artoo saved the day by releasing the Kleex on the Durkii's body. (Arc II)
Goorl: A Goorl was a mammalian creature with a feline face and a furry eel-like body. (Arc III)
Gorflin: Not sure that this was a creature but I believe it is because LIN-D knew a joke about them: "How many Gorflins does it take to screw in a lightbulb. Answer: Seven billion. One to hold the lightbulb and the rest to circle the planet". (Arc III)
Ingey: Was Prince Coby's rare Binjinphant. Ingey was kidnapped by Starhunters Intergalactic Menagerie and ultimately saved by his young master and his friends. (Arc II)
Juggadoo: A spotted Juggadoo was a large creature with a tapir like trunk that lived on Dandelo. (Arc II)
Kaugor: This creature was known as the 'Droid eating Kaugor'. It's unknown if this creature actually existed of was part of a legend. (Arc III)
Kleex: Is a parasite creature. Kleex attached themselves to a Durkii that attacked the heroes on Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Miridon: Is a plesiosaur like creature that inhabits the oceans of Tarnoonga. (Arc II)
Mogo: Huge beasts of burden with 10 legs used on Roon. (Arc III)
Mudmen: These were semi-sentient creatures living on Roon made of mud. They could be broken into smaller mudmen by spraying water at them. (Arc III)
Mupples: Are furry creatures that were imprisoned at the Umboo Lightstation when Mungo Baobab and the Droids rescued them. Some consider Mupples a delicacy. (Arc III)
Mynocks: In the high echelons of Roon's atmosphere there were sometimes Mynocks during the migration period. (Arc III)
Rockhoppers: Auren Yomm's racing team used these beasts to compete in the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Sand Sloth: Is a huge beast of burdon used on Annoo. Kea Moll's ship was named after the beast. (Arc I)
Sungwa: Kebo Ren-cha kept on his hideout on Bogden these wolf-like creatures. (Arc II)
Tessellated Arboreal Binjinphant: Was a very rare kind of furry creature. Ingey was the Binjinphant of Prince Coby of Tammuz-an.

BB-17-J: Was a Repulsorlift Droid that was working as a Security Droid in Sise Fromm's base on Annoo. (Arc I)
BIX: This Droid was part of Auren Yomm's racing team. (Arc III)
BL-17: Was a BL-Series Battle Legionnaire in the service of Boba Fett. He was very proficient in sabotage. He tried to sabotage the White Witch for the Boonta Speeder Race, but was caught and destroyed by Proto One and Artoo Detoo. (Arc I)
BUN-Dingo: This Droid was used by Gaff and Koong to compete in the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Choco: An old Astromech Droid found in the Droid Harem. (Arc III)
Droid Cruisers: Were Repulsorlift barges used to guard the secret Fromm base on Ingo. (Arc I)
Fiddler 10: This Maintenance Droid worked on the secret Fromm base on Ingo and on Sise Fromm's base on Annoo. (Arc I)
Fromm Droid Fighter: Tig Fromm used these Droid Starfighters to pursue the stolen Trigon One. (Arc I)
Fromm Tower Droid: Were Droids used to guard the secret base on Ingo of Tig Fromm. They moved on several large wheels. (Arc I)
Agent of the Abominor, aka 'Great Heep, the': Was a huge processing Droid that could mine fuel ores. The Empire and Admiral Screed transferred it to the planet Biitu. It fed itself with other Droids. Ultimately Mungo Baobab destroyed this monstrosity with the help of Artoo and Threepio. Made by the Civilization of the Abominor. (Arc III)
Koong Droid Fighters: Koong used these fighters on Roon. (Arc III)
KT-10: Was a cute pink Astromech Droid with a female personality. She 'fell in love' with Artoo during their imprisonment on Biitu. (Arc III)
Keschel Mining Droid: Deze Droid werd eerst door Jann Tosh op een veiling gekocht maar daarna geruild tegen C-3PO, R2-D2 en Kez-Iban (als Android). (Arc II))
LIN-D: Was a comedy Droid that acquainted Artoo and Threepio on the Roon Clipper. (Arc III)
MD Unit: Medical Droids used throughout the Galaxy. (Arc I - II - III)
Muscle Droids: Were hulking, beetle like Droids that overpowered Jord Dusat on Ingo. (Arc I)
Ow-Chee-2: This Torture Droid almost stunned Mungo Baobab on Biitu. (Arc III)
Proto One: Was a battered Proto Droid that lived on Boonta. He helped Artoo Detoo to foil a sabotage attempt on the White Witch. (Arc I)
Sloyd Probe: Koong's surveillance Probe Droid. (Arc III)
Sludgegulpers: Small but annoying Battle Droids, often used by pirates in space. Sludgegulpers hijacked the Argo Moon near Biitu. (Arc III)
Snic 2-4-2: These Droids are small Security Droids outfitted with several appendages. (Arc I)
Welding Beetle: This Repulsorlift Droid was working at the Trigon One at Sise Fromm's base. (Arc I)

Droids features many Droids, but ironically many are still without any proper name.

Annoo (Gelefil): This planet was originally named Gelefil by the Ret, but was renamed Annoo after the Annoo-dat conquered Gelefil. The homeplanet of the Fromm gang and of Kea Moll. (Arc I)
Bantha Graveyard: A mysterious region on Roon populated by a massive amount of Bantha fossils. (Arc III)
Biitu: Agricultural planet where Mungo Baobab and the Droids defeated the Great Heep. (Arc III)
Blue Nebula: A Cantina on Manda Spaceport. (Arc III)
Bogden: Was a many-mooned world on the Inner Rim, near the Hydian Way, between Arkania and Ploo. (Arc II)
Boonta (Ko Vari): Ko Vari was renamed Boonta by the Hutt overlords. The location of the famous Boonta Speeder Race. Situated in the Dernatine System. (Arc I)
Borga: This planet was mentioned in 'The swamps of Borga'; a location Tig Fromm feared he might be send to when he failed to please his father. (Arc I)
Chuzalla: A planet in the Tammuz Sector and the location of Zellakesh. (Arc II)
Cloak of the Sith: was a mysterious region of the Outer Rim including the planet Roon. The region was hard to navigate, making Roon difficult to discover.
Dandelo: Homeplanet of the Fuzzum. (Arc II)
Doodnik's Caf�: Was a diner located on Tyne's Horky. The Max Reboband once performed in this place. (Arc II)
Droid Harem: Was the castle of the Great Heep on Biitu. He kept several Astromech Droids captive in this location. (Arc III)
Honest Tobar's Used Spacecraft: Tobar's Used Spacecraft lot on Zelakesh. (Arc II)
Ingo: Mid-Rim world, homeplanet of famous racers Thall Joben and Jord Dusat. Situated in the Bortele Cluster. Has five moons. (Arc I)
Manda: Planet in the Outer Rim. The homeplanet of the Baobab Merchant Fleet and of Mungo Baobab. Bocce was developed at Manda. (Arc III)
Nime: Was a port city at the Roon Sea. (Arc III)
Nunurra: A city on Roon where the Colonial Games were organised. (Arc III)
Roon: An ancient world, hidden in the Cloak of the Sith and the resting place of the legendary Roon Stones. (Arc III)
Roon Sea: Roon's main ocean. (Arc III)
Roon System: Fabled system, hidden on the Cloak of the Sith. Includes the planets Roon, Kaloo and Iqoon. (Arc III)
Tammuz-an: A double ringed planet, inhabited by blue and purple skinned humanoids. (Arc II)
Tarnoonga: Oceanworld and homeplanet of the pirate Kybo Ren. (Arc II)
Tawntoon Citadel: Governor Koong's base of operations, located in a dormant vulcano on Roon. Also known as the 'Frozen Citadel'.
Tawntoon Province: Region on Roon ruled by Governor Koong. (Arc III)
Tyne's Horky: Mining planet and homeplanet of Jann Tosh. (Arc II)
Umboo Lightstation: is the primary beacon that assists travelers in intra-system navigation in the Roon System. (Arc III)
Umboo Province: Region on Roon inhabited by Roonans, who opposed the rule of Governor Koong. (Arc III)
Vaj Desert: Desert located on Ingo. (Arc I)
Zellakesh: (aka Zelakesh) A city on Chuzalla and a haven for criminals, visited by Jann Tosh. (Arc II)

Argo Moon: Was the Baobab Merchant Fleet vessel captained by Cag that brought Artoo and Threepio to Biitu. (Arc III)
Caravel: This was the ship of Mungo Baobab. It was stolen by Governor Koong for some time. (Arc III)
Demolisher: Was the personal flagship of the pirate Kybo Ren-Cha. Was a Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. (Arc II)
Dianoga: Was the personal ship of Kybo Ren-Cha. (Arc II)
IG-2000: Was the starfighter used by IG-88. The Droid was rumoured to own several versions of the aggressive starfighter. (Arc II)
Roon Clipper: Was a galley slave ship on Roon used by Koong's forces.. (Arc III)
Sand Sloth: Kea Moll owned this Corellian Engineering Corp. Starrunner-class ship. (Arc I)
Silver Speeder: Modified zZip X-X Landspeeder used by Boba Fett to compete in the Boonta Speeder Races. (Arc I)
Stinger: Thall Joben's brown Landspeeder. (Arc I) Name comes from a Spanish sticker
Trigon One: Was a huge space station / weapon on Annoo fabricated by Tig Fromm. Kea Moll, Jord Dusat and Thall Joben were able to destroy the Trigon One with the help of the Droids. (Arc I)
Voor Viper: Was the modified Imperial Shuttle used by Tig Fromm. (Arc I)
White Witch: This fast Modified Mobquet C/L-82 Landspeeder was the speeder of Thall Joben and Jord Dusat. They were able to win the Boonta Eve Speeder Race with the 'Witch'. (Arc I)

ATL Interceptor: The Air-to-land vehicle was a ship that could hold one pilot and had a pair of retractable wings at the side. (Arc I)
Bantha-II Cargo Skiff: Was used on Tarnoonga to cast Jann Tosh into the ocean. (Arc II)
Blackhawk Destroyer: Was a type of ship bought by Coby on Zelakesh. (Arc II)
B-Wing Fighter: On Tammuz-an, a B-Wing was seen at a hangar. It is unknown where it came from. Was probably a B-Wing prototype. (Arc II)
C/L-82 Landspeeder: The White Witch was originally this kind of Landspeeder. (Arc I)
Desert Sail-20 Skiff: A Repulsorlift vehicle used on Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Gladiator-class Star Destroyer: The type of Star Destroyer used by Admiral Screed. The Demolisher is also a Gladiator-class. (Arc II) & (Arc III)
Gyrocopter: An open vehicle used by Kleb Zellock on Tyne's Horky. (Arc II)
Imperial Sniper: This one-man Repulsorlift vehicle with a grappling claw was used on Tammuz-an. (Arc II)
Lambda-Class Shuttle: The Fromm gang also used this common type of Shuttle. (Arc I)
R-22 Spearhead: The Tammuz-an defense forces used these predecessors of what would later be known as the A-Wing fighter. (Arc II)
48 Roller Wheel Bike: Jann Tosh used this Wheel Bike on Tyne's Horky (Arc II)
Roon Cloudcraft: This ship was given to Mungo by Noop Yeldarb, but was shot down by Koong's drone fighters. (Arc III)
Side Gunner: This ship had a closed cockpit and an added pod for a gunner. This pod could swivel and offer the gunner a wide range. (Arc I - II)
Starrunner-class Starship: The class of the Sand Sloth. (Arc I)
TIE Fighter: Pirate Kybo Ren-Cha used TIE Fighters in his operation. (Arc II)
Ubrikkian Floater-935: This Repulsorlift vehicle was an offspring of the Desert-20 Sail Skiff. It was perfect for flying at high altitudes. (Arc III)
X-X Landspeeder: This class of the Silver Speeder. (Arc I)

For other ship types, check out the individually named ships / vehicles.

Baobab Archives: Was the immense library on Manda of the Baobab Merchant Fleet. When Mungo sent Artoo and Threepio to the archives they got separated from their master for good. (Arc III)
Baobab Merchant Fleet: Was a renowned starship company, involving trade and commercial activities. Manda was the homeplanet of the company. The trade language Bocce was also developed by the BMF. Mungo Baobab's family owned this company. Although the company faced hard times during the New Order, Mungo brought fame to his family due to his adventures on Roon. (Arc III)
Galaxy Racing Team: One of the teams in the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Intergalactic Droid Agency: Is a company that tracks droids without a master and matches them to the needs of their new owners.
Keeper of the Tower: This person on Tammuz-an had to make sure the right ruler was to reign over the planet. This would be the one who would bring the royal sceptre to the Keeper on the next morning of the equinox. (Arc II)
Koong Navy: The name of Koong's seaforces that included a Roon Clipper. (Arc III)
Starhunter's Intergalactic Menagerie: Was a travelling circus and rarity show, owned by Captain Stroon. They specialised in capturing rare specimens of creatures and also intelligent alien life forms like Greej. Jann Tosh put them of out business. (Arc II)
Tawntoom Racing Team: One of the teams in the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Umboo Racing Team: One of the teams in the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)

Circuit Cider: This drink is served in Doodnik's Caf�. (Arc II)
Drainsweeper: This was a daring race during the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Giva Jumbos: This drink was served in Doodnik's Caf�. (Arc II)
Keschel Ore: An ore mined on Tyne's Horky that was used to make money. (Arc II)
Keschel: This was a currency, made from Keschel ore that was used on Tyne's Horky. (Arc II)
Mavvin: A conflict where the Koboks and Rooze had been used. (Arc III)
Memling: Was a very useful object given to Mungo by Olgun Baobab. A memling is a very strong and flexible object that can serve many purposes. (Arc III)
Mini-Stunner: A small weapon that can stun adversaries. (Arc II)
Mupple Juice: This pink beverage was presented during the Roon Colonial Games. (Arc III)
Nergon 14: Is an extremely dangerous mineral used in Imperial Proton Torpedoes. Kleb Zellock used to run an illegal Nergon 14 mine on Tyne's Horky. (Arc II)
Photon Fizzles: This drink was served in Doodnik's Caf�. (Arc II)
Rainbow comets: These comets passed through the Cloak of the Sith towards the Roon System. The first colonists followed their trail to discover Roon. (Arc III)
Roon Colonial Games: Was a series of popular athletic events organised for the Roonan provinces and colonies. (Arc III)
Roonstone: Were priceless crystals found on the planet Roon. Mungo Baobab discovered a treasure of Roonstones, but only managed to escape with one stone. Roonstones are often encrypted with mysterious texts. (Arc III)
Rooze: Was a poisonous germ developed by Governor Koong. He used it as a biological weapon to gain control of the Umboo Province. Koong himself became infected with it and died because of his infection. (Arc III)
Supernovas: This drink was served in Doodnik's Caf�. (Arc II)

If you know anything that I have forgotten, please let me know !