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Catalogue of Canadian volcanoes
Anahim volcanic belt

This nearly east-west line of volcanoes stretches from the west coast of B.C., just north of Vancouver Island, and reaches into the Interior Plateau near Quesnel. Most of the volcanoes get younger going from the coast to the interior, and probably formed as a result of the North American continent sliding westward over a small "hotspot", like the one feeding the Hawaiian Islands. These volcanoes include the Rainbow, Ilgachuz, and Itcha ranges, and the Nazko cone, which is only 7200 years old. However, the small volcanoes of the Milbanke Sound group, at the extreme western end of the Anahim Volcanic Belt, do not follow this eastward-younging trend: they erupted after the last major glaciation, meaning they are less than 10,000 years old, much younger than all other volcanic deposits at that end of the Anahim Volcanic Belt. For convenience, they are included geographically with the eastward-younging Anahim Volcanic Belt. Very little is known about the Milbanke Sound group, which includes Kitasu Hill, Helmet Peak, Price Island, Dufferin Island, and Finngal Island. It is possible that these small volcanoes represent a far-north extension of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt; however, there are currently insufficient data to evaluate this hypothesis.

Nazko Cone
Nazko Cone Nazko Cone

Volcanoes within the Anahim Volcanic Belt
Downton Cone 01 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 02 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 03 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 04 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 05 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 06 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 07 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 08 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 09 Itcha Range
Downton Cone 10 Itcha Range
Downton South-A Itcha Range
Downton South-B Itcha Range
Downton South-C Itcha Range
Downton South-D Itcha Range
Downton South-E Itcha Range
Holte Creek Cone Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 01 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 02 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 03 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 04 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 05 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 06 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 07 Itcha Range
Itcha Cone 08 Itcha Range
Satah Mountain - East Itcha Range
Satah Mountain - North Itcha Range
White Creek Cone Milbanke Sound Cones
Dufferin Island Milbanke Sound Cones
Price Island Milbanke Sound Cones
Helmet Peak Milbanke Sound Cones
Kitasu Hill Milbanke Sound Cones
Finngal Island Milbanke Sound Cones